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Full text of "Green Years : Westwood High School yearbook"

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reeri Years 


,68 ! ... STREET 
VESTV.OOD, MA 02090 




3 3018 00091 3247 







Westwood, Massachusetts 















As we graduate, we will not forget our 
friends. A true friend never seeks 
recognition, but certainly deserves it. 
For the energy you so generously 
expended "behind-the-scenes," for 
you patient cooperation, and most 
importantly, for your friendship, we 
thank you. You have played a leading 
role in our development as 
individuals and as a class. 

We wish to express our deep and 
lasting gratitude as we dedicate our 
own 1979 Green Years to you, Mr. 
Peter Case. 

Peter Case 



We have grown. Our 
metamorphosis has been a 
gradual ascent, every inch 
acquired through inner 
strength. At times we have 
wavered as on ice, 
awkwardly uncertain. At 
times we have floated freely 
across life's flawless surface, 
filled with graceful 
simplicity. And we have 






We have questioned ourselves 
and our world. We have paused to 
enjoy life's beauty, surrounding us 
with its reassuring continuity. We 
have experienced the inspiration 
and otpimism of a sunrise, but can 
also see a small part of ourselves 
reflected in a new moon. We have 
changed much between these 
phases of ourselves. 


We have tied the powerful bonds 
of true friendship. As we have helped 
others to grow, we have forced 
ourselves to mature. With the 
strengthening of others, we have 
ascended even higher. Experience 
has given us a greater 
understanding of ourselves and of 

We can see positive changes in ourselves. We 
have built upon the past, retaining our origin 
and further ornamenting it with a greater 
awareness of our self-identity. We have evolved 
into distinct individuals, setting long-range 
goals, centering our lives around a personal 


Leo J. Crowe 
Assistant Superintendent for Business 

Louis Cedrone 
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum 

School Committee 

Mr. William Brady, Mr. Joseph Clancy, Mrs. Corinne Spinale, Asst. Mrs. Louise Padden, Secretary; Mrs. Joan Brawley, Asst. Supt. Mr. 

Supt. Mr. Leo Crowe, Supt. Mr. John Tobin, Mr. Arthur Baggeroer, C. Louis Cedrone. 


G VSfe , re TLi^tening 

Dr. Margaret Mcneill 
Assistant Principal 

Mr. Phillip Flaherty 
Assistant Principal 


Mrs. Deborah A Landers 

Mrs. Pat Norton 

The benevolent but watchful administration at Westwood High School has un- 
dergone many modernizing transitions. The first woman administrator. Dr. 
Margaret McNeil, has been a pleasant and lively addition to the staff. 

Under new School Committee policies, discipline has been tightened with new 
rules concerning student behavior and attendance. The administration has also 
been more liberal in supporting well-planned student activities, and in showing 
the deep concern for all facets of life at Westwood High that is essential in the 
growth of our "Green Pride'" 

Mrs. Majorie Hancox 

Mrs. Jacqueline Angelici 




The guidance department concerns itself with the goals 
and ambitions of each individual, as well as the student 
body as a whole. Each counselor helps the students to 
help themselves in furthering their future education or 
career. Under the direction of Mrs. Celia Viall, the depart- 
ment held a career workshop for juniors, and counselors 
speak to English classes about college admissions and the 
various testing programs. 

Guidance also refers to the personal adjustment of a 
student to the school atmosphere. Project Green, designed 
to help new students become involved in the academic 
and social activities of the school and town, was given the 
support of the guidance department. 

Mrs. Celia Vial 
Director of Guidance 

James B. Nayduch 
Work-Study Co-ordinator 


Mrs. Phyllis Wheeler 
Secret ary 

Mrs. Claire Sheff 

Dr. Beebe Nelson 

Thomas Hughes 

Mrs. Roberta Jackson 
Special Education 



Mrs. Patricia Reardon 
Special Education 





Mrs. Marion Healy 
Department Head 

Business Department 

The Business Department, under the direction of Mrs. 
Marion Healy. offers students an opportunity to prepare 
themselves for college or a business-oriented career. 
Along with Mrs. Healy, Mr. Flahive, Mrs. Bergen, Mr. 
Nolan, and Mrs. Carey complete the staff. Courses cover 
all aspects of the business world, ranging from typing and 
shorthand to data processing and business English. In the 
future, students will certainly rely on the many practical 
skills acquired through our business department. 

Help Wanted 


Mrs. Natalie Carey 

Mr. Charles Flahive 



James Pender 
Head of Department 

The math department has undergone a modernization, under the calculate 
control of Mr. James Pender, to keep up with the growing interest i 
mathematics. Because a higher percentage of students are taking math, tean 
taught classes have given way to larger classes with one teacher. Computer ir 
terest has brought about the incorporation of more portable micro-computer 
The math department offers courses ranging from basic math to calculus. At an 
level, students are encouraged to use the math seminar room for extra help. Stt 
dents displaying mathematical interest and ability are encouraged to join tr 
math team or participate in the state-wide Olympiad. The success of students i 
these activities reveals the developing interest in mathematics for the future 

Miss Judith Bolles 

Mr. Richard Hargreaves 

Miss Maureen Bulger 


+ 3 


i- w 

it's all the same to you, I'd rather 
get involved in the numbers uame." 

Mr. Harvey Fischler 

Mr. David Walsh 

Mrs. Elizabeth Rae 



Mr. Lawrence Vallencourt 


St****-' ■*•*« 


Eugene Swezey 
Media Center Director 


Media Center 

The active media center has con- 
tinued to provide almost unlimited 
resources to the student body, in- 
cluding books, magazines, films, 
records, art prints, and educational 
games. Protection of these materials 
has been insured through the recent 
installation of a 3M Book Security 
System and the use of photo iden- 
tification cards. As a result, the 
media center will be better able to 
remain the hub of the school, main- 
taining the high educational stan- 
dard of which Westwood High is so 

Thomas Lyman 
Audio-Visual Director 

Dottie Napoleone 

Virginia McCoubrey 

Elizabeth Clement 

Bernice E. Boger 










SJ "1 


Joseph Chicetti 
Department Head 

Thomas Nelson 

Lawrence Rettman 

Industrial Arts 

The Industrial Arts program provides students 
with the opportunity to obtain a better un- 
derstanding of all aspects of industry and 
technology. Courses, including metal working, 
wood working, graphic arts, and drafting, assist 
students in making informed and meaningful oc- 
cupational choices, preparing them for entry into 
advanced trade and industrial or technical 
education programs. 

Mr. Chicetti will be retiring this year after 
thirty-five years of outstanding service to 
Westwood High School and the community. 
We'll miss him and wish him a long and happy 


Home Economics 

All students, both male and 
female, have been en- 
couraged to participate in one 
or more of the wide variety of 
courses offered by the Home 
Economics Department. Mrs. 
Knight, department head, has 
been enthusiastic in 
promoting the program of 
volunteer assistance in 
elementary schools, as well as 
the new and popular Child 
Growth and Development 
course additions, where stu- 
dents work with pre-school 
age children. Advanced 
classes have had the oppor- 
tunity to make use of 
microwave ovens, enabling 
them to bum more food in 
less time! 

Mr. Brian Hart 

Miss Joan Dillon 

Ms. Patricia Curran 

Mrs. Judy Holbrook 

Miss Stephanie Shute 

Mr. George Hancox 

Mrs. Mary Bishop 


Miss Fran Burns 
Department Head 

English Department 

Miss Frances Bums' hand remained on the tiller of her 
English schooner. Her crew included the honorable Mr. 
George Hancox. the poetic Miss Joan Dillon, the literary 
Mrs. Ellen Eberly. and the dramatic Miss Stephanie Shute. 

Basic navigation was taught by Mr. David Sanfason and 
Mrs. Mary Bishop. Trimming the sails were Mr. Terrence 
Earls. Mr. Robin Tulloch. and Miss Patricia Curran. Sailing 
upwind were Mrs. Elizabeth Wentzell and Mrs. Evelyn Malm. 

A new addition was the seminar room which kept many 
of the ships dinghies from running aground. Mrs. Eberly 
continued to steer the crew of "No Parentheses." and Miss 
Shute's production of ANYTHING GOES was a splashy 

books, anyone? 

Mr. Terrence Earls 

Mrs. Elizabeth Wentzel 

Mrs. Ellen Eberly 

Mr. Robin Tulloch 

Mrs. Evelyn Malm 

Mr. David Sanfason 


The Language Department, under the supervision of 
Mrs. Elaine K. Eaton, continues to offer all levels of 
courses in French, Spanish, German, and Latin. In and 
out of the classroom, students are encouraged to learn 
about world cultures. In the classroom there are films, 
slides, and occasionally, student plays. Out of the 
classroom, the department sponsors trips to restaurants 
and theaters. A successful event this year was the Whole 
World Celebration where students were able to sample 
exotic foods and participate in cultural activities. 

Mr. Manol Dhimitri 

Mr. Robert Burke 

Mrs. Hollis Perry 


Miss Ann Marie Tieri 

Mr. William Ducheneau 

Mrs. Barbara Gray 


Mrs. Elaine Eaton 
Department Head 

Mr. George Parker 
Driver Education 


Science Department 

Several new inventions have been conjured up in the Science 
Department, and not only in Mr. Van de Workeen's lab . . . he's been 
busy looking for his lost Kermit! A new biomedical program and two 
advanced placement courses, biology and physics, have been in- 
troduced in keeping with the department's tradition of offering 
programs appealing to all individuals. The wide range of courses 
and large student participation indicate the increase of interest in 
the sciences for our future. 

Mrs. Maxine Thwing 
Department Head 

Mrs. Dorothy Saltmarsh 

Mr. Chris Sarris 






Social Studies 

Under the direction of Mr. Robert Avakian, the Social Studies 
Department enjoyed an interesting and exciting year. The new 
addition of the Ascent of Man program gave students a fuller un- 
derstanding of man's evolution, development, and contributions 
to this earth. The faculty of this department added to their stu- 
dents knowledge of society, history, and the way in which we live. 
This year's programs were highly successful and well received. 

Mr. Robert Avakian 
Department Head 

Mrs. Marguerite Rose 

Mr. William Davis 

Mr. Peter Case 

Mrs. Frederica Richardson 

Miss Kathleen Mulcahy 

Mr. John Sloan 


Historic IDEAS 

Mr. Donald Beurman 

Mr. Richard Stack 

Miss Priscilla Congdon 


Mr. Joseph Gearon 
Physical Education Director 

Mr. Russell Dowries 
Physical Education Director 

Mr. Robert Bonn 

Mrs. Kathleen Smith 

The Physical Education Department has served the important function of 
fostering the good sportsmanship of Westwood High students. Focusing on 
the enjoyment of and improvement in basic skills rather than on competition, 
the department has developed a range of student-chosen programs to suit 
every preference and ability. Strict attention has been paid to the new atten- 
dance regulations, and the staff has discovered a greater interest in weekly 


Mr. Paul Tuccelli 

Miss Elizabeth Rice 


Art Department 

Creativity at its best has been characteristic of the W. H. S. 
Art Department with Mr. Thomas DelSignore's superb 
guidance. The department offers courses for all students, 
whether amateur explorers or serious future artists, in areas 
ranging from metal design and sculpture to portfolio study 
and art history. The dedication of the teachers to their 
profession has resulted in finely trained students . . . who've 
had a lot of fun. 


/ -Vvvv 

Mr. Thomas M. DelSigmore 
Department Head 


* k, 


Mrs. Judith DesPres 


Mr. Michael Milan 




Mr. John Markarian 
Director of Music 

Mr. Sebastian Bonaiuto 

Music Department 

The Music Department had another busy and successful 
year as each of the various ensembles contributed its own 
special talent at a number of events. The chorus filled the 
auditorium with delightful music at every concert. The Glee 
Club proved size isn't everything as they too performed ex- 
cellently all year. The double quartet participated in approx- 
imately ten performances during the Christmas season alone. 
The concert band and orchestra also exhibited their talents at 
several concerts, including a weekend exchange with Warwick, 
Rhode Island. However, the most recognition should be given 
to the marching band who participated in several competitions 
and placed highly in all of them. Their efforts and musical 
talent give W. H. S. "green pride" both in the fall and the 
spring. The achievements of all the musical units led to an 
overall perfect medley of success for the music department as 
the year drew to an end. 



For so long, we have trained our 
bodies and souls to climb, at- 
tempting to conquer the final ascent. 
Now, almost too soon, it is. within 
reach. As we turn our eyes to scan 
the incline we have scaled, we will 
realize personal triumph. 

In our victorious smiles are the 
hopes and prayers that we have 
eased the path for those who will 
follow. For now, we must turn to go, 
but in our hearts, we will often 
return . . . 


Douglas MacPherson 

45 Olde Carriage Road 


"Something we were withholding made us weak until we found it 
was ourselves" 

Doug Favorite people Miss D . Milan, Mr B and Senior Class 
company, the rest know "Wrong, bagle breath" . Pet 

peeves: Seniontis. "fascinating", selling rickets, non-individuals . . . 
"Not me, I'm a good Catholic boy." Found back stage blow- 
ing fuses, Cannon, and not homeroom Enjoys Spending $, 
city dnving with AMK, and hiring unaffordable bands never 
has enough time College bound 

Class President 4; Student Council 4; Senior Play. No 
Parentheses 3, 4, Ski Team 1, 2. 3. 4. Prom Committee 3, 4. 

lf ^n; 



Anne Marie Kelly 

22 Thompson Avenue 

Vice President 

By the accident of power man may rule for a time, but by the vir 
tue of love he may rule forever 

Ann Mane . . likes butterscotch sundaes, the soaps, long- 
distance phone calls, winning with Sue, receiving mail, earing 
candy with Denise. sad movies, dnving with Doug favorite ac 
tiviries: skiing, sailing and capsizing with Jami . found selling 
tickets, inches away from flying objects slow walker pet 
peeves taking the bus. long lift lines, cats, foul pop flies, getting 
lost, the Red Gremlin, and donuts rainy day curls . . . favorites: 
Jami. Denise. Class of '79, and others Fresca easily 

frightened always, always late . college. 

Class Vice-President 2. 3. 4, Student Council 4, Senior Play; 
National Honor Society 4. Yearbook Staff; Basketball 1, 2. Prom 
Committee 3. No Parentheses 2, 3. 4. Student Announcer 4 

James McCafferty 
94 Fearing Drive 

"The fool thinks he's wise, and the wise man knows he's a fool." 

Jim . . . likes doing cartwheels at semi-formal dances found in 
Doug's office, on stage, in between classes "Okay, great!" . . . 
likes doing impressions pet peeves: symbolic "No 

Parentheses" famous for impressions at Senior Banquet 
"Alnghtee Ahhh and so forth and so on " pulling all 
nighters with Doug and company undying humor, very 
fnendly. active always up to something. 

Class Treasurer 3. 4, Student Council 1, 2. 3. Treasurer 3, Ad 
visory Board 1. 2. 3. Double Quartet 3. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, District 
Chorus 3. 4. Drama Club 1, 2, 3. 4. Thespian 2. 3, 4; Musical 1 . 2, 
3, 4; Senior Play. Student Annpuncer 3. 4. Cross Country 1. 

Paul Tavalone 

108 Wildwood Drive 


"Good Times. Bad Times" 

P J likes Cape Cod, fast cars, parties, concerts found 

cruising in the Cutlass, Sunset Lodge favorite people Class ol 
'78, Northeast Tennis Crew, LWL and friends dislikes disco 
homework, hangovers likes to ski. midnight golfing, weekend 
roadmps "Youch!". "What a goof" . short, easy-going, 

fnendly college. 

Track 1 . 2, 3, 4. Senior Play; Class Secretary 4. 



William Ambrose 
20 Buckboard Lane 

If you do not apply your knowledge, you will get nowhere in life- 
Hack blonde, blue eyes found playing hockey likes Patriot's games, the Who. 
Styx favonte people: C V. E C . "the Mezz Gang" dislikes; Monday mornings, 
disco "Time Out." "Good walk, stick" college 

Track 1. Astronomy Club 4 

Ameer Atallah 
64 Woodland Road 

Two roads diverged into the woods I took the one less traveled by. that made all the 

Ameer likes long weekends, Heinekien. and BMWS dislikes: "Thangs". 
found: with "the Club". Venice. Honolulu, or Youlden's . pet peeves: hangovers, 
school favonte people: J K . Bowl, and Scoot favorite activities parrying, skiing, 
hiking, cruising . . quiet yet handsome college— architecture 

William Babineau 
68 Webster Street 

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. 

Bill . ears, military haircut enjoys skiing, partying, living pet peeves Monday 
morning, running out of s and cigs at the same time likes spending s , going places, 
music dislikes acid rock "What's up?" favonte people Fogger. Dudes. DC. 
HK found at Cumbies. Dude's, or cruising in the "Babbo Bus" Coast Guard, 

Jonathan Bain 
68 Fisher Street 

A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities 

Baino likes: good music, Monty Python, late nights. Chinese food. Aerosmith . . . dis- 
likes disco, getting up in the A M . college apps , working "It's great'" favorite ac 
rjvities tennis, basketball, hockey, skiing pet peeves: broken stnngs favontes: Pad. 
CK, the Herd. Heesh found at concerts, rec basketball, D C . and PC . .. college 

National Honor Society 3. 4. Math team 3: Tennis 2. 3. Captain 4. 

Karen Balabanis 
36A Lonng Street 

To worry is to put today's sunshine behind tomorrow's clouds. 

Karen pet peeves chomping on gum. skateboards, snobs favonte activities sew- 
ing, shopping, traveling likes hats, pickles, studies, music dislikes gym "Yup. I 
am Nope. I'm not." "Teh" favorites PC.L R . M N , E M.. L. G. found in 
Dedham and out of Westwood college 

Larain Balekjian 
144 Phillips Brooks Road 

A smile is worth a thousand words 

Larain pet peeves Zen. J. B., tizzies, craigtiles.'all S S. G.'s favorite activities: 
freaking swinging, photography likes disco. WBOS, R P. dislikes rock . . 

"Later, baby". "Bye-bye. baby 1 ". "Sah fay shaud'" favonte people Kitty, M. F , A I., 
all discoers and Northeners found at Illusions or Arpier's brown eyes . . . 

business, college 

A F S 1. 2. 3. 4. Photography Club 1. 2. 3. 4 

Jennie Ann Bamngton 
49 Buckmaster Road 

1 love people and collect mends like some people collect coins or exotic pipes 

Jennie . . pet peeves being called "Jennifer." squash "Terrific!" enjoys singing, 
acting, meeting people found with Janet, at the steak house or disco, or on stage . . 
likes, sleeping late. Jackson Browne, wnring notes . favontes: K , John, Janet, and 
Mom . Stars in her eyes Plans to write the great American Novel 

Senior Play 4. Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4; No Parentheses 2. 3, Yearbook Staff 4. Drama Club 1 . 
2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1. 4; Folk Club 3. Madngals 2. Festival Play 3. 




Lee Ann Bartow 
44 Conant Road 

Real isn't how you're made, said the skin house It's a thing that happens to you. 

LeeAnn likes balloons, the zoo. cartons, treats, sleeping "Help 1 " "Let's have 
fun!" dislikes school lunches. JCFC favorite people: B M . D. R , D M . L R , K 
O.. found anywhere and everywhere blue eyes, blonde hair college 

Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Play 4 

Sharon Basch 
46 Walker Road 

I am free Yes. I'm free Now I'm on my way. 

Sharon likes: H. Robbins. Crazy Ladies. Mad Dogs, unusual things pet peeves: 
real life soaps, disco ducks, commoners favontes Brownie, Mom. and Libras 
"Raise a little hell", "Go for it'" found in Canada. T G.T., or R.B.R. favorite hob 
bies: s/m to Brownie, partying, horseback nding curly headed Gemini with strong 
teeth college 

Senior Play 

Judith Bashian 
11 Churchill Road 

I'm wishing on a star 

Judi, Jude. Jud "Ah. yes" found in red Tonno with Hutch likes Tuse. Super 
man. pink pj's. *86. tweety birds. Nana B pet peeves Jimmy's fights, stitches, 

motorcycles, wiffles favorite people Jimmy, M J.J S . assorted others "Hey. 
Paula, wait wait, wait 1 '' dislikes depressions. P P P. and icecube fights with Jeff 
always twirling or cutting hair college 

Field Hockey 1, 2. 3, 4; Senior Class Play: Prom Committee 3 Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; 
Softball 2. 4. Yearbook Staff 

Paul Basile 
6 9 Summer Street 

No speed too great, no comer too sharp, no road too narrow, for those who know how 

Baze calm. cool, and collected the packy where other people are found . . . 
favontes Charlie. Mush. Max. many others "Mouse trap" likes "green 

monsters", whalers, fb camp enjoys S & B. football, fishing pet peeves Owner 
of certain Cape motel, sparky, Flamehead college 

Football 1. 2. 3. 4 

Craig Beattie 
214 Bnar Lane 

The greatest truths are the simplest 

Craig likes parties, playing fnsbee on excellent days dislikes Westwood weekends 
Whatever" found at Sunuco after school. Theo's on weekends favonte peo 
pie Claybo. Theo. Been. "Justin time" Hayward. Marty intelligent when he wants to 
be college 

Boys' Hockey 2 

Brian Beaulieu 

Vida Beder 

Jon Benner 
43 Dover Terrace 

If life is worth living, it is worth enjoying 

Jon, Bean. Beansteen invented the human fly pet peeves disco, meeting pigman 
at packy "Run 1 It's Mr Baze'" favontes P W , Mutt and Jeff, remaining animals. 
Northeast Tennis crew located Dixie's or going sideways in the truck enjoys 
hockey, skiing, guitar likes Maine and clubbing dislikes Manager of certain Cape 
motel . . friendly oceanography 

Hockey 1, 2 


Anne Mane Bennett 
122 Thatcher Street 

Let the glow of warmth and laughter flow like the melody of a tune Individuality is the 
essence of life 

Annie, Taco, The O V. Phantom blue eyes, big smile . enjoys: Red Sox games and 
saying, "1 love you," to passing people . pet peeves: French, getting up for school. 
Red Sox General Managers, Madame Y Not 9 likes: Mr. Stack, marathon monopoly 
games dislikes: color guard practice, days without social life "Ed, did you do the 
French?" "Oh my God, did you see that guy?" favorites: M, S., P. W.. L, V„ E. C. 
K . Annie Bug found at the Coon's house or backstage with 7 Likes putting on a 
good show for Val's C block college 

Chorus 2, 3,4, Girls' Glee Club 1; AFS Program 1. 2. 3, 4; Senior Play; Color Guard 3, 
4; Softball 2, 3. Pep Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 3, 4; Yearbook Staff; Musical 4. 

Ellen Berlin 
172 Alder Road 

She was made for happy thoughts, for playful wit and laughter 

Ellen, El pet peeves brown Camaro's. sun-poisoning, unreliable people enjoys: 
Cape Cod "78" and Flonda "78" , . likes: *42, scrapbooks. attempted all nighters , . . 
favonte people Jay, Mare. Lisa. Kev. and "the girls" found in the new room or A's 
van "But one thing" . . dislikes rainy weekends , "Good 1 " . . college 

Senior Play; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 3. 

Jane Bernard 
108 Locust Drive 

Winter, spnng, summer or fall, all you've got to do is call and I'll be there — you've got a 

Jane . likes high heel shoes, Kittyba, tall boys . "Dave. Dave!" . . dislikes: long lift 
lines favontes D F , B. G. S 5 ... "I'm gonna die" . pet peeves: polyester leisure 
suits, lousy Steve Martin imitations, short boys "No neck'" found in Stratton. VT 
or Weston CT . . enjoys eating, skiing, horseback riding, sleeping rather tall . . . 

Senior Class Play; Pep Club 1. Drama Club 1, 2, 3. Student-Faculty Forum 4; Swim 
Team 1, 3, 4. Spanish Club 2. 3. 4. Musicals 2. 3. 4. Student Advisory Board 4; Year- 
book Staff 

Susan Bethaney 
10 Nancy Drive 

"Every man has a place, in his heart there's a space, and the world can't erase his fan- 
tasies " 


Curtis Bigelow 
135 Fisher Street 

Tis not what a man does which exalts him, but what a man would do 

Burt, sugar likes snowdays. vacations, competitions. Crusaders dislikes getting up 
in the morning, rainy days, accidents, homework . . . "Ya. you're right 1 " "Cool your 
Jets 1 " pet peeves Chemistry, "Brownsville", leeches. Disco 93, monahack, tough 
guys, college applications, sat's favorite people B. C, J G, V. A.. Mrs Wheeler 
found in the music room, the green box on the football field. Norwood Hospital . . 

Band 1. 2, 3. 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Orchestra 1, 2. 3. 4, WHS Dance Band 3. 4. 
Drum Major 4; Pit Orchestra 1. 2, 3, 4. 

Julie Bishop 
137 Cedar Lane 
I am what I wish to be when I wish to be it 

Julie green eyes, always late likes: the Cape. Jeeps, preppies, sweaters, long 
weekends, running the mile relay, jumping in puddles dislikes homeroom, diets, 
Westwood lingo favorite activities running, staying up late ... pet peeves: morning 
track practices, college applications, crowded lockers favorite people: M. D . B. C, E. 
T.. S. F. . found in the locker room, on the track or at Mo's locker laughs easily . 

Track 1. 2. 3, 4. Winter Track 2, 3. 4. Prom Committee 3; Yearbook Staff 

Paul Borgman 
158 Burgess Avenue 

I am vitally interested in the future because I will be spending the rest of my life there 

Big Red likes: science. Mr Milan's art history class dislikes tests on the hidden 
structure of Shakespeare "Short people got no reason 1 " enjoys reading, travel 
ing. playing ragtime, music from Mozart to Styx favonte people "Animal" on the 
Muppet Show. J G found backstage during plays, working on sets after school, 

playing the piano dunng lunchtime college 

Astronomy Club 4; Set Crew 3. 4 

Kevin Brawley 
10 Westdale Road 

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing" 


Loriann Brooks 
82 Oak Street 
The simplest heart that really loves radiates joy and beauty. 

Lori . , blue eyes, nice smile favorite activities: colorguard. taking walks with Fred, 
skiing likes sunny days, banana ice cream, October 15th, pizza dislikes: decisions, 
dumb arguments, being along "Get your act together!" "What do you think 
you're doing:*" pet peeves: running out of gas in the truck, drippy hot pizza . - . 
favorite people Fred, Karen, Jami, Mr Casebie, parents, Mickey Mouse found at 
Roche Bros , on the field at halftime, with Fred nursing. 

Chorus 1. 2, Color Guard 2, 3, 4, Co-capt 3, Capt. 4; Pep Club 1, 2. 3. 4; Drama Club 
1, 2, 3; Prom Committee 3, Health Careers 4, French Club 2, No Parentheses 3. 

Alan Brown 
1645 High Street 

Say what you think and act as you feel. 

Sponge tall, quiet likes cars, boats, Cape, music dislikes hoodscoops ... 
"Okay Buddy!" "Ahhh Yes!" . favorite activities: working on cars, concerts . . . pet 
peeves: rust, Bondo, people who borrow cars favorite people Mike, Cam, P R,, P. 
M , Joe . . found in lower media center, Needham McDonalds, or Chip's house . . . 
technical school or work. 

Bonnie Brown 
70 Endicott Street 

Beauty is not discovered with the eye but with the soul. 

Bonnie likes disco, football, stuffed animals, parties and hockey dislikes snobs, 
working late "It's like this" found at Honolulu, carport, King's, the "Mer" pet 
peeves: macho men, phonies, disorganized weekends enjoys swimming, snow- 
mobiling, boating favorite people: B F , M. W .. C R , "The Gang" never serious 
. college, child study 

Glee Club 1, 2, Pep Club 4, Yearbook Staff, Swim Team manager 2, Swim Team 3 

Carolyn Buonato 
24 Sunrise Road 

A smile costs nothing but means a lot, so give a smile today 

Carolyn likes: good memories, talking then laughing, and summers dislikes cur- 
fews and boring weekends favorite people J. H., T M„ J S., J. G "Oh — My 
God'" pet peeves typing checks and waking up hobbies dancing, mountain 
climbing long, long hair, always smiling dental assistant. 

Drill Team 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 

Kevin Burke 
28 Briar Lane 

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. 

Bear. Burko "Let's do it 1 " favorite activities hockey, baseball, road trips pet 

peeves Monday nights, never finishing tests on time, and the curfew likes playing in 

Boston Garden, F B games dislikes weekends without a party, 7 00 A M prac 

tices, and being broke found at Lynch's and nnk short hair and dimples . . . 


Michael Buteau 
197 Nahatan Street 

"Just remember it's a grand illusion and deep inside we are all the same ' 

Robert Cannatta 
61 Dean Street 

"You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket " 

Brian Cappuccino 
146 Clapboardtree Street 

Start smiling and enjoy the miracle of now 

Bnan, Cappo. Kato big blues, moustache likes: Gigs, Mr Mark, pit orchestra . . . 
pet peeves: marching band practices, broken drum sticks, skippy's favorite activities: 
baseball, drumming, basketball, skating, sound liberation . dislikes carrying drum sets, 
getting up.. . "Great Blue'" "Wimp!" . favonte people Karen, Bert, Jami. Peter. . . 
found in the music room. Bondo's office, on the baseball diamond college 

Band 1 . 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1.2,3, 4. Orchestra 2. 3. 4, Dance Band 3, Musical 3. 4; 
Baseball 1. 2. 3.4 


Robert Carbonaro 
636 Normandy Drive 

No goal is too high if you climb with care and confidence. 

Robby . "No problem 1 " . found at Kilfington. Miles Standish. . enjoys skfing, 
power shifting, second in Ted's CheveDe . . . pet peeves: school past 11 a. m_ South 
Cape Beach, no lagers "Let's scream!" . favorites: Paula. Miss Mulcahy. LAG. 
. . . disEkes giving up 480 Dover Rd . . Ekes: N E Tennis Inc. Europe. Chevys . . . 
4 26 73 quick tempered but determined . . . college up North. 

Ski Team 1. 2: Senior Class Play. Photograph Club 3: Exchange Student 3. 

Dense Carr 
40 Sunrise Road 

Trust in God. and Eve in peace with all mankind. 

Denise . . . green eyes, nice smile . . . likes: the Cape . . pet peeves: Chemistry lab. 
pessimistic people . . . "Hi your . . "Hey babe!" . . favorite activities: soccer. softbalL 
dancing, swimming, singing with Living Waters . favorite people: J. C L W_ K. S-. the 
gang . found in Natick at the O C's. in Elfis. N H. ... nursing school 

Chorus 2. 3: Girls" Glee Club 2: Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4. 

'■'-.-• '■---.■ 
16 Mifbrook Road 

You win some, you lose some, and you tie a few. 

Can . Carvanga . found with fas shades or in wrecked cars . . "Go for the gold!" . 
p*r z^e. e~ - -. z-~ -. - _--£ ~* ~ z z:-: --:? J : — : z -~~ i- : z ■•- :x " 

"1GNO " . disEkes gnfe with excuses . . "We can all make the morning announce- 
ments . "enjoys kissing girls' hands and whistling through his nose . . . favorites: D O.. 
G.P.E. R.. J.M, . . undying wit . . crazy, flirtatious . . . always grinning . . . college. 

Band 1. 2. 3: Concert Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Chorus 3. 4: Double Quartet 4: Student Council 
3: Senior Class Play: Football 1: Drama Club 1. 2. 3. 4. president 4: Basketball 1. 
manager 2. Musicals 2. 3. 4: Festival Play 2: One-Acts 2. 3. 4: Student announcer 3. 4: 
Thespian 3. 4. 

10 Birch Street 

Walk together, talk together, and love together. 

Ka "Slow Motion" . favorite activities: cooking and eating, tennis, listening to 
American tunes . . "I don't understand" Ikes a lot of snow. dogs, stuffed animals, 
sombrero's . . distkes homework, being made fun of . . . found at Dip n' Sip . . . 
"Roily?" favorite people Teddy Bear. Mom. Dad. sisters. Tommy. Diane. LM.D. 
S.. D F. A I.. J D . E M. L R. S C . B G . T P, a lot more . . . will return to Japan. 

AFS 4. Exchange Student Field Hockey 4: French Chib 4: Yearbook Staff 

47 Washington Street 

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. 

Dave tal thin, blue eyes . . . pet peeves: sprints, double block physics . . "Mooses" 
. . favorites: Hack. Mec. Stick, etc found: in gym or bed between 7 and 8. Boston. 
Swift Instruments. Inc. . Ekes: junk food, rock groups, the Muppets . "Humor" 
disEkes: term papers. Mondays, track practice . . enjoys: pizza pig-outs. aD sports. Red 

f ■ . .-: ■■■-- - - , -. 

Track 2. 3. 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Chess Club 1 

John Oampa 
465 Hartford Street 

As a man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows 

Champ . Chump pet peeves worms, red Bghts. H block law classes, yellow lights 
"Hey. Mun!" . distkes Monday mornings, school lunches. "Dees" . . . found at 

Bella's, good parties. Mac's for lunch "What's up 7 " Ekes nice cars. Italian food. * 
"Take a easy"" enjoys all sports, tropical fish, and collecting coins . . five o'clock 

shadow Bentley. 

Hockey 1. 2 

Michael Clark 
81 Cobleigh Street 

No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings. 

Michael Ekes music cars, parties, sports, food, shooting pool . . "Chowder" . . "Six 
a rrdlla" dislikes B L B . disco favorite activities: skiing, partying, boarding, camp- 
ing . . . pet peeves: "HeDo Kitty" . . . found in the mez. the fort Venice . . . favorite people 
include Cuts. Bowl Scoot Wisa. Rubberman. and many others . college 

Chorus 1. 2: Track 1. 2: Astronomy Club 4. Ski Team 3 

Barbara Clement 
128 Beechnut Road 

"Up in the stars are my highest aspirations: I may not reach them, but I may look up to 
them, believe in them, and let them guide me to wherever they lead" 

Clem . . Likes: thick chocolate shakes and lollipops, sincere people, music S. S B . red 
roses . Tm confused!" Pet Peeves getting caught between dosing doors, being 
guKUe. phones "Go for it!" . enjoys al sports, writing, talking, beaching it being 
with friends, the P. A. Norwood, having nothing to do found at every game, 
everywhere but homeroom, running in circles, on stage . "That's Busch ." Favorite 

people: family. Sandra. Mo. Class of '79 friendly, good natured. easily embarrassed. 

sentimental . perfectionist . . . college bound, plans "to reach . . . the unreachable." 

Student Council 2. 3: Vice President 4: Business Manager of Yearbook 4: Student 
Faculty Forum 1. 2. 3. 4: Drama Chib 1. 2. 3. 4: Thespian 3. 4: Senior Class Play: One- 
Act Plays 1. 2. 3. 4: School Musical 1. 2. 3. 4: Pep Chib 1. 2. 3. 4; GirTs Basketball 1: 
Field Hockey 2. 3. 4: No Parentheses 2. 3: Sacred Cheese 4: Student Announcer 4: 
Project Green 3. 4: Prom Committee 3. 


Jami-Sue Cloney 
9 Walker Road 

The moment may be temporary but the memory lasts forever 

Jami enjoys sailing and capsizing with A M K . skiing, long walks and good tans . 
pet peeves: away football games, late practices, not having enough time "But I'm 
not a preppie 1 " likes Heavenly Hash ice cream, band weekends dislikes being 
put in boys gym classes favorite people Anne Marie. Brian, Sean. Pool Staff, many 
others . found in the pool, on the phone sweaters and docksiders college 

Band 1. 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2. 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 4, Girls' 
Swim Team 1, 2. Photography Club 4, Track 1. Yearbook Staff 

Michael Coleman 
236 Dover Road 

One begins to live when one faces reality 

Mike found in the Media Center, in the lot, Shurfine. under the car field tnps in 
T S "What is this?" likes fast cars, four-wheeling dislikes getting pulled over, 

dnnkers Howdy's favonte people: P M . A M , Camy, P. R . J C , Joe. Al pet 
peeves Rustangs. hood scoops, tough days It's a toy Favonte activities: landscap 
ing. willerfests. bottling . loves having a good time . . small groups college, 
business management 

Swim Team 2. 3. 4; Football manager 2, Spnng Track manager 3. Debate Team 1 


Craig Colpitis 
205 School Street 

To be fully human is to be unpredictable 

Craig . . . "Let's go shoot hoops" found in the lunch room or in the gym , likes 
lunch block study. Sunday afternoons, whalers, movies, ten pointers "Fuaar" . . dis- 
likes late practices, law. . favonte activities are all sports and parties favorite peo- 
ple Dan. Sam. and the guys "How ya doing" . . . pet peeves: cigars. J's. snobs, shut- 
tles college. 

Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4 

J Paul Condrin III 
236 Burgess Avenue 

Hard work in the beginning will make it easier in the end. 

Paul . . favorite activities: running, woodshop. parties, all sports likes Levi's, sleep- 
ing late, friendly people, and you 1 dislikes Sunday nights. Monday mornings, 
groupies, H block studies . . "uh huh" . found around the track, in the whirlpool, in 
the '65 Dodge Polara . "I need some gas" . pet peeves: "D's", working at Shaeffer 
Stadium. 4 at a table. Ashland High favorites Champ, Woody. Vog. and everyone 
else . . blue eyes, brown hair, quiet, sincere college 

Spnng Track 1. 2. 3. 4. Cross Country Track 1. 2, 3. 4. Captain 4; Winter Track 1.2, 3. 
4. National Honor Society 4 

Edward Conley 
66 Burgess Avenue 


Do not dwell on the past for it cannot be undone, do not wony about the future for it 
has not yet arrived, )ust relax, enjoy, and make the most of the present 

Ed favonte activities baseball and football . pet peeves: cruising, hitting houses . . - 
likes: 2 15, all nighters . . . dislikes: disco, curbs, favorite people: Gib, Fan. Lax 
found, at Bergson' Marshfield, or Cedar Hill "Verbal suicide." "Whad'dya want, 
blood r " college. 

Winter Track 1, 2, Golf 4 

Charleen Connors 
148 Pond Plain Road 

"What's life without a little fun " 

Lee, Leaping . . . likes: Mich's, the reservior with C C "Yea 1 " favorite people: 

Chuck. Pam. Debbie. Paul, Mike, Fuzzy. Sharon Found with Chuck, Ridge/Brain- 
tree, on the way anywhere with Pam, on the phone "Do you care 9 " . "How do you 
feel?" . . dislikes being called a dizzy blonde. Westwood parties, taking a beating, com 
ments on her driving "crack ". "shut up 1 " favorite activities are nights in Braintree, 
partying with Pam . . . "Hey. were seniors'" big blue eyes, blushes easily, usually 
wears black college 

Semor Play; Softball 3. 4. Cheerleader. Pep Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Drama Club 1,2. Swim 
Team 1, 2; Chemistry Club 3. Powder Puff Football. 

Sandra Cook 
167 Can-oil Avenue 

Live life with no regrets and live it to the fullest 

Sandy. "Me", Sans pet peeves Sat morning band practices, fakes, photographers 
favorite activities partying, concerts, playing French horn likes weekends, ol' 
Chevy. Lakeville dislikes: homework, vicious beatings . . "Tnps", "No way" 
favontes Dudes. Fogger. Ears. Mikie, . . "Zoo it" found in the music room, Cums, 
Sal's . . . "Hey wait a minute" . . YCWACSOYA sneakers, smiling . college. 

Concert Band 1 , 2. 3, 4; Marching Band 1.2.3. 4. Orchestra 1.2,3. 4. Yearbook Staff. 
OneAct Plays 1.2, Track 1, 2, Musicals 2. 3; Senior Class Play. Southeastern District 1. 
2. AFS Club 2. 

Arthur Costonis 
138 Mill Street 

Virtue is its own reward 

Art. Woody . . . likes Fleetwood Mac. J. T., E. W., & F. ... dislikes tall girls, morning 
practices "Hey Lady'" found under the hood of the truck, working in a tree, 
cruising in "73 Chevy pick-up, New Hampshire favorite activities drawing, fishing, 
camping, working on motors "Ah Yes'" "Oh Sugar 1 " R L, J M , G R . S. T., 
N N,, and everybody else mustache, neat printer' college rich, successful 

Spnng Track 1. 2. 4; Golf Team 1. 2. 3. 4, Winter Track 1, 2. 4. Senior Class Play, Foot- 
ball 1. 2. 


":::-: ; :; ■: : - •- — . : 

_:■- :■- - - - : - . ' - -. -. --- ■-:• •: •. • •- " : : : 

pe: peek's ' ~ :: ~ : ~ " :• '= z>z.z 

Afa A3. 

- ---: liz-: >.- zi . 
5 Mabel El | " 

-=. - -. k:: >-: ;.= 

as Crawford 

■ ■■ ■ 

" :cmmg m ccmcers - - - dshkes poorlcsers i 
■->: ---,i~:i- z -t ■■:-■■: ;-.--:; :: *r-_: :":.« i': :•: ^ i - : r i- -*.■:■-■ ; 

--;-;---: --; _ :-" = -- -»:■■ 

people »■-': an jf aacq - good aeaaaed rnjege. travel 

Baari . . -- Baa . i - :-:;e-r-i I ': NHS Dean Band i 

Quane- I. --.-:, -.-- 

- rea— LIS.': rj5 5 - 


- : ~r ~*-- 

_-_-::•-• i • ■ - -. :-:?—:-- i --::■--■.-; , 

Richarr Bites -^— :s Brs - :- 

-■:—-?.■:-• ~— ;: -:~: :"i; :c :»?-■> = -.--.-; --,=• .;- =i : :*i : pe— er- 

;-:-■■■ ■ ■ ■ -, 

break'" ... found in his traefon u*h the stereo iull-biasi ... rallcy 

■ ■ 

Joar C 

- :-- : - - - : - : - 

■ : " 

- : . ~ : - - ■ : -: : . . " "- 

_ " Li: i" 

■ - 

V : 

. r - : 

If yr» have soroerhkig. let 8 go Hit comes back i syo-- s -leueruotasto 


Sharer ■ - pets rock cmat> camion and Coke. Kinv . disnkes Stanley 

Kapb- i a.Td John s shades "You won* of: -.-■-_' Z^-.Iask 

..-■-■:- -?.':■—-: z*zz~. ---_-.. 

pea peeves fastening id 5uzy. double physics. SATs iawong actiunles- . . 

"-: ■-,- :i..;-,j - •-,; :-:-.-; r.=."3 :*::■-=.--•: 

>;-.-:■—= . . 



pstpei sennas, aad 

,-?.;:._ - ■ - . . 
■it-.--- - ■■'_--,: i . _ - - 

. >. '"z _ i"£ 

32 Aran Road 

"■:-:► =.— : ': -•£=:" :_' =.- ; r-ar "-: ;■:•:•: " "^ - - :-r: ■-: r-e. r.=i; .•:■_ ?. 

~:- ---- z-z -~- -. ■ - ■--. r- _• ." --:• •«:.:: 

but summer days . . . dislikes gpod-bues dies, cold winter days . . buohles: P 
- C : rseback riding, skating, furnmis . . . 

"_--'.'" ZV Z<i?-'ii T-" 

-iZ -.r.- -?:-.~ES . '■'^.-- -.- — i >:i-.: = -.i:' 

"-=:• . - I •- . '~r~'- - .: - £:-esr->=.- Zuz - 

- -. - -" T - 

- . ~ ~z~ z - - z : 

.• -■. --;=■:- 

pel reeves njs%'Toofe.diefc.ckh^iii*jupafcertiiiift's — Iduxiteactr.' 7 ' - 
baB. partes. pouder-puB foofcall . . . Hkes SDaabeny him>ns. decorating . . . tUhit 

---'•- - •■<:•■■. : : 

■ - 

-.- - ScanorPbgcSollB .-,::.---=- a Una Soaiel -?.:■• 
- . iz'-.-z - - '-:-- ■ . :• - 


William Deacon 
41 Hampton Road 

"He who resorts to throwing dirt, loses ground." 

Bill Deac's likes Telling bad jokes, going to classes late, girls pet peeves: bad 
pictures, referrals. English enjoys fixing V W's favorites: C L ., S F . S. S. 
found in the bug "Vouch 1 " . "Soup 1 " - . tall. red. and handsome. College 

Basketball 1. 2; Soccer 1. 2 

Joseph Delapa 
66 Oak Street 

"A thing you sincerely believe in cannot be wrong." 

Joe . . quiet and easy going likes 79 Mustangs. Boston, turbos, parries pet 
peeves Fat girls, cigarettes enjoys dirt biking, ping pong. pool, skating favorites: 
N. M.. Undo. Paul found over Chip's, media center, or caf college 

Track 2. Swim Team 2 

Julie Delaplace 
121 Smith Dnve 

"And what about tomorrow 9 And what about our dreams, and all the memories we 
shared 7 " 

Julie. "Mom" found last seat on the right, on the aisle, on the field Is there life af 
ter band practice 7 likes California, bellboys P H . D T Pet peeves; macho, 
men. all talk, no action . favorite people: "the gang," D T girls. Clem, band cuties 
"Oh Shezzbart" medical profession 

Chorus 2. 3. 4. Pep Club 3, 4; National Honor Society 3. 4: AFS Program 3. 4. Year- 
book staff 4. Harlequin 3, Prom Committee 3. Dnll Team 1. 2. 3. 4. Health Careers 3. 
4. Vice-Pres 4, Bloodmobile 3, 4, Musical 3. Project Green 4 

Paul Dellorusso 
117 Tamarack Rd. 

Sean Devlin 
211 Downey Street 

"Do not dwell on the past for it cannot be undone, do not worry about the future for it 
has not yet arrived, just relax, enjoy, and make the most of the present " 

Dev . . "Kato. you stupid fool!" likes: music, hoop, track . dislikes little kids who 
think they're big "Hi 1 " favorites Mr B . Mr Walsh, Mr M., Laurie. Jamie. Kato . . . 
enjoys the trumpet, basketball "This is true" two eyes, two ears, a nose and a 
mouth "Unique" sense of humor college — professional musician 

Band 1.2,3. 4. President 4. Concert Band 1 . 2. 3. 4. Orchestra 3. 4; WHS Dance Band 
3. 4; All State Band 4; Track 3, 4; Boys' Basketball 1 , 2; Pit Orchestra Musical 3. 4; Dis- 
tnct Band 3, District Orchestra 4 

Sarah Dew 
979 High Street 

"Live life free as it was meant to be " 

Sally Dude . Elfie pet peeves English, homework, unfriendly people likes: 
winning games, being with fnends dislikes: getting her picture taken, any school 
morning "No Way" Favorite people Panama Ed. Sans. Mike. ears, and all others 
she has not met Found at Cumberland's, the porch, babo bus two socks that 
never match. Future plans to become a career woman. 

Chorus 2. 3; Girls' Glee Club 1 . AFS 1 . Drill Team 3; South Pacific Make Up Commit- 
tee 2. Hello Dolly Chorus Line 3 

Gregory DiGregoro 
475 High Street 

"And I laughed at the angered hand as it pushed me aside." 

Greg pet peeves locker combinations, waking up before noon, using their math 
system Enjoys building sets, not shaving, old Beatle tunes likes J Lennon dis 
likes black shoes with brown laces, black with green stnpes, red with brown dots 'No, 
I'm not crazy.' Can we fix it with stnng 7 Found sitting on floors, the Music Room. 
Backstage Wears sweat shirts or work shirts Favorite people The crew, B. W . T 
P College 

Chorus 3. 4; Senior Play, Musical 3. 4, One Acts 3. 4 

Richard Doherty 
74 Magnolia Drive 

"Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier " 

Richard enjoys sailing, lifting, playing hoop, roading Favorite people C. C . J. M., 
M Fit found in the weight room likes Sanfo. Walshy. E W and F , George Ben- 
son, classical music . Dislikes too much H. W . typing, hard rock "What 7 " . Pet 
Peeves: "Ah Yes!". "Dick" "Hi Mom & Dad'" College or Marines 

Track 2. 3, 4. Astronomy Club 4. Basketball 1. 2. Movie Club 2. 3, 4. Winter Track 4. 


Maureen Donlon 
200 Porter Street 

"Yesterday is in our hearts; tomorrow is in our dreams." 

Mo Favorite activities: Skiing, field hockey, track and beaching it Likes: freckles, 
outgoing people, ice fights, and the Funky chicken . dislikes: Mature people, flakes 
pet peeves: back seat drivers, pocketbook pryers. and runny noses "Why me"-*" "I 
can't take it!" . . Found: slopes, tracks, in the van. and near food Favorite people: 
Class of 79 and certain underclassmen machine gun laughter - college bound. 

Pep Club 3. 4; Spring Track 1. 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 4. Yearbook Staff 4. Harlequin 3. 4. 
Ski Team 1. 2. 3. 4; Co Captain 4. Field Hockey 1, 2. 3, 4; Co-Captain 4. Prom Com- 
mittee 3. Health Careers 4; Powder Puff Football 4 

Karen Doull 
325 Oak Street 

"The door of fnendship is unlocked by a smile." 

Karen. Ka likes little kids, laughing memones found: on the field at halftirne, with 
Bnan. laughing dislikes: taking notes, turtlenecks . Pet Peeves: typing checks, 
learning to ski. herpes "Oh cuteness" Favorite people: Bnan. Lon. Jami. Class of 
1979 . . . Favorite activities: talking on phone, shopping, having fun . space between 
teeth, tiny . . nursing. 

Chorus 2. 3. Drill Team 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 2. 3. 4; Yearbook Staff 4. Spanish Club 3; 
Prom Committee 3: Health Careers 4; No Parentheses 3. 

Kirt Doursounian 
48 Willard Circle 

"Live and let die; the words haven't changed; neither will 1 " 

Koko . . *84. *33 . . "Mad onion" . enjoys: driving fast, track, football, girls . . dis- 
likes gossip . . likes: blondes, dressing up. champagne Favontes. Fab, John. Lauren. 
Rhonda . located: Lauren's, the Cape, driving around . Pet peeves: speed traps, ac- 
cidents. "O K " tall, athletic, and generous "1 forget" . college. 

Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Winter Track 2. 3. 4; Spnng Track 1, 2. 3. 4 

Kenneth Dowries 
126 Greenacre Road 

It's not really how much you team sometimes, but how much you find you don't know. 

Ken likes beating Medfield dislikes losing to Dover found in the practice 
room favonte activities double quartet, dance band, soccer "Once more from 
the top." "When does the bell nng?" "Plug in and chug away" college, teaching 
and performing music. 

Band 1. 2. Concert Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Dance Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Chorus 3. 4. Double Quartet 
2. 3, 4; Senior Play; Spnng Track 2. 3. 4. Winter Track 4. Boys' Basketball 1. 2. 3. Boys' 
Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4. All-Eastern Chorus 4. 

Diane Doyle 
10 Birch Street 

We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore. 

Diane likes: being an AFS host sister, singing dislikes: cold, late practices, being 
tall, late night studying found: on field at naTrrime. Mr D's. second seat from back, 
left side pet peeves "All talk, no action." not keeping in touch, term papers "So 
cute and squishy." . "I don't believe you" favorite people: Clem, the gang, K. C. 

Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; AFS 1. 3. 4, Vice-President 4. Senior Play, ticket committee; Drill 
Team 1. 2. 3. 4. National Honor Society 3. 4. Secretary 4; Pep Club 3, 4. Yearbook 
Staff 4. Harlequin 3. Madrigals 2, Health Careers 3. 4. President 4. Musical 2, 3. 4 

Jennifer Drayton 
95 Locust Drive 

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. 

Jennifer brown hair, blues, and antennas enjoys: snowball fights, bushwacking, 
and "Outward Bound 1 " favorite people; TEC crowd, Zachary, Crew *1 — Nomads, 
Miss Sheff found: at Brigham's. art room, or spaceship likes poetry. Appalachian 
Gap. animals pet peeves: lirterbugs. ice cream cones. Westwood lingo, crammed 
toes, and saying good-bye . . . college. 

David Easland 
323 Pond Street 

Life is as long and as full as you make it 

David . .. likes: Yes. Fridays . .. found: where 'the action is . . . dislikes; Mondays, 
homeroom .pet peeves: getting out of bed . "Sure" - "Tell me about it" 
favonte people: G. T., M. S.. J. B. N. . . favorite activities: dirt nding. skating . . college 

Paul Engeian 
22 St. Denis Drive 

If you can't be good, be careful. 

Paul . . . pet peeves: cigarettes, cliques, snobs . . . favorite activities: parrying, sports, 
parking . likes brunettes. Steve Martin, East Boston . . - dislikes school lunches, 
hangovers, boring weekends "Baaaaugh," "Later." "Hopes" favorite peo- 
ple Mike. Stick. Chris. Lee . . . found at Chris' house, at Illusions, cruisin' disco hair 
cut. always smiling college 

Hockey 3. 4; Track 2 


Michael Fabiano 
43 St. Denis Drive 

It doesn't matter how big the dog is in the fight, but how big the fight is in the dog 

Mike. Fab pet peeves: school between 8 and 2:15, Dover 7. WHS 6 . . enjoys pum 
ping iron. 99. dune buggy riding . likes running into an endzone, being outdoors 
dislikes crowded places, rumors , "Wolverines. Ready! Ready'" , , favorite people 
family, team, fnends found on the football field, in the locker room , college 

Football 1. 2. 3. 4, Tn-Capt 3. 4, Pep Club 4. Track 2, 4; Baseball 1. 2. 3, 4 

Hilary Fairbanks 
247 Nahatan Street 
If you can behold I'll make the statue move, indeed descend and take you by the hand: 
but then you'll think . . . 

Hilary "I'm not paranoid!" . found in art rooms, somewhere between Boston and 
Cambndge, not running track . favorites: Mr Sloan. Ms. Curren. Mr M . Jimmy 
"I'm confused" . . enjoys traveling, spending money . . likes: Fiats. Jaquars. 
thoroughbreds, dancing on tables . pet peeves: Rick's blackmailing attempts, Chns' 
AMX the death stare college 
Track 1, 2, 3. Drama Club 1, 2: Yearbook Staff, Swim Team 2 

John Fannon 
48 Pond Plain Road 

Talent is produced in solitude Character is the stream of life 

Jack, Fanman found at Bergson's, on the track, in Marshfield pet peeves: Lax's 
tango, flat tires, people leaving trash in the car . . . favorite activities football, track, 
baseball . likes running, small parties . dislikes cruising, football practice, trips to 
Marshfield favorite people: E. C, Gib, Lax. G. L, Moon, and the rest college 

Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1. 2, 3, 4: Winter Track 2, 3, 4. 

Charles Ferzoco 
109 Bearing Drive 

We must make a journey in our own lives 

Charlie favorite activities: parties, cars, concerts "Come, on Dallas," . . "Yeh, 
right" . favorites include D D.. Snowman. Jimbo, D S., Doc found at Roche Bros 
. . . "Tell us" . , . likes weightlifting , . pet peeve: snobs , always breaking drum sticks 
. sneakers, always smiling , college. 

Band 1, 2, 3; Concert band 2. 3 

Susan Filippone 
10 Putting Dnve 

Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm. 

Sue. Soup likes: winning with A. M . the Cape, payday dislikes A. O M , F . I. C, 
the vertible, knees . favorites: S. M. F.'s, A. K,, N. T., L T.. and more enjoys 
coaching, Softball, basketball sweaters, dimples . . . college-bound. 

Senior Play, Softball 2, 4; Yearbook Staff, Project Green 

Maura Fitzpatrick 
50 Marshall Street 

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears. 

Maura. Fitz, Muffin, Disco Woman . "Later Baby" . . . likes Northenders. freak lines, 
red roses, gold and silver dislikes working, nsing early, waiting for phone calls, bus 
rides . . "Another day" . . . favorites are Guy my man. Rathy, Pan. Nicy, J F . Wissy, 
Disco V and many others found at Illusions. Landsdowne St, Ann's "Bye. Bye 
Baby" "Take me now" activities include musicals, disco's, biking "Give me a 
break" pet peeves: craigtiles. red hair, green masks freckles, blue eyes, brown 
curls . . college, success. 

Chorus 1. 2: Girls' Glee Club 1: Senior Play: Pep Club 1, 2; Distnct Chorus 4, Drama 
Club 1, 2. 3. 4; Yearbook Staff. 

Dianne Fleming 
110 Croft Regis Road 

"Only they who see the invisible can do the impossible " 

Dianne . Duff . Flem Pet peeves: static cling, 'all talk, no action.' purposelessness 
likes dependable people, disco beat, quick come backs, 'creating order out of chaos 
dislikes being cold . . "Really?!" . "Oh I forgot" found with the dynasty, DT. 

third seat from the back on the left, window seat . . freckles, crimson face . college, 

the Fed 

AFS 1: Drill Team 2. 3. 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Musical 2, 
costumes 2. 4: Yearbook Editor. Math Team 3: No Parentheses 3 

Gary Flodin 
59 Fairview Street 

We can think about forever but we really only live today 

Gary. Fred "Have a nice one" found at the Texaco station, Bowls, Venice 
favorite activities include hockey likes driving fast. Duster, race cars dislikes Hello 
Kitty, attempted hypo's "Pouf , , . favorite people are R K , and the gang "Oh, 
look!" pet peeves Paul's car . dirty hands, nice smile work. 


Susan Flynn 
40 Hooper Street 
The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what 
we could become 

Fuzzy . . pet peeves are Monza, G T , waiting, finding something to wear . "Good 
kid" . . favonte people Foster T and J , Steve, Bill, all the girls of 77 and 79 . . . "Are 
you ready to walk out the door?" . found on the way to anywhere, visiting . . favorite 
activities are swimming, cruising with the old gang, hitting HoJo's at wee hours . . . likes 
the Volksy, being with good friends, laughing . dislikes squeaky girls, heavy discoers 
... big smile, dimples college, Florida. 

Chorus 1. 2; Senior Play. Pep Club 1; Track 1, 2. 3, 4. Girls' Swim Team 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Prom Committee 3. 

Sharon Foster 
34 Wagon Road 

Fun is for those who can handle it 

Sharon, Foster Child likes to laugh with anyone dislikes Uncle Sam's . found 
with Fuzzy at B. C, with Canice at Merry Meetry Lake, the Arc with Lauren favorite 
people Class of 79, X. B. H. 77 pet peeves: whiny voices, getting up, public dis- 
plays of affection, M M , LWL favorite activities spiking, chowing, going out with 
the girls "So what else?" "Okay" untied shoes psyched for Haly college. 

Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Staff; Girls' Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1,2,3,4; 
Captain 4; Prom Committee 3; Project Green 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Play 

Edward Francis III 
759 Street 
I can't make people like me, but if I wasn't myself, I wouldn't like me. 

Todd, Bigfoot . . favorite activities hiking, biking, mountain climb- 
ing, flirting pet peeves: stop signs, speed limits, dust found on the football field, 
with Meagher, as far away from school as possible, in trouble . likes: Beatles, girls, 
good food, girls, winning seasons, girls dislikes school, cold, windy days, getting 
nailed with illicit items big feet, blond . "Oh wow 11 " "Gorgeous" favorite 
people. K M.. Missy, Claire. B G., Dewey, J. K. P., Kippy, Chrissy, C. K , and many 
others . . college. 

Football 1. 2. 3. 4 

Laura Fry 
77 Blueberry Lane 

Dreams live forever 

Laura likes: love stories, surprises, people with a sense of humor . dislikes Mass 
dnvers. pessimists . - - "Casual" pet peeves homework dunng vacations, insensitive 
remarks, self centered people favorite activities drawing, running, writing, singing 
"I love it" favonte people L K , M T . D T F. ... white socks, writes on hands 
. . . found on the track, running cross country a true California girl always smiling 
. . . college 

No Parentheses 4. Cross Country 2. 3, 4; AFS 4, National Honor Society 4, Yearbook 
Staff; Softball 1; Student Rep 1. French Club 4. 

/ \ 

W *rv '* v i&i 

m v m 

W^. m 

1 \ 

Suzanne Fuller 
466 Summer Street 

Happiness comes from within 1 

Suzanne "Scuff man" likes: B. C. and U Mass guys, food, loud tunes . 

favontes "the Gang", L W„ S. D.. M. L located: Needham Y. M. C A. or Mac's 

parking lot "Okay' enjoys: beach parties, swimming, jogging pet peeves: wolf- 
ing lunches, sitting in the caf, attempted roughnecks 100% crazy, with apple cheeks 
nursing school or special education 

Chorus 1. 2, 3; Girls' Glee Club 1; Yearbook Staff. Softball 2 

Sandra Galins 
20 Lakeshore Drive 

If 1 were a seagull, and all over silver, think I'd care what a pack of dirty seals thought of 
my flying'-' 

Sandra favorite activities: skiing, dancing, piano likes pizza, ice cream, bad jokes 
. . "Go for it!" "How delerious" . . "Daviski" pet peeves: phone bills, the prep 
look . favorite people family, Ingreeda, P R , M S.. and the rest of Akaci's, 2 B's and 
B , , contagious laugh college 

Pep Club 1. 2: National Honor Society 3, 4. Drama Club 1,2; Yearbook Staff French 
Club 2; Musicals 1. 2. 3. 

Bhan Gallagher 
203 Washington Street 
The deepest rivers flow with the least sound. 

Bnan likes studies, spaghetti. G Block with Chicetti dislikes pizza every Friday. C 
M . English, term papers, taking the bus "You pit 1 " "Who do you think you are?" 
found in Lakeville, Charles River, back stage favorite activities: skiing, sailing, 
waterskiing. crewing. biking pet peeves: caf tables with junk on them, morning track 
practices, loud teachers in the media center favorite people A. B , E H., L. R„ K. C, 
. . . quiet, friendly , college, business 

Winter Track 1,3, Spring Track 1,2. Student Council 1 . 2; AFS 3. Senior Play; Musical 

Joseph Gatozzi 
122 Burgess Avenue 

Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier. 

Joe likes raw chicken in the rain, survival trips "Don't worry about it" favorite 
activities: building sets, music, working on V W.'s . dislikes; trig tests, frozen valves, 
girls on diets . . . favorite people: S S. and the gang, stage crew found; back stage, 
music room, Scott's cabin , , , college, own a restaurant. 

Band 4. Concert Band 3, 4; Orchestra 3, 4; Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4; Senior Play, Track 1, 2, 
Drama Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Yearbook Staff; Explorers' Club 1, 2, 3, 


Paul Gaughan 
216 Washington Street 

Let me win but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt. 

Paul . Gaugs . likes: lunch block study, vacations, and the Red Sox , . dislikes: last 

block classes. Monday mornings, and the Yankees . . . favorite activities: all sports, class 

sleeping, and snakes . pet peeves: cracking knuckles, whistling people, baseball 

spnnts . found roaming the school, in the gym. or in the caf. . . . favorite people: M. 

C, Bubu. and Class of '79 . . . "No, I don't think so" . . calm, cool, and collected . . . 


Baseball 1, 2. 3. 4; Football 1. 

Phyllis Gavin 
46 Washington Street 

You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm, 

Phyllis. "Wissy" . likes dancing, Italians, drums, peppermint stick ice cream . . . dis- 
likes: ten foot seas, people being out of step, bleached blondes ... pet peeves: Frank's 
curfews, selling bras to fat old ladies, two-faced friends . . activities: acting, sailing, 
PHDT . favorite people: little Roseannne Roseanna Danna. June, Frank, Maura . . . 
found aboard the Warlock, 2nd seat from back, left side window . . "Love ya" . . "It's 
not even funny" . silly, blonde locks . . college bound. 

Chorus 2, 3; Senior Play; Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1. 2. 3, 4. Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 
4: Yearbook Staff: Madrigals 3. 

William Gavin 
20 Eastman Avenue 

When the one great scorer comes to mark against your name, he writes not that you 
won or lost, but how you played the game 

Billy . "They blew up Cahoons!" . . . found in rinks or doing the worm . . favorites: 
Fly, Lundy, Class of 79 . . . dislikes: human magnets, red lights . "Strictly business" . . . 
likes: FBI maneuvers, breakaways, Boston Garden . . . enjoys playing hockey, soccer, 
and baseball . . pet peeves: Barnickle, Medfield, Animal . . college bound. 

Baseball 2; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4. Captain 4, 

Sarah Gelotte 
367 Oak Street 
The words the silent feel are beautiful, 

Sarah . Pearly . . . impatient and crazy . . likes: Neil Young. Charleston Chews, and 
the Bunny , . dislikes: disco and getting up . "You wouldn't believe" . . favorite peo- 
ple: Annie. R, Douglas. V, Q., J, M. . located: Martha's Vineyard, media center . . . 
hobbies: sailing, eating, guitar . . "Cut it out!" ... pet peeves: BKNO and O. P. road 
schedules college 

Senior Play; Pep Club 2, 4; Track 2, 3. 4. Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, No Parentheses 4; 
Musical/Scenery 1, 2. 

Michael Gen-aughty 
35 Wentworth Street 

"A victim of circumstance." 

Mike pet peeves cigarettes, disco, and ugly girls . favorite hobbies: darts, backgam- 
mon, all sports . likes Blizzard of '78, long weekends, half days dislikes: school 
lunches and cliques . . "This is true" "Boy, are you ugly" favorite people: P. F, 
W, A, R, S, M, L friendly, not to be found . college. 

Lauren Gerulskis 
44 Waldo Way 
Nothing is lost on she who sees with an eye that feeling gave For her there's a story in 
every breeze, and a picture in every wave 

Lauren pet peeves: filing, rubber fingers . . . favorite activities: sewing, arts and crafts, 
dreaming likes individuality, Spain, making others laugh dislikes pressure, clam 
chowder, toads . "Gimme a break!" . "Life's rough" , favorite people Chuck 
Barris, dear friends "Painful" found at her locker ASA creative, ambitious, 
sentimental ... art college 

Senior Play; Astronomy Club 4; Yearbook Staff, Spanish Club 3; No Parentheses 3, 4. 

LeeAnn Giberti 
33 Wagon Road 

I'm wishing on a star, to follow where you are, I'm wishing on a dream, to follow what it 
means: I'm wishing on a rainbow 

LeeAnna . enjoys: laughing with Paula, FAF. close friends pet peeves: good byes, 
Mac's tree, P. P P ... "J. M. P. W. F. 2. P. V " . . likes yellow roses, visits from snow- 
shoers, Cachet favorites: Jeff, P H., J B.. Mr Case . "You know what I was think 
ing?" . found in blue Levi's or with J. or P half of Mutt and Jeff . . college 

Field Hockey 2, 3. 4, Girls' Basketball 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Senior 
Play; Health Careers Club 4, Yearbook Staff. No Parentheses 4 

Ann Gillespie 
96 Alder Road 
There's no such thing as best, in a world of individuals. 

Annie G. . . . pet peeves: stick shifts, "Ah, yeeeeess!", falling up stairs, busy signals . . . 
favorite activities: swimming and vegging . favorites: Lish, Tish, and Fish, Drugs & 
Co., the girls . likes to be an avid boy-watcher . dislikes: P. O. 1 D. R. T A., Riunlte 
"Where's Liz?" . "Vanishing chemists, Inc.!" found at Towlies, Tufts, or cars 
with no destination . . lost without a comb, boy crazy, 90% angel . . . college 

Chorus 2, 3; Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Senior Play; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 
3, 4; Musical 1, 2, 3. 4 


Judith Gillespie 
33 Sunrise Road 

"The dreamer" 

Judy likes: roller coasters, sheep dogs, and lobster . . . dislikes, hospitals, being cold, 
and her nose . . found shopping everywhere and anywhere pet peeves: pop tests, 
nagging mothers and teachers, spiders favonte people: K. C . C. B.. D O., and niece 
. . . "Somewhere over the rainbow" . curious as to what others are thinking . . . 
college, travel, living in S. California. 

Betsy Gillis 
52 Clearwater Drive 

So be closer to believing though your world is torn apart: for a moment changes all 
things, and to end is but to start. 

Betsy "mmmMMM" likes: green eyes, green apples, green Jags, yellow roses, 
and stuffed animals found asleep on a cold window sill or St Thomas . . enjoys: 
burning cookies, skiing, spending s . smiling . "What 7 " . pet peeves: a non-white 
Chnstmas. ninny shakes, missing the Pledge, decisions . . . favorites: P. M., Dan. A & S. 
N . B . and P.. B F E ... cold hands and flat feet . . . college. 

Student Council 4. Secretary4: Senior Play. Drill Team 1: Pep Club 1. 2, 4; Track 2. 3. 
4. Sacred Cheese 4; National Honor Society 3. 4: Drama Club 1. 2; Yearbook 
Associate Editor. Student-Faculty Forum 3. 4. Secretary 3: Girls' Basketball 1. 2. Prom 
Committee 3; Volleyball 2. 3: Project Green 3. 4. 

Adam Gilmore 
1 10 High Rock Street 

Life is as long and as full as you make it. 

Adam found: Honaruru. Popcorn. Gun Club, or around? . . favorite people: A. R. 
Chowder. Speedwagon . . likes: good music . "Hey Rocko!" . favorite activities: ski- 
ing, flying, skateboarding . . "Good Chowder Bobby" pet peeve: disco . angelic 
features college and conservation or forestry 

Carta Gomes 
221 Strafford Place 

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was. 

Carla . likes: Lynryd Skynyrd. Nov. 5. BC. shaving creme dislikes indecisive peo- 
ple . . . "Did the bell nng 9 " pet peeves: waiting and having nothing to do . . "You 
fooir . . favonte people: Glenn. D. K.. L S., ... located: at Glenn's. French St, in the 
Stang. or GTO . . "Has anyone seen Debbie 9 " hobbies: partying and cruising . . . 
commercial art 

Elise Goyette 

7 West Pine Dnve 


All the world's a stage . . 

Elise. Lisi, Etta likes: making scenes, red Star Burst's, and making excuses after mak- 
ing scenes pet peeves: bnck houses, and being dubbed L C. or flaky favorite ac- 
tivities acting and D Q favonte people Gene and the play gang "Another 
broken bulb in the bnght lights of Broadway" . found on stage, in red Camaro. or sub- 
merged in fog . also likes the swirl on top of peanut butter when you first open the jar 
onginal plans to ride a bike to France college. 

Band 1. 2; Concert Band 1. 2; Chorus 1. 2; Girls' Glee Club 1; Double Quartet 3. 4. 
Student Council 3. 4. Secretary 3. Senior Play: National Honor Society 3. 4. Drama 
Club 1. 2,3, 4. Secretary 3. Vice-President 4: Yearbook Staff. Madngals 2. Prom Com- 
mittee 3 

Joseph Gundal 
136 Ellis Street 

You've got to have heart . . . 

Joe . . . likes: dessert. Deutsche Klasse. short people dislikes math, vegetables, com- 
mercials and ads that aren't funny . pet peeves: tests. Beaumarchais and Rousseau 
. . . found in the library favorite people: J M.. B. D.. L A., anyone Republican . . . 

AFS 4: Sacred Cheese 4. National Honor Society 3. 4. Yearbook Staff. No Parentheses 
2. 3. 4: Chess Club 4. French Club 3. 4. 

Christopher Haley 
1284 High Street 

"Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it" 

Chns. "Lax" Likes tango, girls that always smile favorite activities baseball, foot- 
ball, hockey. P Town .pet peeves: cig. smokers, losing at cards, cruising . . "Give me 
a break." Freak out!" Ed. Fan. T M . Mac found in Fenway Park. Bergson's. 
with the B. G. college 

Football 1 

Ellen Hanley 
24 Strasser Avenue 

"Be an individualist, for one who follows is always behind." 

El . . . likes Buicks. red formulsa, summers in Poppy dislikes blue flashing lights, 
English favorite activities: decorating with the girls, going to the Cape, campaigning 
for Ed King pet peeves: speeding tickets. Max. staying at Lauren's. Mr Bill, 
Guidance, matches. Sky Hawks . . "Basically" "No prob" . found in Poppy, red 
cars, blue Buick favorite people Capies. class of 79. Gov, F C never tall 

enough . nursing 

Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Senior Play 4. Gymnastics 1, 2. 3. 4. Captain 3. 4 


Amy Hanlon 
30 Beacon Street 

"The only way to have a friend is to be one." 

Amy - "Let's boogie 1 " . - favorites: L D and the gang . likes: Trans Ams, Music, be- 
ing with fnends . dislikes: dirty looks, gaining weight, being cold . . . "Sure!" . . . found 
Honolulu. Venice, or Roche Bros "Really?" . . . enjoys: singing, horseback riding, 
dancing pet peeves: . typing, working weekends, snobs and/ or cliques . . friendly 
big blue eyes - college bound 

Majorettes 1, 2. 3, 4; Captain 2, 3. 4; Hockey Cheerleading 1, 2, 3; Track 1; Double 
Quartet 3. 4. Glee Club 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4, Pep Club 4, Senior Play 4; Yearbook 
Staff 4. Madrigals 2. Musical 4 

Edward Harnett 
15 Glandore Road 

"The greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more." 

Ed likes: the Beatles. Fleetwood Mac. Woody Allen movies. Tonight Show, travel. 
Italian food . dislikes long periods, taking the bus. Monday mornings, crowded lunch 
tables pet peeves: homeroom, late bus, school lunches, homework over vacations 
. , Favonte activities swimming, amateur photography, movies, traveling . . where 
found: looking forward to Italy "When does this penod end?", . . . "Yes, Ann. I did 
the French." . . . college. 

Student Council 1, 2. AFS Club 3, Senior Play 4, Winter Track 1, 3, Sacred Cheese 4, 
Yearbook Staff 4. Musical 3. 4. No Parentheses 3, 4. 

Angelo Hasiotis 
32 Railroad Avenue 

"Don't suspect anything, but be prepared for everything " 

"Greek" likes: blondes, parties dislikes: stuckup broads enjoys: ranking, party 
ing, working ... pet peeves: "Hello Kitty", school lunches "Do you want to live?" 
favorite people: J. S.. C. P., B. C. . found cruisen, Mattappan Square, or "The Club" 
. . . "Tell me about it" humorous, that attempted moustache Jr college — 
restaurant business. 

Football 1, 2, 3, Manager of Basketball 1, 2. 

Scott Hayward 
59 Magnolia Drive 

Scott found at Frankenstein's after midnight or over Theo's for all nighters likes: 
fast cars. "snow". favorite people Nancy. Dello. Rob. Beats. Ted. Gibbo dislikes: 
school pet peeves Westwood. favonte activities partying, going sideways, 

shooting, clubbing Wentworth 
Swim Team 1. 

Kathleen Hazen 
60 Dover Road 

"Nothing ever succeeds which exuberant spirits have not helped to produce" 

Katie ear to ear smile favonte people Mr W , "The Neighborhoods." Italians 
"What a killer" found: running to class, in a fog. or out to lunch pet peeves: At 
tempts, people who babble, and being short likes pickles, the Who, a Mercedes 
Benz dislikes peanut butter and chocolate chips, hallway traffic jams, stupid ques 
rions "Give me a break" . always laughing medical technology 

AFS Club 2, 3. 4, Senior Play; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 
Staff 4. Spanish Club 1, 2, 3: Prom Committee 3; Musicals 1. 2. 3, 4 

Susan Healy 
183 Whitewood Road 

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a 

trail 1 

Sue located: Emmett's car heading nowhere or in the cellar dislikes working 
Saturdays and/or boring weekends . . likes: 11/6/76, Jethro Tull. and Sugarloaf . 
enjoys: concerts, parties, skiing, cruising, pet peeves: disco, waiting, and getting 
caught fnends; Emmert, L S , J. M. .. . "I'll throw you 1 " medical record ad 

Susan Heinrich 
5 Hawktree Drive 

"Klat sieht du, du von weitem sieht ..." 

"Heinie" pet peeves: dogs, disco, spinach, surface talk found Madow, Kat 
mandu. Krumme Lanke . favonte people Sabine, Lutz, and Goetz likes hitchhik 
ing. boys with long hair, city life dislikes rich guys, suburbs enjoys tennis, dnnk 
ing tea, and Emerson & Thoreau "Grins" . "Kindv" . . cowboy boots, large shirts 
and tight jeans . travel. 

Exchange Student 4, Senior Play, Pep Club 4. Winter Track 4, Spring Track 4. 
Photography Club 4; Volleyball 4 

Paula Henderson 
1 1 Reed Avenue 

If you love something, set it free If it comes back, its yours. If it doesn't, it never was." 

Paula gullable pet peeves Southcape beach, 5 ft stonewalls, goodbyes, being 
broke, dog dishes . likes concerts, Italian food, Blizzard of '78. roses. England, 
dungarees, meeting people . dislikes early mornings after late nights Robbie, LAG, 
JEB, J S.. J. B , Mr. Case "I'm hungry!" . "Wait, wait, wait ..."... favorite activities: 
skiing, walks on the beach, being with Robbie, making Lee Ann laugh 4/26/73 . . . 
found at apt. 636. . always a smile . college, travel 

Senior Play; Pep Club 1. 2. 3, 4, National Honor Society 4; Field Hockey 2, 3. 4; 
Basketball 1, 


James Herendeen 
24 Draper Lane 

The wrong way always seems the more reasonable. 

Jim found on Draper Lane or under a car likes: good parties and good friends, 
rock n roll . enjoys: skiing, hockey, motorcycling . "This town's dead" favorites: 
all the Islington partiers pet peeves Italian food, disco quick on his feet 
technical school. 

Laura Hess 
48 Wessex Drive 

People can be divided into three groups: those who make things happen, those who 
watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened 

Laura layers of clothes located: Youlden's. Falmouth beaches, art room . . . 
favonte people: T. M.. L T . Boom likes: Pousette Dart, club, blizzards and summer 
. . . dislikes: double bio. changing for gym enjoys: partying, skiing, going out for lunch 
. . . pet peeves ranking ankles. "Four to a table 1 " fog brain . . . Colby College. 

AFS 2. 3. 4; Senior Play. Drama Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Yearbook Staff 

Jean Higginbottom 
132 Ellis Street 

Something you sincerely believe in cannot be wrong. 

Jean likes: sweaters, sleeping, snow, and M & M's . . dislikes forgetting, homework, 
and getting up early "I'm only kidding" favorite people C B . T M . S R . V W 
. . . favonte activities: tennis, shopping, and movies pet peeves managers and or 
pushy people located: Cape Cod or Eagermann's with Carolyn . . laughter stricken 
. . . college and travel. 

Chorus 3, 4. Senior Play. Yearbook Staff. Photography Club 4 

June Howley 
50 Brookfield Road 

If you can imagine it. you can achieve it. If you can dream it. you can become it. 

June . . likes starry nights. Chnstmas Eve. peppermint-stick ice cream, anything pink, 
poprocks . dislikes masculine girls favorite people: Paul, family. Phyllis. James 
Cagney found: dance studio. Rocky Nook enjoys summertime. Gone With The 
Wind, presents with big bows, roses and furry kittens pet peeves: macho men, 
waiting . . lucky 22... brown curls . . . feminine . always laughing . college, nursing. 

Chorus 1. 2, 3. 4. Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Senior Play. Drill Team 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 1. 2, 3. 
4. Drama Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Yearbook Staff. Prom Committee 3: Madngals 3. Musical 
Choreographer 2. 3. 

Edward Huber 
172 Burgess Avenue 
Thinks like a man of action, acts like a man of thought 

Ed. Hubie the little elf . Mr Wesrwood . . likes toga parties, riding in limousines, S. 
F chile, Cahoon's dislikes lost hubcaps, the "Arc", practice, calls at 4:00 a.m. pet 
peeves L W L.. football camp. Gig's neck, being picked up by A D . weight gaining 
milkshakes. P P II. leaving parties early "Huddle up" "Have you seen Barb?" 
enjoys football, track, planning "Homecoming Week." eating "Brain" Gig. 

Waldo. Class 19 ... found on the field or in weight room, driving "Rusty Jones" 
"53 fnendly. sincere . . college 

Student Council 3. 4. President 4; Senior Play: Football 1. 2. 3. 4. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4: 
Winter Track 2. 3, 4: Spnng Track 2. 3, 4, Yearbook Staff: Student-Faculty Forum 4: 
Prom Committee 3. 

Ann Ihnatko 
33 Marshall Street 

The only way on earth to multiply happiness is to divide it 

Ann . . pet peeves working Sundays, being called "Disco." yellow lights, getting up at 
the crack of dawn favonte activities, freakin' and rockin' . likes: the night life. 
WBOS. S*l, North Enders dislikes: craigtiles. "foreigners", macho men "Hey-y". 
"Hi. guys", "Like, you know" favorite people everyone, almost found at T. P. I., 
Illusions, with the dynasty green eyes college 

Chorus 2: AFS 1, 2; Drill Team 1. 2. 3. Senior Play: National Honor Society 3, 4, Pep 
Club 4, Yearbook Staff; French Club 2 

Thomas Jacobs 
116 Pond Street 

The greater accomplishment is not staying on the top but getting up after you have 

Tommy likes Boston Garden, toga parties, road trips, D block "Executive parking 
spot" located: Waikiki Beach, Dixie's, or with Northeast Tennis Crew dislikes: 
Millis. "Take up that tray!" . "Let's go rowing!" favonte people: Sunset Lodge 
members, Mr Case. Mr Crowe, the crew pet peeves: Monday Night Football, thum 
bing to Rush's. Deac's Fort . . enjoys: hockey, diving. Blizzard "78" always ready, 
willing, and able . . college bound 

Football 1. Boys" Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4. Captain 4 

Lauren Jarvis 
27 Kingswood Road 

It is not how long you live, but how well. 

Lauren likes: Oceanography with Bill and Chns. soaps. Butterfingers . . dislikes: be- 
ing aggravated by Fuzzy, doctors, "one thing" . . favorites: Class of '79 and others . . . 
located: on the boat or all together in A's truck . . "Ga" . . pet peeves: awaiting con- 
victs at Uncle Sam's, being alone with Ellin, no gum "Perfected" fits of hysteria, 
likes dirty jokes , "Billy, they blew up Cahoons" . . found for college. 

Class Vice President 1. Student Council 1 ; Senior Play: Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Track 1. 2; 
Field Hockey 1: Prom Committee 3; Basketball 1. Gymnastics 3: Volleyball 2 


• *> 

Melissa Johnson 
40 Lynn Terrace 

A smile costs so little but means so much 

Melly wacky laugh pet peeves fights, speeding tickets, being called "Mother hen" 
. . . enjoys: tennis, catching the soapies. Fan Club activities "Be serious" favontes 
Jud. P H . Giggles and the boys found at parties or in the Tonno with Starsky 
likes football and hockey games, all-nighters at J. B.'s. V. C's . . "Oh. come on now!" 
. . . dislikes: the bug, moody people, flat tires college 

Senior Play; Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Field Hockey 1. 2. 3. Basketball 1. Tennis 1, 2. Prom 
Committee 3 

Kathleen Keefe 
90 Wagon Road 

Those who bnng sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves, 

Kathy. Kath likes ice cream, snow, dances, Boz, dimples "Groovy 1 " . dislikes 
rollercoasters. diets, cigarette smoke, rain . . . "Hi. you guys'" pet peeves writing 
term papers the night before they're due, turning "red", intervals found running 
around Westwood. Friendly's. trying to get organized favorites S M . A. M . S T . 
Mr F . C and S . and lots others "What 9 " . enjoys running, laughing, teasing Mr 
Sanfo always asking a question two seconds after the teacher has answered it . . 

Senior Play; Spring Track 1 , 2, 3. 4. Winter Track 1 . 2. 3, 4. Co-Captain. Cross Country 
3, 4. National Honor Society 3. 4; Yearbook Editor. No Parentheses 3, 4 

Cheryl Keegan 
103 Brookfield Road 

We walk by faith, not by sight- 
Cherry likes Dontos. Dr Pepper, brown Pintos dislikes big words "I find that 
hard to believe" "This is tme!" located at Papa Gino's or Young Life favontes 
Mr M , J B , Dee. Duff. Shmaw. Veed. members of "the dynasty" enjoys camping 
and growing cute nose and baby feet college bound 

Band 1.2.4. Concert Band 1 . 2. 3, 4. National Honor Society 3. 4. Astronomy Club 1 . 
Yearbook Staff 

Maureen Keough 
40 Locust Drive 

What lies before and what lies behind are tiny matters when compared with what lies 

S S. Mo ped located Sandwich beach. Larz before proms, anywhere and 

everywhere favontes Greek. Ann, Bets. "Dilemna" likes Blizzard of 78. cof- 
fee with Bets. Kookoo juice . enjoys dancing and directing "Who 9 Me 9 " pet 
peeves: confusing plans, curfews "Moke 9 " dimples college 

Senior Play; Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Drama Club 2. 3. 4. Yearbook Staff. One Acts 

as ■ 



. ?K 

' 111" 

John Kenvan 
25 Forbes Road 

No goal is too high if we climb with care and confidence. 

Jack. Gig found in the locker room or guarding donuts enjoys: baseball, football, 
mountain climbing "Jolly, Jolly" favonte people V T , Mel & Co . the Diehards. 
Wolvennes That's what she said" likes: C Tiegs. snowshoes. the Hub dis- 

likes Millis Medway. getting burned pet peeves Mic Ponnies. too tired to party 
lean. mean, and mobile college 

Senior Play. Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4: Football 1. 2. 3. 4. Captain 4. Track 3. 4. Yearbook 
Staff. Basketball 1, 2 

Daniel Kinsman 
16 Sylvan Road 

He who goes to bed, and goes to bed sober, falls as the leaves do and dies in October; 
but he who goes to bed, and goes to bed mellow, lives as he ought to and dies and 
honest fellow. 

Dan . . . "I'm so confused" likes good parties and J D ... dislikes breakfast at Mary 
Hartigan's favontes wrecking crew. "Are you on drugs 9 " enjoys Pink Floyd 
pet peeves L W L . E W L. Mon night football games "Who ARE you 9 " 
Located Space Station *5. George mobile tall. dark, and handsome college 

Football 1. 2. Track 1. 2 

Deborah Klint 
170 School Street 

If you love something, set it free If it comes back to you. it's yours If it doesn't, it never 

Debbie. Klinto "Has anybody seen Carla 9 " likes Easton. doing crazy things 
favorite activities skiing, making jewelry pet peeves getting up early, Sunday after 
noons, flat tires "This is beyond my control'" "Calm yourself" favorites: C G.. 
L. S . S H. B. D.. S L, D. P., J. F cruisin' in the GTO . . travel, school 

Patncia Kontnmas 
24 Saunders Road 

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it. 

Patty likes: plants. Flonda. James Taylor, little kids "I guess I'll do it later'" en- 
joys bicycling, beaching, being with friends and family, AFS favorites: Nadine. 
Suzanne. Kay. Andrea, Tom Snyder found at the bank or in limbo between 
Westwood and Norwood .. . pet peeves wet engines, the Yankees, red lights 
"Rabid" usually late college 

Chorus 2. 3, 4, AFS 2. 3. 4. President 4. Summer Exchange Student 3. Senior Play; 
Pep Club 1. 2. 3; Track 2. 4; Sacred Cheese 1.4. Drama Club 2. 3, Yearbook Staff; No 
Parentheses 1. 3, 4. Photography Club 2, 3, French Club 3, 4, South Pacific. 


David Koval 

600 Neponset Street 


"The will to excel, and the will to win, they endure They are more important than 
events that occasion them." 

Dave enjoys running very friendly, always smiling curly brown hair a fnend 
to all. 

Robert Kuppens 
448 Everett Street 

Always there is a black spot in our sunshine — it is the shadow of ourselves. 

Rob, Kupps . likes: Italian food, Pats' and Bruins' games. EW8tF dislikes Big D. 
School lunches. Lopez . . favorite activities: hockey, baseball and basketball, swimming 
pet peeves: smokers dunng dinner, girls weanng hats and ties, and attempted hard- 
guys . found: Cape Cod, on the field . . favorite people: Class of 79 college. 

Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Concert Band 1. 2. 3, 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; No Parentheses 

Richard Landrey 
72 Sexton Avenue 

It is a man's duty to live life to the fullest. 

Enc Larson 
4 Tamarack Road 

"He climbs the highest who helps another up " 

Ric likes driving on Syracuse sidewalks with L L and E. W. F. . "Ya picked a fine 
time to leave me Lucille" dislikes: Cutting S S s Van Gogh in half "Ernst" . . . 
Found Heartland, Art room, or weasling pencils from M S in Room 158 pet 
peeves: busy signals. G B . hard Butter . . . enjoys blackmailing Hilary, skiing, drawing 
. . . favorites: M. S., S. M., Mr. M. college 

Senior Play, Winter Track 1 , 2, 3. 4; Spring Track 1.2; Cross Country 1.2.3, Musical 4. 

Linda Leonard 
145 Thatcher Street 

"So what you want, be what you are!" 

Linda unique always singing likes E. W . food, dancing, partying, getting away 
. . . dislikes hard rock, gaining weight favonte activities: sewing, sports, jogging . 
found in different places at different times "Oh man," "Really?" pet peeves: 
phonies, rowdies, getting up for school . Wanita. Babawanna, Joany. Macho, Teen, 
others college. 

Chorus 1. Senior Play; Yearbook Staff, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Powder puff Football; 
Senior Hockey game 4. 

Thomas Lindemayer 
2 St Denis Drive 

"Set a goal and work for it. you'll come out on top." 

Lindy. 'Hans' ... Tom ... good natured . .. found: Islington, run- 
ning, roadside, or near a fridge . . "Stupid Pencil" . . Likes: high jumping, a good 
laugh, and taking it all in . dislikes: bad knees false fire alarms. Ken's imitations . . . 
favonte activities: pigging out, sleeping basketballs . Pet peeves: chemistry equa- 
tions, rankings, doing 5'8" in States, fake milk friends: S. F.. Lif. Val . College. 

Yearbook Staff; Spnng track 1. 2. 3. 4. Intramural. Weight Training 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Marcia Lobosco 
90 Brook Street 

"A smile makes the day brighter." 

Marcia . "Hey. don't walk so fast." Likes: ice cre'am, country music. Boston . dis- 
likes: empty gas tank, slow dnvers . favorites Robert. S. D., V. W.; L. W.; S. F 
Located: Bubbling Brook or in Green Bobcat pet peeves: busy signals, fast walkers 
. . . loves Italian food and dark Frenchmen . . . college. 

Chorus 2: Glee Club 2. Student Council 1 , Senior Play make-up. Pep Club 2: Track 1 ; 
French Club 2. 

Christopher Lund 
13 Millbrook Road 

"What's life without a laugh?" 

Lundy, Likes: Mod Squad, D block classes, beach trips . . . Dislikes: passing unmarked 
cars. Monday night football games. Enjoys: Skiing, fishing, Deac's parties "Who 
loves Ya?" . . Favorite people: B D.. K. B.. L L. M. F.. M. D . .. Pet peeves: Sinking 
boats, Keys locked in trunk . . . Found: At Spike's Sunoco. Nova Scotia . Sorry I'm liv- 
ing .. . college 

Senior Play; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 3; Cross Country 1, 2. 


Lisa Lynch 
93 Fensview Dnve 

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhpas it is because he hears the 
beat of a different drummer " 

Lisa "Hi you guys'" Likes: Cape summers with S F , Flonda '78, laughies. Tab 
"That's hysterical!" . . Pet peeves Working weekends, moody people enjoys 
tennis, skiing, collecting memories favontes John, Mary, El, and Clan located 
Craigville Beach, having good times with John college 

Senior Play, Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Yearbook Staff. Field Hockey 1, Tennis 2; Prom Com 
mittee 3. 

Joseph Lyons 
69 Salisbury Dnve 

Pet Peeves Fly. Tango, Beans truck. L W. L. . . . Enjoys: Snow, water skiing, baseball 
Likes Road rnps to Manomet Dislikes Tangovers "You'll be all right " 

Favonte people Barney, L. S , C D S , K M . SSL Found: Falmouth, Manomet 
Prep School college 

Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4; Chess Club 4 

James Macari 
22 Westland Avenue 

"If you love something, set it free If it comes back to you. it is yours If it doesn't, it never 
was " 

Jimbo "Come on Dallas'" . likes: Freebird and Ted Nugent Enjoys: a party and 
motorcross Pet Peeves; Chinese Civ and Term reports Favorite people: D. S., T. 
S.. C R. K. S., Located at Fry Gardens or Lou's wild and crazy teddy bear 
California bound. 

Senior Play; Football 1; Track 1, 3, 4, Winter Track 1, 3. 4 

Eileen MacDonald 
110 Pond Street 

"What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity They are trifles, to be sure, but 
scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable." 

Eileen likes: California and bell boys dislikes tall people with heels and seagulls 
found in Clem's office favonte people L M., D D . D. F., S. D. ... Favorite ac- 
tivities: volleyball and cooking "Shoo-bop. shoo bop" pet peeves long bus ndes 
and Fnday's physics class long haired, lefty, uncontrollable laughter nursing 

Spanish Club 4; Health Careers 3, 4, Volleyball 2. 3. 4. Bloodmobile 3. 4 

Scott Mackey 
23 Sexton Avenue 

"Life is like a Freebird . Dream on'" 

Scoot . pet peeves: disco. "Hello Kitty", B L. B enjoys skiing, partying, Kegging. 
and R & R. . "Good Chowda" Favonte people A. A., A G , A. R., and many more 
. . . located in Venice, 4 WD's, or racing autos "Six a milla" B U Shirts . R. I. S. 

Chorus 1, 2; Astronomy Club 4; Drama Club 1, 2. Yearbook Staff; Ski Club 3, 4; Ex- 
plorers Club 3. 4 

Thomas Magn 
155 Alder Road 

"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints" 

Tom Mags Likes WBCN, Monty Python, "The Who" Dislikes disco, hard 
guys, and attempted roughnecks located Mobil Country Club or Falmouth Heights 
Favonte people: Members of the Ring and assorted others . "You can't get there 
from here" Pet Peeves disco ducks. Mary's lingo Enjoys P L. A., Mobil parties, 
commando missions "Bye Now" Messy hair U Mass 

Yearbook Staff: Chess Club 2, Swim Team 1 

Nancy Maloof 
48 Juniper Ridge Road 

"The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time." 

Nancy pet peeves: New shoes, crunching metal, teeth gnnding Enjoys mustache 
pulling, warm sun. hot sand, tall waves Likes Bonanza. Diana Ross. Fred Astaire. 
Oahu. The Cape. Falmouth Dislikes Cold weather. Monday mornings "To each 
his own" "Have a nice day" Favonte people Lisa. KO.A P . S B . B S 
Found at the heights smiling college 

Chorus 2, 3; Senior Class Play; School musicals 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 4. Drama Club 1. 2, 
Yearbook Staff 4, Harlequin. Powder puff football 4 

Paul Manchester 
32 Clearwater Dnve 

"If censorship reigns, there cannot be sincere flattery, and only small men are afraid of 
small wntings." 

Paul Manch Pet Peeves homework and loud people Favorite activities: 
Sports, especially baseball, music, and eating "Outrageous 1 " Dislikes disco and 
B Bailey Likes: buying albums and Saturday Night Live Where found Fenway 
Park or gym "Excellent 1 " bit of an introvert, but honest college and business. 

Football 1.2. 


'.- i" '■';" ' 
909 Gay Street 

d save the courtly, foe it is evident that the people vJ not" 

Ken . . Likes: to sleep, eat and dance . . Disikes Chemistry proportions. Toms huz- 
zas, and boring lectures . .. 1 exit' . Favorite people: T. L. D. C . John. Perch . . . 
Found in Media Center of Caf . "Freak out r Pet peeves: getting lost in Maine, cor- 
ney tries, and biology lectures Enjoys track, especially hurdles and discus ikes to 
meet new people college— dental technology 

Senior Play: Winter Track 2. 3. 4. Spring Track 2. 3. 4. High Adventures Club 3. 

FJzabeth Maus 
31 Parker Street 

"To love and to be loved is the greatest joy on earth." 

Berfbe-Bee Lakes: Winning football games and cornperitjo- s 
Hies: wet pep rallies, working on weekends Pet peeves: writing letters: cleaning up 
after untidy people: not knowing what s going on . . Where found: LakeviDe. MA. foot 
bal field: Efe Nursing Home. Favorite People M F : The DT Girls: Mr. B. Expres- 
sions: "Give me a break." "Hey there, dear.' Favorite activities: Water sking. Eternal 
question: Is there He after band practice? colege. 

Chorus 1. Z 3. 4; Senior Play Makup Dril Team 1. 2. 3. 4. Co-Captain 3. 4; Pep dub 
1. Z 3. 4; Drama Club 1. Z 3; Yearbook Staff; Madrigals 3: Musicals Z 3: Prom Com 
rridee 3: Health Careers 4: Dril Team Dancer 3. 4: Project Green 4: Blood Mobile 4. 

43 Greenacre Road 
"I know faces because I look through the fabric my own eye ^ a-: ae-cic :~i 

Fishy Pet peeves Hub caps, busy signals, the mum Likes: skrng. cow tipping, 
toga partes "We're there Pinning, sunglasses "ya. ya. ya" . . dislikes: Turn 
■ng purple. P O. Box. rriatchmakirig . . . ~Nim" . . Favorite people Pat Margie. Mike. 
Hubie. etc Where found m the Bumpa. Meg's Caddie . . "My Hfe right now" 
Blue eyes, bow-legged accident prone . colege. 

Student Council 3. AFS Program Z Senior Play ae^. Pep Cbb 1 . 2. 3. 4: Track 2 3 4 
Drama Club 1 2 3 4 Yearbook Staff. Chess Club 3: Prom Commttec - 
Voieyball Footbafl Team Mascot 4 Powder Puff Football 4. 

John May 
110 Sycamore Drive 
John . fun to be with . the truck found around Westwood or down the C 
"Stupid car*" Ikes motoroyctng, hunting, working on cars . . . Ikes snow days, vaca- 

- :■ • iitt - : — :-e. :: ej* 

19 Warwick Drive 

"Precious and few are The moments we two can share " 

5 e - Capricorn with baby blues "A*. - •'• e Likes turtles. Chinese food, 

dose friends . . Dtsfckes waiting enjoys parrying, flute, softbal . . . "Really" . . . 
located cruismg in '69 Impala with Eddie Favorite people: EdtSe. D R_ D V L B 
Pel Peeves: Monday mornings, backstabbers. school lunches ... colege — dental 

-.■;.:- si 

Band 1; Concert Band 1. Z 3. 4 Orchestra 4. Senior Play: Drama Ck* 1: Yearbook 


_:-= --: '■'.-.;- . 
26 Carrol Orde 

"Take now your chance to reach for more than ever we have know before." 

Lorraine Enjoys: drawing and spending money "CheDo. Sweetie'" Found Mr. 
Doom's Guidance office, the Gardens Pet Peeves: Dinah. Mo-Hum. Brownies. Her 
rrits. and Lloyd Favorite people: D D.D.H.K C and gang Squrshy Bz 

---- - v j* •-= J-r:.-- -.:_-: Z - • -. - ;_-;=. — ; ? -.— '-- = -; 

Wins. An School 

Chorus 3. 4. AFS Program 3. 4. Yearbook Staff 4: Harlequin 3. 

Iiim*i MrJCc . 

100 Locust Drive 

worry about tomorrow it may never come " 

. Likes road trips, concerts, and F. B. games . . Dislikes: Back slabbers, and 

Favante people: Jud . . Favorite activities: Football, all-nighters. Sunday 

I . . . Pet Peeves: being grounded F. B. camp. P. C . Let's do it Located on the 

I field in the weight-room, or Nahatan. . .tall and lazy with a crew cut 

itl.2.3. 4. Basketball 1. 2 

81 Alder Road 

— - = »•:-;§ e :: — er. :: :"DSi :-;• ■" ■ •-;-.:.-:----=--=■ --. 

McD *60 Likes footbal other sports, and lots of food . . DtsSkes losing, 
homework, and waiting Favorite people: Karen. Koko. F B team found with 
Koko. on the field or in the gym . Pet peeves Anything uneven, secrets, and open 
closet doors "Come on 1 " quiet short hair . . Colege. 

Sr— : -=:- - - - ■■■ -;r z ■ - " --.* - - 


Bnan McDonald 
166 Forbes Road 

"To try when there is little hope is to risk failure Not to try at all is to guarantee it." 

Mac "Outrageous" . Likes: Bugs Bunny, sleeping, and studies dislikes; crow- 
ded buses, term papers, disco, and Sunday nights where found: outside, P. B., or 
Ben White's Hobbies: soccer, football, baseball Pet peeves Medfield. Annie Hall 
look, college applications, and morning practices considerate Boston College 
and business. 

Track 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Soccer 1, 2, 3. 4; No Parentheses 4 

Bryan McElroy 
25 Hillview Road 

"In my darkest you are my light, in my despair you are my hope, for in my soul you are 
my friend." 

Stick . . "Time out" . . Likes: trucks and sox . Dislikes: Cigs, English, morning prac- 
tices . . . "Just wonderful" Located: Slingtown, Bowl's house, and "Mez" Enjoys 
hockey, parties, cruising, rat racing . Pet Peeves distorting speakers. Monday morn- 
ings Fnends Hack, Mac. and the gang tall, thin, and dark . college 

Hockey 2, 3, 4. 

Chris McGill 
47 Crystal Hill Terrace 

"An object in possession seldom retains the same charm it had in pursuit." 

Mary McGinnis 
310 Oak Street 
"The most wasted day of all is that one in which we have not laughed " 

Mare Likes food, relaxing, thoroughly enjoying herself Dislikes: sneezing, D. J.'s 
Pet Peeves: Braces. C R. E S . folded at knee, bad experiences, logs Favorite 
people Pauls. Steve, L , Liz, Kev, . Where found The New Room, P.'s House, in A's 
Van Favonte activities: Skiing, walking briskly. N Y, Fla., Expressions: That made 
my life I'm panicked college, nurse. 

Senior Play; Pep Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Yearbook Staff; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Powder Puff 
Football 4. 

Paul McGovem 
39 Birch Street 

"No man can be happy unless he feels his life is in some way important." 

Paul athletic football, baseball, hoop Likes golfing, the beach, *81 Dislikes 
Bondo's practices, Friday night meetings, inflated egos . Pet peeves: Buck's dnving. 
D-S loss, football camp. SATs . "Hey, leaper 1 " found on the practice field. 
Marshfield, in the Blue Stang college, business 

Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1 

Victor Mclnnis 
75 Stanford Dnve 

"The more I study, the more I know The more I know, the more I forget The more I 
forget, the less I know; so why should I study?" 

Vic found at parties or at Logan Airport Dislikes running out of gas with JON, 
waiting for slow Ziff to give an answer Pet peeves: Logan Airport, movie theaters, con- 
certs . Favorite activities: playing pond hockey at Mitch's Favorite people: Sammy, 
Ziffle, Iris, Jon Dub, all the convenient and Slingtown partiers big head Air Force. 

Hockey 1; Soccer 1, 2, 3; Senior Hockey Game. 

Mark McNamara 
44 Fiarview Street 

"Live a little, love a little: have a lot of fun." 

Mac ... "I didn't do it!" . . Likes: winning, Zeppelin. Blizzard 78. *69, *84 Dislikes: 
losing, moody people "What's up?" found at parlies, on roofs, or down the gym 
Favontes Rush, Wally, Gig, Gabes, all partiers Pet Peeves crutches, Max En 
joys football, golf, hockey, bird watching active, nice-looking . college 

Football 3, 4; Hockey 1, 2, Golf Team 1, 2. 3. 4 

Kevin Meagher 
112 High Rock Lane 

"Life is just one darn thing after another" 

Kevin found on the slopes or around Wesrwood Dislikes: backstabbers Likes: 
The Doors. Poker, Neil Young Enjoys skiing, hiking, tennis Favorite people: T. F., 
J L Pet peeves: disco. Westwood night life college. 

Tennis 2. 3, 4. Ski Club 2, 3. 


Dennis Megley 
26 Birch Tree Drive 

"'Pleasure has its time, so too. has wisdom " 

Meg likes sleeping on the beach, toga parties. Bickford's at 2:00 a.m. . . found play- 
ing hockey, on the golf course, with friends Dislikes; Medfield soccer players, bliz- 
zards . "Are you senous^" "Yeah, really" . Favorite people: Kathy . . college 

Band 1 . Hockey 1 . 2. 3. 4; Math Team 1.2,3. 4; Golf 1. 2. 3. 4. National Honor Society 
3. 4; Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4 

John Messina 
99 Greenacre Road 

"Your future is wntten What will happen will happen. Let it be that way." 

John . . Likes: Watching the Bruins. Steve Martin, and the Rolling Stones . . . Pet 
peeves Riding the bus and work . . Favorite activities: working, hockey, and skiing . . . 
Favorite people: R. L.. A- C. and many others not too tall, not too small, curly brown 
hair and brown eyes . . . Technical College 

Thomas Michael 
71 Arch Street 

"Be what you want to be Go where you want to go Dream what you dare to dream 

Tom - . Dislikes: A block, working, and waking up "You're ugly'" Likes; Saturday 
nights and dark haired girls Favonte people: Mac. L. A. and Gib . Favorite ac 
tjvities water skiing, going out, running, fishing Where found Marshfield. Bergson's. 
the Tower, or the Track Pet peeves: Lax's glasses, B. B. .. . College bound. 

Football 1: Track 4 

Andria Mitchell 
47 Bonney Street 

Andna long brown hair, always chewing gum and stanng Likes: Cape Cod, com- 
petitions, track meets, gum Rabid"** "Whoo^" Pet peeves blushing, term 
papers, being gullible Enjoys playing the flute, running, swimming, "I don't 
believe you" favontes family, friends. Mr B and Mr M Found on the field 

marching All Amencan applepie girl . College. 

Band 1. 2, 3. 4: Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 4. Swim Team 1. 2. Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Christopher Mitchell 
55 Rock Meadow Road 

"Spend your time wisely; it's the only money you've got " 

Chns talkative, always too busy working Likes tennis. Washington Workshop 
Conventions, sunshine Dislikes: Cold weather. A P exams Favonte activities fly- 
ing, working on campaigns, sailing on Lake Supenor, tennis, traveling the pre- 
homeroom "nng" . B. A.. S. B . J. B.. T. P Pet peeves people who ask stupid 

questions, traffic jams, weathered-out flying lessons "Holy Cow ! " . . "Up the 
Creek 1 " found at Norwood Airport, Lake Hubert, on the phone, playing tennis 
college. Law School 

AFS Program 2, 3. 4. Student Rep 1. 2; National Honor Society 3. 4. No Parentheses 
2, 3. 4. Manager of Hoop 1, Spanish Club 4, Photography Club 4. 

Denise Mitchell 
171 Lakeshore Drive 

"If life is worth living, it is worth enjoying." 

Denise, Mitch . red with freckles Leo Pet Peeves Monday mornings, LWL 
always up for a party likes concerts. Pink Floyd, 8/8/88 . dislikes school lunches, 
slow dnvers "Really 1 " YAA . . Favorite people; B M.. D R. L. B., K. O.. D. G 
Found cruising or at the rez college 

Carl Moeller 
21 Glandore Road 

"Some men look at life and say why 9 I look at life and say why not?" 

Theresa Monac 
168 Rsher Street 

"Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, but today, well lived, 
makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope " 

Terry Likes: sun roofs, shopping, and phone conversations . . . "No shot" found 
in Macborgers, lot. and D S B "Howdy" Favorite people: V W.. J H . Mac 

crowd, and Pick . "O. K.!" . . . Pet peeves: gossip, litter, and burnouts nice smile . . . 

Chorus 1. 2; Glee Club 1. Senior Play; Sacred Cheese 4. Yearbook staff 4. Manager of 
Volleyball 4 Spanish Club 2. Photography Club 4; Volleyball 2, 3. 


Susan Monaghan 
85 Rock Meadow Road 

"Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length " 

Sue or Sis Likes: People, rainbows, ice cream, sweaters dislikes: being late, ap- 
plications, working on the weekends . "Yes 1 " . Found on the field, at the rink, at 
Mac's, at the State House. Last seat on the right, practices Enjoys fellow Ph DTers 
Pet peeves: long, cold practices, not knowing what's going on . "Is there life after 
practice-'" Favorite people: The D T girls, Mr B , B F.. just about everyone 
college Public Relations. 

Drill team 2. 3, 4; Chorus 3; Hockey Cheerleading 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Pro)ect 
Green 3, 4: Dnll teams dancer 3, 4. Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sacred Cheese 4, Prom 
Committee 3; Senior Class Play: Yearbook Staff 

Kay Montgomery 
17 Lancaster Drive 

"The sign of a true heart is in the giving and taking of a good joke " 

Kay Likes Dan Fogelborg. Hall and Oaks, E W F., Sensitive, understanding people, 
foreign places and people has a hard time making decisions Favorite activities: 
tennis, skiing, photography Favonte people family, fnends. Jeab and the Thai peo- 
ple, anyone who makes her laugh Found in the pool or on the courts, taking a beating, 
or in a deep discussion with R. L. college 

Chorus 3, 4, Class President 2, 3; Class Treasurer 1, Student Council 2, 3, 4. AFS 
Program 2,4: Exchange Student 3, Senior Play, Yearbook Staff 4. Student Fac Forum 
2. Swim Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3. 4, Photography Club 1, 2, Prom Committee 3. 

Paul Morante 
107 Oak Street 

"A fool is one who knows nothing but answers 
what the questions are " 

and a wise man is one who knows 

Holly Moulton 
476 Pond Street 

"If it weren't for the last minute, a lot of things wouldn't get done " 

Holly . surrounded by cats . "I don't know" enjoys jog- 

ging, horseback riding, volleyball, and sailing Dislikes: flying ants Likes: Sleeping, 
winter, cats Pet Peeves crowds and debts natural curly hair college 

Senior Play . Treasurer, Astronomy Club 4: Yearbook Staff. No Parentheses 3. 4, 

William Moulton 
476 Pond Street 

"You can't win; you can't break even, and you can't quit the game " 

Billicum. the Unknown Element cleaning volleyball, reading . Likes War Lit . 
history, Alaska, traveling, Waldorf, and Statler "What a bummer " Rob, Ted. 
Alan, Tony college 

No Parentheses 2, 3, 4; Astronomy 4. Yearbook Staff, Spanish Club 4 

Jennifer Mullins 
386 Oak Street 

Neither a borrower nor a lender be; for loan oft loses both itself and friend " 

Jennifer. Jen . . . Likes: cats, snow, pens, fantasy "Hurry up'" Dislikes Money, big 
cars, suburbs . . Favonte people H F . K V , K D , V Q , S G , J G Found Cam- 
bridge or Media Center Enjoys writing, Bokononism college 
Track 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 3; No Parentheses 1. 2. 3. 4; 
Editor 4. French Club 3, 4 



WL. Mk 


Thomas Mulroy 
402 East Street 

"Life is as long and as full as you make it " 

Tom Moon Moonerfred , Likes The Cape, quiet freshmen girls. S M , L. M , 
. . Dislikes Shanng lockers Pet Peeves; R. S , J R . blamed for accidents not his 
fault, running out of gas "That's Life" "To each his own" Favonte people M 
F.RS.KD, Fanman. McD . R. D . M R.RT enjoys baseball, football Found 
on baseball fields or down the Cape college 

Baseball 4; Football 4; Track 3. 

Pamela Munroe 
38 Oxford Road 

"What's life without a little fun " 

Pam . . found on the phone, ridge, or in a green Vega with Lee Pet peeves puppy 
dog eyes, staying in on school nights, accidents "How do you feel'" likes Riunite, 
baby Michs . Dislikes: Lee's whining and Lee's driving Enjoys: skiing and parties 
with Leapin . Favorite people L C . Debb, P B , S B cute, skinny, and always 
eating College and Criminal Justice 

Senior Play, Cheerleader 1, Pep Club 1, 2. 3. 4 


Anita Murphy 
651 Clapboardtree Street 

"Happy memones are forever friends-" 

Murph Always late Likes Cheese popcorn. M L s. Mare's expressions Dis- 
likes: Static. Fenway scenes, secrets "What 1 " Friends: D S . E H.N.N.EN 
Found in blue truck or with friends Enjoys: diving, skiing, pumpkins Pet Peeves 
"Fair game" college and nursing 

Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 2. 3. 4. Yearbook Staff. Girls' Swim Team 4: Tri Captain 4. 
Gymnastics 1. 2. 3, 4; Co-Captain 3. 4 

Beth Mutchler 
26 Gay Street 

"Adventure is the meeting of dreams and reality " 

Beth pet peeves: seeds, getting carded . curfews . . . disco babies likes blizzard 
of 78 . . . The Doors, Steely Dan Eddie Money Santana 3/5 Dislikes: Mon- 
days, rain, referrals Enjoys: partying, skiing Favorite People: K C. A. S.. L. C. P. 
M. . . . Found out of town, the Lodge Expressions: Yeah Really college 

Senior Play: Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Powder Puff Football 

Christopher Nagle 
15 Sunset Road 

"In a world of troubles, responsibilities, and problems, hold steady, for friends will hold 
your world together." 

Chns Dislikes: SATs. Sunday mornings, sixteenth notes . . . Likes: Stones. Popcorn, 
English accents . . . "Anatomical problems'" Pet Peeves Westwood lingo, slow 
drivers. The Elite . Enjoys Art. W T. 103. R. skating Split image and blue eyes 
Art School, 

AFS Program 2. 3. 4; Senior Play. Track 3: Drama Club 4: No Parentheses 3, 4 

Nancy Nee 
91 Strasser Avenue 

"Always leave them laughing when you say goodbye." 

Nance . . . N 2 . . . pet peeves: riding the pine, B L Pants, diets "Where are your 
brains'" , found in Anita's truck . Favorite people if you think you are. you probably 
are Likes "Harp" wood, sailing, mail, and Ireland . Dislikes: arguments. Police, 
and makeup Favortte activities Hoop, traveling, and laughing "But it's not that 
fattening, is it'" That mind' , college 

Softball 1 . 2: Pep Club 1 . 2. 3. 4: Madrigals 2. Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4: Photography Club 4: 
Prom Committee 3. Explorer's Club 2. Soccer Capt 3 

Nadine Neville 
76 Burgess Avenue 

"Wnnkles should merely indicate where smiles have been " 

Nadine Dislikes V W s without heat and limp handshakes Likes: The Cape, 
laugh-lines, and airports "What sign are you'" Favorite Activities: skiing, dancing, 
sailing . Pet Peeves: double-knit polyesters and late people Friends: S T . MM.P 
K . and A, M,. K K . . . Found sun bathing in upstairs courtyard "Oh my God 
. . , sarcastic blonde college. 

Chorus 1. Class Secretary 1. 2. 3. Student Council 4. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Drama Club 
1. 2: Yearbook Staff; Spanish Club 1, 2. 3: Prom Committee 3. Explorer's Club. 

Ann Niakaros 
41 Sycamore Dnve 

What is life without a little fun!" 

Sid. Dustwoman Wild and crazy guy Favohte people: Mo. Bets, theatre gang. S, 
O. S. ... "It's all Greek to me" Likes: 4th of July, herbs. Bruce's car "Bazooed" 
. . . Found on stage. Bergson's. West Rox. or Zonked Enjoys: "Sessions", doing the 
Do. and giving Doug. Don, and Mark dancing lessons Pet Peeves wet Cape tents, 
comatosed college 

Chorus 4. Senior Play: Pep Club 2. 3. 4; Drama Club 2. 3. 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Chorus 
Secretary. Musical 2. 3. 4. 

June Nicol 
79 Hillview Road 

"Some say the quiet have more fun." 

June found: on Fenway bleachera. Westwood F B. games, Annie's . Favorite peo- 
ple: Wayne. Annie. Lisa Likes: Red Sox. Carlton Fiske. flannel shirts . . Dislikes: 
Yankees, school. "Nobody ever listens to me" Pet Peeves: getting up early. H, S. 
and B L . . . "I don't care" , Enjoys: earing, sleeping. Red Sox games, and mends . 

Chorus 2. 3. Glee Club 1; Color Guard 3. 4 

Katherine O'Connell 
161 Sycamore Drive 

"Look to this day. for yesterday is but a dream and tomon-ow but a vision The realities 
and verities of existence, or life, seem to lie in its brief course " 

Katie Dislikes: gossip, small talk, and swash bucklers . . . Likes psychology, people, 
Russ Enjoys listening, writing, thinking, dancing, singing, and being , Favorite peo- 
ple D. R . D M„ N M . L. R . L. B . R C Pet Peeves jocks. Monday mornings . . 
Found conversing . , college 

Yearbook Staff. No Parentheses 2. 3. 4 


Adam Ogden 
133 Farm Lane 

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day " 

Adam found in the Art Room odd places likes sleeping in English class, 
spending money Mr Milan Favonte people R D J MR E.WW.E B 
Art is the social act of a solitary man " Likes to cut classes and to camp Unruly- 
hair paint-stained hands a great artist 

Ski Club 1 

Kathleen ONeil 
44 Mill Street 

Magic is the key to most peoples dreams determination is the key to mine " 

Kathy prizes new friends and likes memones of old school dislikes backstabbers 
Enjoys teaching hockey players to ski. Maine, and swimming in "the pool " "Ya. 
I'm from Dedham'" Favonte people Dennis Lauren "the girls' pet peeves 
moving telephone poles cold hockey arenas, newspapers "So bad' Carries 

brown paper bag college 

Chorus 12 3 4: Student Council 1.2.3. 4. Softball 1. 2 Pep Club 1, Field Hockey 1. 

Patnck O Reilly 
28 Westdale Road 

God s greatest gift to man is his ability to reason 

Pat likes relaxing sports, and subs dislikes Holliston and practices It's un- 
believable Favorite people Lisa. Waldo. P M "Senously 1 " Found on football 
or baseball field Pet Peeves F B Camp, dropped passes and Bellingham sports 
enjoys baseball and football hazel eyes shy college 

Baseball 1 2 3, 4. Football 1.2. 3. 4. 4. National Honor Society 3. 4. Yearbook Staff 
Basketball 1 

Donald O Rourke 
267 Fox Hill Street 

"No idea is so modern that it will not someday be antiquated To seize the flying 
thought before it escapes us is our only touch with reality 

Rork Pork Don Pet Peeves elbow operations. BPD . locking keys in a running 
car True' Favonte people J B . J S. Gup. Found Waterfront or picking up 
Red Centunon at nearby gas station Likes Parties tournament games plays Dis 
likes punk rock. Lechmere job. New Yorkers Enjoys all sports, singing, guitar, 
photography the Renaissance look college 

Chorus 4. Senior Play. Boys State 3. Baseball 1.2.3. 4. Football 1. Boys Hockey 1 2. 
National Honor Society 3. 4. Drama Club 4. Math Team 3. 4; No Parentheses 3. 
Musical 3 

Thomas Padell 
71 Fearing Drive 

Every man is in some way my supenor in that I may leam from him " 

Pad Johann' Pet Peeves AMD J s. Aim commercials. Donny& Mane stall 
ing Enjoys tennis, bass playing, all sports Dislikes cigarette smoke waking up 
disco Nothing ventured, nothing gained 1 ' Found English wing before H R 
Honda Sebago Likes BCN, the Odd Couple sun and beaches Favorites Baino 
Sheesh Always giving salutes or peace signs college 

Astronomy Club 1 2. 3. Chess Club 2. 3. Manager. Basketball 1. 2. Tennis 12 3. 4. 
Captain 4 Photography Club 2. 3. 4 A V Squad 1. 2. 3 

William Palmer 
545 Oak Street 

"To be honest, as this world goes, is to be one picked out of ten thousand 

Biff Shag Dislikes the ignorant Likes dogs and vacations Enjoys chess, 
swimming, all sports Found in the Media Center Favonte people Frank Mags. 
Bubba members of the Ring Pet Peeves A M radio and T V commercials 
argumentative but honest college 

Track 1. 2. 3. 4. Astronomy Club 4 Yearbook Staff 4. Chess Club 4, Swim Team 1 

Charles Pappis 
25 Meadowbrook Road 

There is nothing as kingly as kindness Nothing so royal as truth 

Charlie Likes home games with big crowds, midnight golfing road trips bikinis 
Dislikes colties. P O Vs. Found parties and rehearsals Favonte people Sunset 
Lodge boys wrecking crew. D K "Have a few pops'" Enjoys trumpet, dance 
band all sports Pet Peeves L W L "Dumpers and "Dippers", Rt 1 on rainy 
nights college 

Band 1. 2. 3. 4, Concert Band 1 2. 3 4. WHS Dance Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Football 1. 
National Honor Society 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2. Soccer 2. 3. 4. Captain 4 

Robert Parlee 
152 Carroll Avenue 

"Life is a gift that should be appreciated and utilized to its fullest potential " 

Bob Bubba Found around school, at home, and other vanous locations 

throughout the world Likes B O C . the Who. and Hendnx Favonte people 
fnends of the Ring Favonte activities Football baseball, fishing drawing Pet 
Peeves disco, preppies media center monitors college 

Chess Club 1. 2: Photography Club 1 


Ronald Pease 
59 Meadowbrook Road 

"The good thing about moving to a new town is finding something worth moving for " 

Ron enjoys skiing, football, hockey "Beast of Burden likes "a laughie." pen 
caps. 79 berlinetta's Dislikes Sunday mornings Located nnk. Packy: "ahh yes 1 '' 
Favontes Jeft P. J . Chuck Pet Peeves Westwood-Hmgham parties, locking 
keys in car red coat, and gold chain college 

Baseball 3. Football 4. Hockey 3. 4. French Club 3 

Anita Pelusi 
711 Clapboardtree Street 

Looking forward to the future but never forgetting the past 

Anita Wanita. Anitsquaw likes dancing. B M W s baking in the sun. roses from 
Peter, good memones dislikes curfews, college applications, sociable phonies, hav 
ing no money "Go for it'" favontes Popponnesset people. Linny. Peter found 
on Cape beaches, cruising in the Omni to other towns "Be nice" Pet peeves be- 
ing carded, split ends, diets "Don't worry about it" a Scorpio, never on time 
college, travel 

Senior Play. Softball 1 . 2. Pep Club 3. 4. Yearbook Staff. Field Hockey 1 . 2. 3. 4. Prom 
Committee 3 

Chnstian C Petersen. Jr 
206 Conant Road 

"I wish for all the happiness I have found through God " 

Chns likes hiking, nature, girls, cars dislikes working Favonte activities travel 
ing. swimming, camping, skiing located Lower media center or pool favonte 
people Coley. Al. Pete. Cam. etc. . . . easy-going college 

AFS Program 2. 3. 4 Pep Club 1. Yearbook Staff 4; Swim Team 1. 2. 3. 4. Manager. 
Baseball 3 

Theodore Petrakos 
64 Hawktree Dnve 

"I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love today" 

Tedley. Theo. Theodonc of York, etc favonte people. C D . the "King". J . P . G. 
and Ringo Likes Zonker. Gumbis. Snoopy. A ~ in Calculus dislikes homework, 
physics Found roaming the halls enjoys fishing with the sunnse. drawing. French 
Club vs Spanish Club pet peeves "Give me 5 quick laps. Petrakos" "My brain 
hurts'" The Greek Easter Bunny with Snoopy buttons college 

AFS Program 4 Senior Play Anything Goes 4 Sacred Cheese 4; AstTonomy Club 4. 
National Honor Society 3. 4, Yearbook staff 4. No Parentheses 2. 3. 4, Photography 
Club 3. 4: V P 4. Prom Committee 3. French 3. 4. Chnstmas Club. President 4. Spnng 
Track 1. 2. 3. 4. Winter Track 1. 2. 3. 4 

Anthony Piazza 
890 Clapboardtree Street 

"It s a man duty to live life to the fullest " 

Anthony. Pizza likes to have a good time located in Van or Blue Hills skiing 
"Later likes Kinks. Fnday nights. Lou Reed. S & B dislikes Freaks Fnends 
Rush Wally Chopper Base Favonte activities Skiing, music, and outdoor life 
pet peeves John Fonte. Monday mornings, any work Employment 

Ski Club 1. 2 

Gary Pisano 
26 Reservoir Road 

"Behold the turtle he makes progress only when he sticks his neck out" 

Gary "No problem" likes older women. SOAP European clothes "Things 
are looking rosy" dislikes hard rock, "the Honalula '. Boston accents found in a 
darkroom, on stage, or flying like a kite Favonte people Leslie. Gengis. Carv. Rorky. 
Jrs pet peeves getting blamed in chorus, getting carded, Lechmere enjoys 

photography, tennis, travel curly locks college 

Chorus 4. Senior Play; National Honor Society 3. 4 Drama Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Yearbook 
Staff Math Team 3. 4. Basetball 1 Tennis 3 4. Photography Club 2. 3. 4. Thespian 
Society 2. 3. 4 

John Kevin Powers 
42 Onole Road 

"What on earth would man do with himself if something did not stand in his way^" 

"P". Mort. J K . Kevin Found: F B field, weight room. 43 Aran Rd "Psycho" 
likes crewcuts. *66. the Bandits dislikes Milhs. Dover enjoys football favonte 
people L F W . Gigs. Fab. Mic. etc "Decent 1 " Pet Peeves squeaky voices, ro- 
dents, and blocking the whale "Really'" college 

Student Council 3. 4. Senior Play; Football 1. 3. 4. Hockey 1, 2. Track 4. National 
Honor Society 3. 4. Boys' Tennis 2: Captain. Football 4 

Cindy Prevett 
29 Coach Lane 

"The most lost day of all is the day in which we do not laugh " 
Cindy simply unique little nose pet peeves curfews, amateur cntics. cleaning 
rooms likes Geils. Tull. Zeppelin dislikes backstage seats, snobs "Cheek" . . . 
'Cig. Cig. Cig. Cig!" enjoys partying, playing the guitar favorite people PW.M 
S . T D found at the bam, P's studio in town R C S U Art School 

Drill Team 1. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Drama Club 2 AFS Program 2 


Victoria Quinn 
362 Oak Street 

"With two eyes and one tongue, you should see twice as much as you say" 

Vicki enjoys writing, eating, football games "Silly 1 " dislikes mornings, term 
papers likes Snickers. Bee Gees, Night, poetry favonte mends K K S G.J M . 
assorted others found Holy Cross, Olds, and under the seat "Fish, carry me 1 " 
pet peeves: BKNO. working at Fnendly's. and flying objects little on the crazy side 
with long lashes college bound 

Chorus 2, 3, 4. Class President 1. Student Council 1; Senior Play: Pep Club 2. 3. 4: 
Drama Club 2. 3. 4: Yearbook Staff. No parentheses 2. 3. 4: South Pacific 2. 

Linda Randall 
27 Greenacre Road 

"Happiness is like a butterfly The more you chase it. the more it will elude you But if 
you turn your attention to other things, it comes and softly sits on your shoulder." 

Linda Pet Peeves: P B & J's on wheat bread, plaids and stripes, younger sisters, 
and gum likes: pink mice. Pans, and love That's nice" "It's cold in here 1 " 
found behind a sewing machine or in Dedham favonte people KB.L W . D D.. 
rest of gang sensitive, yet creative college — fashion merchandising. 

National Honor Society 3. 4. Drama Club 1. Yearbook Staff: No Parentheses 2. 3. 4. 

Elizabeth Rafto 
186 Conant Road 

"Happiness is not having everything you want, but wanting everything you have " 

Betsy likes KooKoo Juice. Tuesdays at Yesterdays. "Blizzard 78". coffee with Mo 
pet peeves confusing evenings, harbor cruises enjoys parties, tennis, and skiing 
favonte people "Those guys". Etta & Herb, and J T where found Bergson's. 

Sandwich Beach. L ARZ before proms "What a Zoo'". "What a pup" little 


Senior Play; Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Drama Club 2. 4; Musical 2. Swim Team 1. 2. 3, 
Tennis 1. 2. 3. 4: Gymnastics 1 

Eugene Ratto. Jr. 
186 Conant Road 

"We are all the sophists of our own passions .' 



pet peeves fat women and creaky basement stairs Let's go have a 
"You fool. Kato 1 " likes brick hourses. Pierre Cardin suits. E W & F . 
and being Tnckster favonte activities Telling Ric to shut up. skiing, tennis, and small 
parties Favonte people Herb and Etta. Elise. found on the slopes, court, or at the 
O'B'Joyful Resort small, dark, and handsome . college. 

Chorus 3; Senior Play; Baseball 1; Football 2; Hockey 1. 2: Drama Club 3. 4. Ski Club 
3, One Act Plays 3. 4. Swim Team 1. Boys' Tennis 1. 2. 3. 4 

Charlene Rich 
365 East Street 

"If I were meant to be like everyone else. I would never have been given the power of 
thought, because to follow the crowd takes no thought at all." 

Chuck "oo la-la" . likes Seger. kids, and the beach dislikes Western and war 
movies enjoys dancing, making jewelry, and beaching pet peeves two faced 
people "Time out 1 " favorites M W . S S & Gang located in the "Mez". Pew- 
ter Pot. or Hampton Beach always willing to help Early Childhood Development 

Chorus 2. 3; AFS Program 2. Senior Play: Dnll Team 1. 2: Hockey Cheerleader 1.2. 3: 
Junior Captain 4. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4. President 4. Yearbook Staff 

Susan Rines 
84 Hillview Road 

"If you really want something badly enough, you've got to let it go free If it comes back 
to you. it really is yours. If it doesn't, you never had it anyway" 

Sue . Pet Peeves work enjoys skiing, music, tennis likes people found at 
Baybank Kind friendly college and travel 

Band 1. 2: Concert Band 1. 2. 3: Orchestra 3; Chorus 3; Glee Club 3. Photography 
Club 4 

r A 


Mark Ri2za 
26 Beverly Lane 

"Don't get caught, whatever you do " 

Mark pet peeves Bonng classes, homeroom Favonte activities: coin rolling, com 
puters Likes things of perfection. "Boston" dislikes stuff that doesn't work nght. 
forgetting important things "Really"". "We're outa here" found at Fnendly's. 
the Computer Room, math seminar college — Law School 

Andrew Robinson 
20 High Rock Lane 

"Feats don't fail me now!" 

Andy . . . likes: tunes and kegging at the Gun Club pet peeves B. L. B . "Yup," . 
"Hello Kitty" favorite activities "bonging," golf, concerts, pool, and frisbee found: 
mezz. Honaruru, or ErdanVs favorite people Doc. Bowl, and Sami "Kegage 1 ". 
"Six of Chowder", "Paul Manchesta. where's your home lesson^" wallabies, cords, 
or overalls "Bye. bye" college 

Golf 2. 4 


Denis Roche 
26 Fensview Drive 

"Mix'd reason with pleasure and wisdom with mirth." 

Roche No problem located in or under Trans Ams and in front of police cars 
likes C P s bean casserole, fast yellow, card, sunrises with L T "I just don't 

know about this ' dislikes 9 MPG's. Seehonk favorites: Burko. Lundy & Gang 
and classmates Pet Peeves flashing blue lights. D D C . enjoys swimming, ski 
ing. fast cruising to the beach easy-going, bright grease monkey college 

Senior Play. Sacred Cheese 2. National Honor Society 3. 4. Math Team 2. 3. 4: Swim 
Team 1. 2. 3. 4. Captain 4 

Jeffrey Rosenberg 
34 Spellman Road 

"I am what I wish to be when I wish to be it " 

Jeff . eating, sleeping, thinking . "Spark it " likes weekends, parties, being out of 
town dislikes rules, uppity teachers, anyone who dislikes him . . . found sleepwalking 
through halls. leaving school favorite people Gibbo. Donny. Baze pet peeves 
Nazis preppv types, attempted animals red eyes, wavy hair, moody enjoys argu 
ing. conning people Can be smart when 1 feel like it" plans to go to college, to 
retire at an early age 

Football 1: Track 3 




Lisa Rossetti 
76 Hawfctree Drive 

Live. love, laugh and be happy 

John Rudser 
60 Spruce Drive 

"Always do nght It will gratify some people and astonish the rest 

John likes: Texas jam. concerts, and Big D dislikes: girls weanng ties and pigmies 

favorite activities tennis, football. B ball, and moving pet peeves smokers 
favorite people Mrs Wheeler Mac. Rob college 

Football 1: Track 4: Tennis 1. 2. French Club 3. 4. Latin Club 3: Computer Club 2 

Debra Runci 
1 16 Oak Street 

"Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life, so let's get wasted and have the time of 
our lives 

Debbie Pet Peeves Monday mornings. Lisa L. Dot K. LWL. roaches enjoys 
collecting mushrooms, gymnastics, found cnjising. TGT. at the Rez. almost anywhere 
Oh Yah" favonte people Neil. KM. BM. DM. LB. Mr Marx likes F 250. the 
Doors Bob Seger cartoons dislikes gossip, school lunches, school pictures 
rowdy, full of life, long nails Nursing school- 
Gymnastics 1. 2. 3 Powder puff football 4 Spnng track 4 

Mark Rushton 
9 Hilrview Terrace 

"Life is either a danng adventure or nothing " 

Mark. Rush ice hockey, fishing, bird watching likes Led Zeppelin, rowdy hockey 
games the Stones. Storm of 78 Pet peeves crutches Bo Nones, getting Bagged, 
being carded favonte people Wally. Baze. Mac. Gig. Cherry Cheeves. found at 
Islington Community Church, dnving Midget Let's boot" "And if I say to you 

tomorrow =5. = 17 dislikes losing curfews, cops breaking up parties Eagle 

Scout. Wanderers friendly college 

Student Council 1. Hockey 1. 3. Soccer 1. 2 

Peter Ruza 
605 Hartford Street 

"Man s noblest gift is his sincenty. for it embraces his integnty ' 
Peter pet peeves homework, fakes. Vega power sponge motorcycling, skiing, 
hunting, fishing, repamng cars "Tell us" "okay buddy" likes GTO's. fast cars 
dislikes traffic, red lights favorite people Al. Cam Coley Paul. Dap found at 
McDonald's, cruising, under cars - blonde hair, good natured career in electronics 

James Ryan 
68 Colbum Street 

He who values life the most, get the most value from life Go for it " 

Jim. Ryebo skiing, backpacking pet peeves Hello. Kitty, track work, disco likes 
skiing, good chowder. BCN dislikes bad chowder favorite people the chowder 
heads. R R . M W . the scarfmuns. my old friend Martin found in the Club Bowl's 
Villa Martin college 

Track 1. 2. 4. Manager of Ski Team 4: Cross Country 1. 2. 3. 4: Winter Track 1. 2. Ex- 
plonng 1. 2. 3. 4 


Marwan Samrout 
20 Stanford Drive 

Life is made to be lived to the fullest 

Marwan hobbies playing street hockey, racquet ball, driving into Boston .pet 
peeves: paying lawyer bills, being pulled over in your own driveway "O. T R. 
likes: hopping the njnway wall at Logan favorite people: Head. Ziff. Mitch, etc 
where found Comm Ave . Draper Lane loves girls college, pilot's license. 

David Sareault 
404 Oak St 

Angela Savioli 
91 Nahatan Street 

Pet Peeves Guidance Dept., Gym, disco, stuck-up girls . . . guidance passes Hob- 
bies skiing, partying, concerts, football games, waterskiing Likes Plymouth, fast cars, 
cruising. Rod Steward. Flonda Blizzard '78 Dislikes: snobs jocks going to 
Mr Flaherty's office Miss Dillon Yeah Right swell Give me a break get 
lost tell me about it Favorite people Mother J S L C . M. W. . K. C 
Found anywhere but Westwood Short Big brown eyes always talking 

Senior Play. Cheerleader 1. Pep Club 1, 2 

John Scales 
116 High Rock Street 

"If you think you can do it, you can. if you don't, you most certainly won't." 

John Pet Peeves: one in back. Westwood cheerleaders dislikes Monday morn- 
ings, hospital summer. Saturday night at home favorite people S S , D W , and 
Class of '79 likes Camaros, enjoys basketball, golf, sleeping found in the gym. in 
the Camaro ten pointer, SMU college 
Basketball 1, 2; Golf 2, 3, 4, Senior Play; Pep Club 1, 2. 3. 4 

Margaret Schmitt 
146 Beechnut Road 

"Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions ." 

Maggie. Maget Sailing, flying, listening to music, astrology "Keep on jumpin'" 
"Yes, Ma'am 1 " likes vests. Monty, snow, SNL, crunching ice cubes dislikes 
rushing, getting up early in the morning found in the media center before 

homeroom favonte people HM. LG. LW, LR pet peeves first block classes, 
growling stomachs, crowded lockers, high chairs never finishes lunches, moody . , . 
travel college 

Vice president Astronomy Club 4. National Honor Society 3. 4, Yearbook Staff, French 
Club 2. 3. No parentheses 3. 4; Volunteer Special Needs 3, 4 

Chnstopher Scholz 
55 Spellman Road 

Why let the devil have all the fun?" 

Chris. Schultzy pet peeves "duck" likes days off, weekends dislikes morning 
track practice "Can you say — sure you can'" The Mopar found selling 
donuts. P. M. S. enjoys D Block, "Pops" favorite people. Artie, the Boys, Mr 
Rogers sarcastic, — College, engineering. 

Winter Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 4. Senior Class Play. 

Jeff Scibilia 
40 Stanford Drive 

"Lots of sports and fond laughter, pleasure first and business after " 

Scribs Flonda. 222, bikinis, *40. Dislikes speeding tickets. Oriole Road, Westwood 
snobs "Really" Favorite people , . L A, G. Uncle Art, "the guys", Rick Found 
at Deac's or Lee Ann's house, in the wagon "Toosted" Pet Peeves bus rides, bad 
teachers, term papers (JMPWFZPV) Hobbies playing football, eating, 
road tnps. dnving cars 1978 football season. Wolvennes "Magic" *1 College 

Senior Play; Baseball 1; Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 2, 4, Boys' Basketball 1; Prom 
Committee 4, Weight lifting 1. 2, 3, 4 

Samuel Seward 
20 Lonng Street 

Empty will be life if not fulfilled by a hand of aid given to another" 

Sam "Holy Moses" likes Old Cape Cod. unique lockers, gum drop cookies . . . 
dislikes flat basketballs, stereotyping, and PB & J's favorites: D W.. S. S , N N„ 
found in the Java green V W , the gym, or D W 's cookie cabinet enjoys basketball, 
whistling, fooling around in the halls Pet Peeves wet lunch trays, quiet locker door, 
baby blue V W 's Tall and analytical college 
Senior Play Boys' State 3; Track 1, 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4, Captain, 4 


^ -£i 

- • ■ . » M 



wm & 


Michelle Shamon 
168 Hartford Street 

"I am what I wish to be when I wish to be it." 

Michelle Shell - Mish likes London, Paradise Island, sleeping, listening to Ric's 
stories "I'm only kidding 1 " pet peeves Mr P , pushy people, airplane food, bus 
ndes from Harwich found working at Lechmere's. E. Dedham, in a brown Falcon 
dislikes not getting what she wants, getting jealous "No. I don't" enjoys traveling, 
the beach, swimming favonte people: PW.T D.. L D.LV.RL a flirt, curly 

brown hair, big blue eyes college 

Chorus 2, 3; AFS Club 2. 3; Senior Class Play; Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4, Track 1. Drama 
Club 1. 2. 3. Yearbook Staff. 

Denise Shanning 
161 Pond Plain Road 

"To be simply good is not simply nice, but to be good for something and to someone 
seems to suffice." 

Deanie . likes the beach, crowds. D. P.. the Colonial. Gook. the Cape Favonte ac- 
tivities: Basketball, buying clothes "Really though", "the funniest thing." "Get 
out!" likes milk, fake I . D.'s. Mayo, diets pet peeves: injuries, Fenway accidents .. 
favorite people A D , E. N . Corella found in the Girls' room, Anita's truck 

Senior Play: Pep Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Yearbook Staff: Field Hockey 1, 2. 3; Basketball 1.2.3, 

Scott Shaughnessy 
95 Woodndge Road 

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as 
by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed " 

Scott Pet Peeves always being considered a "new kid," early morning swim 
team practice . enjoys having a good time, arguing with Mr Milan, going crazy 
found at pool, at rec office favonte people Miss Dillon. D L., L K.. D F , J B , 
"Be logical" "Thank God it's all over 1 " college 

Chorus 1.2.3. Sacred Cheese 4. National Honor Society 3.4. Madngals 2: Boys Swim 
Team 1. 2. 3, 4: Spanish Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Boys' Tennis 1. 2. Project Green 3. 4; Musical 
3. 4; District Chorus 4. 

Chnstopher Sheehy 
19 Windsor Road 

"1 don't know where I'm going and I don't know what I need But I'll get to where I'm 
going to end up, and that's all nght by me " 

Chns . . Sheesh . . Bruce . . located: AMX cruising. Mobil, or tutonng Hilary 
favonte: H F . Mags. Mr M & Mr C . the Ring likes: Kinks, street racing. Mr Baker's 
class. WBCN . . dislikes top 40 radio. Devo. disco enjoys Mobil parties, loud music, 
lunch outings pet peeves working in rain, breaking down Sarcastic laughter 

Senior Play. Sacred Cheese 1. 2. 3, 4. Editor 2, 3, Astronomy Club 1, Drama Club 1. 
Yearbook Staff: Harlequin 1. 3: Chess Club 1. 2. Prom Committee 3 

Barbara Shepperson 
38 Westview Terrace 

I decided long ago. never to walk in anyone s shadow 

Babawawa likes red wine. George Benson, curly hair "Don't worry about it " 
favonte people: Tein. Linda. Renee. Anita. Rob. Sandra and family dislikes cleaning 
her room, noses likes watching people, listening to music, partying, relaxing 
Found working or in a fog ugly shoes with no socks. Capncom. stubborn, big brown 
eyes college 

Pep Club 1. 2. Track 2. 3; Yearbook Staff. Basketball 1. 2 

Andrea C Smith 
195 Washington Street 

Look beyond the golden sunset into the golden days ahead. 

Tina long blonde hair likes S S B 's. Riunite. Italian names. E W & F , easy- 
going people enjoys all sports, firm believer in partying "Whoo-"" dislikes 
snapping toes, repeating myself, driving on empty "Hey. sweetheart " Found in 
the "Fog Area." in difficult situations, or in the great outdoors "Temfic 1 " favontes: 
B, L. A. M. R. hates having no car. no money, and nowhere to go . . . *24 good 
natured college Egypt. Greece 

Basketball 1.2. Softball 3. Prom Committee 3. Health Careers 4. Senior Class Play. No 
Parentheses 1. 2. 3. 4. Volleyball 2. 3, 4, captain 4. National Honor Society 4. 

Daniel Smith 
140 Strasser Ave 

Life is either a danng adventure or nothing 

Dan enjoys Cape weekends. Basketball. Boston, a Killington weekend pet 

peeves A P Calculus and Bondo "The hassle" dislikes: Cory's, picking up 

empties, thumbing likes: L. O B . Burger King, Albie Nolan, people "Hey Abe" 

found in Chatham or Marshfield favonte people: Chick. Turl, Buck college 

Football 1. Basketball 1, 2 

Ken Smith 
434 Pond Street 

Live life to the fullest, because there is no tomorrow 

Ken quiet, kind likes psychology dislikes morning track practices, math . . 
"What's up?" pet peeves people who embarrass him enjoys partying, tennis, 
cross country skiing, blacklace "Thank God it's Friday!" . . . found in the Red 
Mavenck, Needam favorite people D S., J. M.. C R . M M , and Miss Mulcahy . . . 
college bound. 

Football 1, 2. Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Play; Project Green. 


Jennifer Sten 
74 Church Street 

The pleasure in life is doing what you feel is right, not worrying about what others think 

Jenny. Giggles likes traveling, people, having fun, O P , Pet Peeves people being 
late, bad music, being bored enjoys swimming, playing the violin "Tell me about 
it " "Sure." "Anytime" dislikes Monday mornings, homework, being cold 
while marching "No Way" found wandering around the school, on the marching 
field, visiting the gang in room 72 favorite people the supenor seniors, and under 
classmen smiles and fnendly college bound 

Orchestra 1.2,3.4; AFS 1, 2, 3. 4; Drill Team 3. 4. Senior Class Play; Manager of Swim 
Team 4 

Lori Stephenson 
38 Arcadia Road 

Why put off til tomorrow what you can do today 

Lon likes partying, "Free Bird", "dazed and confused." BCN. shaving cream! . , . 
dislikes boredom, working, school pet peeves curfews, snobby people, mornings, 
disco, WBOS, waiting, fast walkers found; Susan's cellar, Emmett's car, French St.. 
wandenng . favonte people: S H , E. L,, J M.. CG,D K,P M favonte activities 
skiing, cruising, concerts, falling out of windows "What block is this?" jeans, 
fogbound, easily thrown college, travel 

Jeffery Sterling 
41 Wessex Drive 

People of few words are the strongest people, 

Jeff, Sterl likes Monty Python, free blocks, vacations, skiing pet peeves Monday 
mornings, Mr Baker's math tests. Freshman, college applications and interviews en 
joys plays, boating, commando missions favonte people Sneesh, Ernie D , Mags. 
Joe G., others blonde hair, tall, and dependable college bound. 

Senior Class Play; One Acts 3, 4. Hello Dolly 3. Anything Goes 4. Yearbook Staff 4, 
Soccer 1, 3; Manager of Freshman basketball 1 

Herbert Sturgis 
113 Beechnut Road 

What a man has may be dependent on others, but whal he is depends on himself, 

Sturg "Why 7 " "What' 1 " Pet Peeves: low grades , hobbies: skateboarding, 
skin diving, skiing, and astronomy . . likes food and good music . . . located in the mez 
or Cumbies , . , favonte people Ears. Heff, D C , and B L , . . . work or college. 

Deirdre Sullivan 
110 Fearing Drive 

For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision But today, well lived makes 
every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. 

Dee "Schmilos," "Spazzing out'" pet peeves getting tests back, people who ask 
"What d'ya get on your test 7 " likes three piece suits and evading the subject dis 
likes ski lifts and ceilings that fall found on the field at half time, at band competi 
tions tennis and piano playing freckles with dimples college 

Chorus 3. Drill Team 2. 3, 4, Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4; Math team 3. Madrigals 2. South 

Janet Sullivan 
15 Larch Street 

The most important qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. 

Turkey "Good life'" "Ah. yes"" likes Milton, rowdie people, and a good time 
dislikes bad moods, movies, senous people . found in the mez and at Kings , pet 
peeves: Al's restrictions. Hello Kitty, and snobby people , favorite people D S , C W., 
The Gang , brown eyes and hair beaches, camps, and parties further educa- 

Drill Team 3. 

Meg Sullivan 
230 High Street 

Mischief sparkles in her eyes and her laughter never dies. 

Meg likes buddies, pre banquet doing. R ratings dislikes Fish's parlies with him, 
big heads "But ummm ..." "Good, real good!" found in the caddie, Anita's 
truck. Fish's cottage pet peeves that voice, matchmaking, scarlet fever enjoys 
sports, cow tipping, sneaking to Mac's, sunglasses favorite people Fish, Foster. 
Elaine, Deanie, Mike. Ted. Tina, others crazy, good natured college 

Chorus 1 ; Student Council 4. Softball 3. Basketball 1 . 3; Prom Committee 3. Volleyball 

Scott Swann 
150 Arcadia Road 

Las montanias bajar hacia el mar 

Scott , dislikes VW and things in general found at home during lunch block . pet 
peeves football rallies . tall, blonde . , "Let's go!" 

Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4; Senior Play; Musicals. Track 1, 2, 3, 4 


Frank Tahmoush 
130 Strasser Avenue 

Memones are precious eternal thoughts 

Frank. Moose . likes Red Sox. concerts. The Cars. war novels . dislikes disco 
found down the Cape. English wing before homeroom Pet Peeves: Class clowns, 
disorganization, irresponsibility enjoys weekends, sailing, skiing, chess. P. L A., 
tunes favorite people "The Ring" and others quiet ... U. Mass. business. 

Baseball 2. Chess Club 2. 3. 4. Explorers' Club 3. 

Ruthann Tarullo 
14 Birch Street 

One today is worth two tomorrows; what I am to be. I am now- beginning. 

Ruth . Space . . . likes Red Sox -37 , . dislikes being called Roberta, hallway traffic 
jams . pet peeves: East Bndgewater. snobs, and clumsy people - "Yes dear." 
"Get the guns" . . . found on Mr. M*s phone, in music room, or Maryland favorite 
people: any and all college bound 

Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Concert Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Chorus 4: Glee Club 1. 3. 4: Senior Play. Pep 
Club 2; Drama Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Yearbook Staff: Spanish Club 1. 2. 3. 4; SOUTH 

Robert Thornton 
165 Fensview Drive 

We live by believing something, not by debating many things. 

Rob likes working on cars, driving found in the halls, on the road favorite peo 
pie members of the Ring, others dislikes: people who drive slowly in AMX's dis 
ringuished college 

Chess Club 2. 4 

Lisa Tibbetts 
73 Crystal Hill Terrace 

"Friendship makes the rough roads smooth " 

Tibs likes people, alligators, sweaters. Earth. Wind, and Fire dislikes working on 
weekends, double chemistry . . pet peeves: snobby people, blue Granadas. parked 
cars, orthodontists found at Bergson's or in the LeManns . . "That's great" "Are 
you kidding me 7 " Twin, no earrings Sue's radio, red lights college 

Chorus 3. 4: Senior Play. Spnng Musical: Green Years Staff 

Nancy Tibbetts 
73 Crystal Hill Terrace 

"A smile is the only crooked line that will straighten things out ' 


ncy Tibs likes pullover sweaters. Earth. Wind, and Fire Blizzard of '78 
i Cape pet peeves curfews, braces "That s life 1 " "Oh Really 1 " 

found at the drug store or 

swimming, being with fnends. skiing . with aD her friends 
in the pool earrings twin college 

Chorus 3. Senior Play Green Years Staff: Swim Team 4 Spring Musical 

Glenn Tohosky 
400 Gay Street 

Because of our differences, we have forgotten what we have in common. 

Glenndale likes horses, dogs dislikes sirring in class waiting for the bell to nng 
"Later" favorite people: Fnck. Wills. Tillet. Coffin. Wohler. Snoble . "Do you know 
what 1 mean 7 " hobby working with animals pet peeve being misjudged 
found anywhere he shouldn't be . . plans to go across country and work on a cattle 

Suzanne Tosi 
91 Wildwood Drive 

Do I contradict myself Very well then, I contradict myself I am large. I contain 

Suzanne pet peeves: disco music, insincere people, teaching people to drive a stan- 
dard favorite activity- talking . . likes food, the ocean, mellow music . . dislikes 
procrastinators "Catch you later buddy" . favorite people: N.N..KM..AM..KK.. 
PI found in the green VW. in the water, in other people's fridges, at N. N.'s 
perky, forgetful, a prep college 

Student Council 3. 4: Senior Play. Pep Club 1. Track 1,2,3, 4. National Honor Society 
4: Yearbook Staff. No Parentheses 2. 3. 4: Student Faculty Forum 3. 4: Swim Team 1 . 
2. 3. 4. CoCaptain 4 

Elizabeth Towle 
199 Fox Hill Street 

If we were not all crazy, we would all go insane 

Liz ... likes Cat Stevens, songs from the wood, juggling "I'm so confused!" . found 
on the ski slopes, in the Honda dislikes school lunches, bearings from Val. red lights 

. . favonte people K. K . L N . and the Warwick gang strawberry blonde "lizard" 

. college 

Student Council 3. 4. Senior Play. Student Rep 3. 4 Track; National Honor 
Society 3. 4. Vice President 4: Drama Club 2. 3. 4; Yearbook Staff. No Parentheses 2. 
3. 4. Student Faculty Forum 3: Field Hockey 1 . 2. 3. 4 Prom Committee 3; Ski Team 
1. 2. 3. 4. 


Robert Trainor 
21 Sycamore Drive 

Now's the time, the time is now. ramble on. 

Fogger. Chowderhead seasonal mustache. "B U " boots likes Garbonzo parties. 
Zappa. Dedham girls. B. C N.. Hendrix dislikes a. m radio. Disco & D S 
favorite activities key parties at the club, skiing, mountain climbing, concerts, brew- 
festing "Drugs'" . "Six-amilla" favorite people Bowl. Ameer. Rybo, Mel baby 
found at the Honolulu, Cafe Venice, among the empties agncullural school 

Track 3. 4. Explorers 4 

Ellen Troy 
76 Chamberlain Avenue 

Asking for more than they've given before in return, growing as one is a lesson they 
promise to learn; and they say love is lasting, time will never erase 

Elroy pet peeves being called Helen of Troy, static cling, working weekends, frizzy 
hair, accidents favorite activities beaching it, attempting to ski, sports. N. H. . . likes: 
Cape. Chinese food, dontos, parties, chocolate chip cookies dislikes Sissy B , no 
money, bad backs "Come on." "What a cackle." "Really!" found at Farmstand. in 
the green Mustang, with mends big blue eyes. tall, well-dressed college. 

Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Yearbook Staff, Field Hockey 1; Volleyball 2. 3. Project Green 3. 4: 
Basketball 1. 2, 3, Captain 3 

Mark Turley 
324 Canton Street 

If life is worth living, it is worth enjoying. 

Turls likes liquid lunches . . . dislikes eating at school pet peeves: being a 
Firestone brother, going to practice, looking for Buck at 2:00 am favorite activities: 
scuba diving, baseball, cruising in the cadi "What a ya doin" favorite people 
Cheryl. M W.. M. M.. PM.DS.S.H found at Red Coach Grill. Scargo Hill. Cape 
Cod blonde hair, b b eyes college 

Winter Track 2. 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3. 4 

Jean Turner 
70 Pheasant Hill 

The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist, the opportunity in 
every difficulty 

Jean pet peeves: sunroofs dunng rain. L W L. waiting, Shnapps favorite ac- 
tivities: being crazy, meeting people, dancing, trying new things likes pistachios, 
push-button cars. Iifesavers dislikes sitting still and doing nothing, cold toast, and be 
ing so ticklish "But it's fun to be crazy 1 ". "Let's go dancing." "B. C A " favorite 
people: Class of '79. Miss BICNAG. Walshie. B B found at Roche Bros . onstage, 
where the people are dancing . easily embarrassed . Babson College. 

Chorus 1 ; Glee Club 1 . 2; AFS 2; Musicals 1.2.3. 4; Pep Club 1 . 2. 3; Drama Club 1 , 2. 
3. 4, Prom Committee 3. No Parentheses 2, 3, 4. 

Kathleen Van Stry 
29 Norfolk Avenue 

The wrong way always seems the most reasonable 

Kathi pet peeves craigtiles. reading English books. Zens, snow favorite activities 
freaking, swimming, buying clothes likes WBOS dislikes certain foreigners 
"Later, baby" "Jahana" . favorite people ChaCha. S R . Raura. A I , Illusions 
gang found at Illusions brown hair, brown eyes college, accountant 

Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4. Drill Team 2. 3. Color Guard 1. Drama Club 2; Photography Club 4 

Curt Ventola 
1 1 Redwood Road' 

One who has knowledge has no power unless he uses it 

Curt likes The Who, the Stones, parties, rat racing . dislikes disco, stuck up peo- 
ple, twisted ankles, losing football cards pet peeves curfews. German class, dead 
cars, term papers enjoys camping, concerts, betting "Let's pin" favonte peo- 
ple: B C, B. A. B. J . C C . "the gang" found at the gun club. Hale's, cruisin', the 
pond blonde hair, blue eyes college bound 

Winter Track 1. 2. Sacred Cheese 4. Astronomy Club 4 

Robert Viar 
66 Country Lane 

The road goes ever on and on; out from the door where it began Now far ahead the 
road has gone; let others follow it who can 

R. C . Wolfie likes photography. UFOlogy. Middle Earth . dislikes the Nazgul. 
magic nngs. missing dinner pet peeves close-minded people favonte people 
Gollum. Bilbo. Gandalf, Adaldrida found Middle Earth with above known as 
Frodo higher education. 

Photography Club 4. 

Lisa Vivona 
107 Mayfair Drive 

There is fun in everything we meet — the greatest, worst, and best 

Viwleman . likes band competitions, sports, passing notes. Young Life. Monty 
Python pet peeves homework, class rank, the Yankees enjoys playing the piano. 
Color Guard, shopping, just hanging around "Oh Rude'" favorite people are A. 
B . J N , V B , M. S Wellesley College 

Chorus 2. 3. 4. Senior Play; Color Guard 4. Pep Club 1. 2. 3, Astronomy Club 4. 
National Honor Society 3. 4; Drama Club 2. 3. Yearbook Staff. Swim Team 2 


Mark Vogel 
28 Glen Road 

A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the best of men 

Mark - likes lots of snow, blizzards, food pet peeves: people who stand in the mid 
die of the hall. "Ah yes", ruffians, intellectuals who act like intellectuals, small parties . 
enjoys running, skiing, listening to Boston loud. Patnots. cross country parties . dis 
likes being injured, leg lifts "Vote for me 1 " favonte people Mr Fish. G L . E C 
Meghna. Larry found: on the track, running. Marshfield. locker room . . small, 
always thinking, kind . college, manne biology 

Pep Club 1. Spring Track 1. 2. 3. 4. Sk. Club 1: Swim Team 1. Winter Track 2. 3. 4. 
Cross Country 2. 3. 4. Co-Captain 

Patrick Wadden 
57 Beacon Street 

One must never fight fire with fire, one must use water " 

Pat likes nding down the Cape on motorcycles. Bob Dylan. Rolling Stones pet 
peeves snobby people, acting stuck up. bad concerts "Get it on 1 " enjoys kung fu. 
street bikes, fast cars "I got to work" favorite people: Chnsfine. P. M . Mess. J. M.. 
Norwood friends found at King s in Norwood. Norwood center . curly hair, blue 
eyes Hawaii bound employment, further education 

Football 1 


Mark Wallace 
181 School Street 

Do it if it's worth winning, even if you get caught. 

Wally. Charlie pet peeves getting carded, referrals. Birdman enjoys pond 
hockey, concerts, football . "Madness'" located thumbing or Norwest Woods — 
the school away from school favorites: Rita L . Crunch. Gabes. many others likes 
cute little blondes. F B camp, parties "PAIN 1 " remember the Bandits. Magic, 
wiffles. and "Gusto" rowdie work or college. 

Football 1. 2. 3. 4 

Deborah Walsh 
43 Aran Road 

Hold your dreams within your heart, keep one still secret spot where dreams may go 
and sheltered so they may thrive and go where doubt and fear are not. 

Debbie likes disco, people. Riunite. music, messages at the office pet peeves: 
getting caught, embarrassment, busy phones. July 4th weekend enjoys nights in 
Braintree. work, being with friends "We're seniors'" 'Bazooed'" dislikes 

pocketbook prowlers, no car. being alone. T V . "Ah yes "— Westwood lingo found in 
own room 'We won'" favonte people Hubby, old gang from Eagermann's. Class 
of 79 blue eyes, baby hands, hystencal laugh college, business 

Softball 1. 2. 3. 4. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Drama Club 1. 2. Volleyball 2. 

Mike Walsh 
48 Locust Drive 

Fnendship needs no words 

Mike. Waldo . "Have a little face with your lipstick" favonte people: Fish. Rose. 
Meg. Hubie. etc found on the mound and over there . enjoys all sports and giving 
the rake "sick puppy." pet peeves matchmaking, disco, cold hands "How 
funny'" college 

Baseball 2. 3. 4 

Mark Warren 
176 Srrasser Avenue 
A mixture of senousness and good humor makes life fun 

Mark likes basketball, parties, late nights enjoys concerts, land scaping with Tull 
dislikes 4 o clock a. m.. phone calls "What's up?" pet peeves load road, disco 
favonte people: D S . Turls. Mr P found in the Gym. down the Cape tongue 

in cheek college 

Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4 

Daniel Watson 
28 Ridgewood Road 

Time — He's waiting in the wings — He hides behind a closed door for only he knows 
what is in store 

Dan Elwood "Faced 1 " likes java green V W.'s. S G s school spint. preppy 
fashions "Super, super golf shot'" dislikes sky blue V W 's and mornings in 
general "rrrRubber biscuit 9 " found listening to Bowie. St Thomas, high-jumping 
. enjoys getting lost, skiing, eating, and breathing favontes D B . G B . B G . S. S. 
. . green eyed compulsive door opener four-year college or Jr college twice 

Golf 1 . Soccer 12: Track 1 . 2. 3. 4. Winter Track 1 . 2. 3. 4. Captain 4: Senior Class Play: 
Student Council 3. Yearbook Staff 

Melissa Webber 
17 Alpena Avenue 

To each his own. but a fnend can always help. 

Mel likes pennies. Hello Kitty . dislikes people hung up on life . "Oh my God" 

. . pet peeves "bumming people out because I have to work" favorite people: C R.. 

B H . M. P. E. B. and the gang "See ya'" found in the mez. at Bickfords "Just 

kidding" always smiling, big brown eyes secretanal work 

Chorus 2. 3. senior play: Dnll Team 1. Color Guard 2. 3. 4. Co-Captain 4, 

Cheerleading 1. 2 Spanish Club 3. 4: Equestnan Club 4. Yearbook Staff 4 


Lisa Wefald 
57 Alder Road 

The more you do. the more you are 

Lis. Wef likes peanut butter, traveling. Kwajaleen. mice dislikes alarm clocks . . . 
enjoys sewing, reading, listening to the radio, cross country skiing "Definitely" 
pet peeves homeroom, loud teachers in media center "Horrible" found at High 
St Pharmacy, around the world "Hmmmm" dimples college — occupational 

Dnll Team 2, 3. Astronomy Club 4. National Honor Society 3. 4. Photography Club 3; 
French Club 2. 3. No Parentheses 2. 3. Special Education Assistant 3. 4 

Robert Westhaver Jr 
598 Canton Street 

By smking down the eagle, one grounds his life of freedom Let me fly: for without the 
sky. my destiny will be empty 

Bob. Westy. Taver. Frankentaver pet peeves snobby people, broken "E" stnngs 
"Who's got my pick?" found in the music room. Boston, a darkroom, the Studio, the 
Ring enjoys photography, recording. D B . Spetre "Ker-chank'" likes the 
Beatles. B. O. C . the ocean, baseball "Bin-jo" dislikes disco. SATs. Brownsville 
X-Press. city driving favonte people: Theo. Ernie & Berme. bassman. rhythm sec- 
tion. Greg, others college — engineering 

WHS Dance Band 4. Photography Club 2. 3. 4. Spanish Club 3. 4. No Parentheses 3. 
4. Chess Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Prom Committee 3: Yearbook Staff 4: Astronomy Club 4. 
National Honor Society 4. Christmas Club 4 

Paula Whalen 
185 Forbes Road 

We may not have found all the magic, but we sure found all the mischief 

Paula pet peeves Westwood. disco, typing likes drawing, arguing, music "Ya 
know" enjoys drawing, guitar playing, swimming "Cig. cig. cig found in 

town, art studio. Strawberries favorite people Cindy. Michelle. Tori, others long 
blonde hair, green-blue eyes . plans to attend Mass College of Art or Museum of Fine 
Arts School. 

Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Photography Club 3. 4: Yearbook Staff 

Lee White 
96 Parker Street 

A heart filled with love is forever young. 

Ley likes C block studies, August — CSN. Rose. Artmobile. good times with WHEN 
dislikes snobs, unplanned weekends, selfish people found in Norwood pet 
peeves Cambndge boys. favorite people W N. P S. S D. M L. the gang 
blonde fro. green eyes, quiet "1 don't know" . "Good life" college 

Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4: Chorus 3: Pep Club 1. 3: South Pacific, Drill Team 3. Yearbook 

Maureen Whitley 
345 Pond Street 

Courage has many faces, though it needs just one. and this one says "keep trying 1 " 
for you know it can be done' 

Maureen Whit . Mo . "No problem'" found at Friendly's, in the stang . 
favonte people everyone at the big 18th birthday party. Ms, Bicnab. Scotty likes 
summers, watching t v when should be studying, being 18 "1 got to get a car" 
dislikes math, shopping on Christmas Eve. waiting favonte activities getting off 
work, sleeping in the am college 

Softball Team 1.2: Senior Class Play. Sacred Cheese 4. Volleyball Team 1.2.3. Tennis 
Team 1. 2: Prom Committee 3. Snare Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Bicnab 3. 4. Yearbook Staff 

Victoria Wilhelm 
40 Church Street 

No matter where you go. you will find good if you look for it 

Vickie. Hick . blue eyes likes shopping, parties, late hours, music, beach 
Whv pet peeves try outs, closing and opening "Huh 7 " "Oh baby'" 

favonte people: TM'.J C . L M . "The Gang" found in Mac's. Boston, gun club 

Band 1, 2.3. 4: Concert Band 1. 2. 3. 4. WHS Dance Band 4. Chorus 3. 4. Glee Club 
4, Senior Play. Swim Team 1 

Richard Wyllie 
8 Strafford Road 

Do not do to others what you would not want others to do to you 

Richie. Wisa likes China, long letters. YES favonte activities: soccer, skating, par 
tying "Time Out" BammoS'*'' pet peeves "Hello. Kitty." B L B . disco, 

cig smokers favonte people D D W . Sandy, "the mezz group." Einstein. Con 
fucious found in "The Club." "The Fort" college 

Astronomy Club 3. 4 Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4 



You were only with us a short 
while, but your absence is one 
from which we shall never fully 
recover. You were as much a part 
of us as we were of you. It is not 
for us to question fate, but your 
quiet presence and warm smile 
will forever be missed 

David Carlson 


For those whose lives you touched 
— we will remember, for your light 
was strong and far-reaching, 
illuminating our lives. You gave us 
laughter and slipped away. 
Peaceful, quiet — your solitude 
filled all with a deep sense of 

You will not be forgotten, Diane. 
Your memory is imprinted within 
our minds and when we are 
desolate and alone, your smile will 
be with us. 

Diane Kirby 


"The Lead" 

We stand 

Upon monuments of the past, 

For man is ascending. 

There is only so much 

A person, a class, a generation 

Can give — but give we must, 

For the future is ours, 

We have but to shape it. 

The future will take form 

Of our hands. 

Our minds will mold tomorrow. 

We are the generation of the twenty-first century. 

What will become of us is buried, 

Deep in the years to come. 

What we make of ourselves today is what matters 

Man has advanced across the battlefields, 

Across uncharted lands, across the moon 

In a perpetual rise toward a future 

Of peace, power and plenty. 

We are the generation of the twenty-first century, 

We have the will, the wisdom and the way 

To achieve what no other generation has before us 

True Understanding. 

Understanding of ourselves, 

Understanding of our surroundings, 

Understanding of the past — 

Combined with love and compassion — 

Will "light a lovely mile" 

For those who share our road. 

With understanding, 

We will leave our mark 

On the years to come 

For truly, we are (in) "The Lead." 

— Lisa Maxwell 
Class of 1979 


I only had a small part. 

I'm so glad I came 

Playing hard to get, huh! 

You think it's Jimmy but 
it's Smiley Whiplash 

FACES . . . FACES . . . FACES 

The Many Faces of 










• . — /*.. 




Done Most for Class 
Ann Marie Kelly and Doug MacPherson 

Most Artistic 
Lorraine McCarthy, Adam Ogden. Paula Whalen 

Best Natured 
Dan Watson. Barb Clement, and Meg Sullivan 

Most School Spirit 
Barbara Clement and Ed Huber 

Unsung Hero 
Betsy Gillis and Paul Tavalone 

Most Likely to Succeed 


Most Intellectual 

Dianne Fleming and Don O'Rourke 



■k^ H*^^ ^y^B 


warn M 

m'%- m 

1 : L _ "^ 

Class Radical 
Scott Swan 


Most Sincere 
Kathy Keefe, John Kerivan, and Patty Kontrimas 

Best Looking 
Ann Marie Kelly and Kevin Burke 


Most Musical 
Sean Devlin and Lisa Rossetti 

Most Gullible 
Ellin Berlin and Tom Lindemayer 

Class Wit 
Chris Lund and Mary McGinnis 

Most Versatile 
Doug Crawford and Ann Deacon 

Most Mischievous 
Mark Wallace and Debbie Runci 

Most Athletic 
Mike Fabiano and Ann Deacon 

Class Flirt 
Melissa Johnson and Todd Francis 

Mark Carver and Suzanne Tosi 

Class Radical 
Hilary Fairbanks 

Best Dressed 
Kevin Burke and Lisa Lynch 

Best Actor/Actress 
Jimmy McCafferty and Ann Niakaros 


In a world of wonders and 
reasons, long searches and sur- 
prise discoveries, youth and 
age, we belong here. These 
corridors have become our 
own. Though we will tread 
them many more times, 
whether with books, sports 
equipment, or friends, the times 
that we have spent here grow- 
ing will simplify that future. 

As freshmen, sophomores, and 
juniors, we have sensed an 
ascending continuity each time 
we stepped through those blue 
doors to begin a new day at 
Westwood High . . . 


to i 

Uk fa 




RW.T^f. r 



msr -79^- 


Chris Redden President 

Bill Crabtree Vice President 

Nancy Procaccino Secretary 

Alan White Treasurer 

Room 32 Mrs. Delaney-Smith 
First Row: S. Barry. V. Allen, P. Bonner, G. Brawley. Second Row: G. 
Amado, L. Annian, V. Aquilio, D. Amdur. Third Row: L. Bigelow, S. Bar- 
ton, K. Antonellis, C. Atchue. Fourth Row: G. Bobrick, S. Beltramini. 
Fifth Row: M. Bolster, W. Brady, L. Birch, S. Asbrand. G. Bero. 

Room 33 Mrs. Gray 
First Row: L. Bryant. S. Breese, R. Carver, S. 
Collette, A Casale. Second Row: G. Colbum, 
R. Brooks, P. Cariani, P. Clark, F. Connell, K. 
Close, K. Carson, B. Casey, M. Borden. 


•~- fi 


Room 110 Mr. Stack 
First Row: D. DiMascio. C. Corlito. S. 
DiGregorio. J. Cosgrove. C. Creasi. 
Second Row: R. DeWolfe. L. Hill. C. 
Crocker. S. Croke. P. Davenport. M. 
DeAngelis. L Cucci. M. DeSisto. J. Derwin. 
D. Dalton. R. Coward. S. Darling. C. 

Room 113 Miss Congdon 
First Row J. Eldridge. L. Ferraro. D. Evans. 
S. Downes. D. Fleming. Second Row K. 
Fowler. K. Gardner. M. Ferry. S. Darling. S. 
Dowd. D. Dion. Third Row P. DiMattia. J. 
Stoebel. J. Gibbons. C. Flahive. E. Gavin. J. 
Gerlach. J. Fry. 

Room 120 Ms. Curran 
First Row H. Irvine. J. Glynn. R. Johnson. 
J. Hurley. Second Row E. Hanley. G. Hill. 
K. Hansen. A. Giovino. M. Gonzer. M. 
Gilroy. G. Guindon. Third Row: R. 
Hopkins. A. Heyd. P. Howitt. M. Glynn. S. 
Hayes. R. GoodaJe. 


CLASS OF 1980 

Room 121 Mrs. Eberly 
First Row: C. Kelly, J. Luke, S. LaVita. K. 
Keane. Second Row: T. Kane, R. Knox. 
B. Keller, R. Lambert. Third Row: J. 
Kelliher, S. Kusmin, G. Love, S. Lane, M. 
Kane, G. Loughlin. 

Room 124 Mrs Wentzell 
First Row: E. McRae, C. McDevitt, J. 
Meridan, N. McDonald, C. Lynn. Second 
Row: J. MacLellan, G. Malloy, J. 
McKenna, M. Aymie, G. Mason, J. 
Stoebel, D. Clay. Third Row: S. 
Margeson, S. Lynch, D. MacElhiney, M. 
Kane, J. McAulay. J. Mason, G. Mackey, 
B. Macquarrie. 

Room 125 Mr Hancox 
D. Murphy, K. Morse, B. Ulhane, L. 
Legge, R. Paths. M. Ogden, W. Miller, C. 
Mundt, R. Nichols, D. O'Sullivan, J. Mon- 
telia, P. Murphy, M. Murray. J. Mulgrew. 
M. Norton, D. Peterson. 

Room 141 B 
Mr. Vandeworkeen 
First Row: W. Washburn. J. Wells, P. 
Sullivan, R. Stapleton, D. Williams, A. 
White. Second Row: K. Wolfe, P. Web- 
ber. M. Gavin, M. Ferry, J. Ward, K. 
Welling, S. Wisialko, C. Weinstein, P. 
Tschirch, B. Warren, J. Stoebel, A. Uc- 
makli, D. Sugrue, T. Schweitzer, A. 
Williams, G. Yessallian, J. Ward, E. 
Winn, P. Tsbetzsis. 

* fS 

Room 141 A Mr. Marx 
First Row: J. Skelly, K. Sullivan, A Strack. Second Row: B. 
Sesnovich, S. Taber, E. Theriault. Third Row: B. Spakevicius, D. 
Singer, M. Provenzano, A. Thie. Fourth Row: S. Snyder, J. 
Shamlian, B. Shea. L. Pratt. J. Stone, D. Stasey. Fifth Row: J. 
Smith, J. Sheingold, D. Sugrue, T. Schweitzer. 

Room 129 B Mrs. Holbrook 
First Row: E. Roach, K. Reissfelder, N. Rogers, R. Scallata, C. Poli, P. Reilly. Second 
Row: D. Ruggiero, L. Pollard, R. Romaine, N. Rasmussen, T. Schweitzer, R. 
Scollins, D. Scaies, M. Reardon, C. Sallale, K. Powers, R. Carver, N. Procaccino, C. 



Sophomore Class Officers 
(Left to Right) President S. Harrington; Treasurer C. Mclnnis; Secretary K. 
Berkland; Vice-President C. Kelly. 

Rm. 23 Miss Rice 
First row (left to right): D. Brown, T. 
Beaton, T. Buchmueller, R. Brawley, A. 
Badesa. Second Row: A. Becker, M. 
Beaulieu, R. Baker, E. Aho, G. Bothwick. 
Third Row: S. Black, M. Beder, J. Briones, 
J. Nicoll, C. Malloy, T. Boyd, B. Bartow, M. 
Berlin, S. Ausevich, J. Barrett, M. Bernard. 

Rm. 30 Mr Dhimitri 
First Row: M. Cusak, P. Bashian, D. 
Carchedi, D. Collette, M. Conners, M. Con 
nell, M. Cloherty, K. Cloney. Second Row: 
S. Consoli, W. Conte, J. Collins, S. Dacey, 
D. Clancy, G. Ciampa, K. Cloney, E. Bums. 


Rm. 48B Mrs. Saltmarsh 
First Row (left to right): J. Delapa. T. 
Devlin. J. Dullea. M. Feeney. M. Dare. 
Second Row: A. Dimartino. C. DeSisto. L. 
Eads. P. Filippone. B DiGregorio. T. 
Farrell. M. Devlin. Third Row: P. D'Attilio. 
K. Murphy. K. Dodge. R. DeWolfe. S. 
Fallon. J. Dew. C. Decatur, M. Faulkson. L. 

Rm. 101 Mr. Bonaiuto 
First Row (left to right): V. Gentile. G. Fon- 
tecchio. T. Flynn. D. Friedl. R. Girling. 
Second Row: K. Gardner. G. Gerulskis. R. 
Fitzhenry. Third Row M. Gattozzi. M. 
Gavin. N. Foxx. A. Galins. M. Fitzpatrick. 

Rm. 104 Mrs. O'Brien 
First Row (left to right): E. IngTaham, K. 
Gundal. J. Harper, W. Gomes. K. Hess. 
Second Row F. Hunt, S. Goldfarb. A 
Badessa. R. Haligan. P. Hanlon. Third 
Row: S. Goodrich, S. Harrington, J. Howitt, 
C. Hill. D Grady. Fourth Row: W. Han- 
berry. F Holland. D. Harakas. K. Harris. 


Rm. 1 14 Miss Shute 
First Row (left to right): K. Kelley, K. 
Berkland, A. Lynch. Second Row: C. 
Kelly, P. Mackey, C. Kuppens. Third 
Row: C. King, C. Kerrissey, M. Luongo. 
Fourth Row: D. Benson, J. Lane. Fifth 
Row: R. Johnson, W. Kenney, P. 
LaCamera, S. Kohler, A. Niakaros, E. 
Karp, J. Long, N. O'Brien, M. Cusak. 

Rm. 115 Mrs. Richardson 
First Row (left to right): T. Macris, C. 
Mclnnis, L. McDonald, C. McCarthy, P. 
Macropoulos. Second Row: M. 
McElroy. P. Mason, K McGuinness, L 
McDonald, S. Mansur, L. May. Third 
Row: T. McGee, G. Maus, R. Masisson, 
S. McCurdy, A. McBride, J. McCarthy. 
Fourth Row: P. McDermott, B. 
McDonough, D. Manchester. 

Rm. 123 Mrs. Bishop 
First Row (left to right): J. McSweeney, 
C. McCoy. Second Row: L. Mac- 
Donald, K. Murphy. Third Row: C 
Moriaty, M. Messina. Fourth Row: J. 
Miller, J. Giberti. Fifth Row: B. Mingels, 
C. McPharland, B. Mclnnis, P. Glynn, 
M. Montello, M. Molanson, P. Murphy. 

Rm. 132 Mrs. Despres 
First Row (left to right): S. Nordstrom, J. 
Ratto. M. O'Hara, L. O'Brien. Second 
Row: E. Nash, N. O'Brien, L. Riley, S. 
Regan. Third Row: J. Robinson, J. 
Glynn, W. O'Neil, D. Quinlan, J. 
Shaughnessey, J. Nicoll, T. Resker. 

Rm. 152 Mrs. Rosengarten 
First Row (left to right): M. Healy, J. 
Ryan, J. Roche, S. Strauss, A. Schiavo, 
J. Shaughnessey. Second Row: T. 
Schaffer, J. Sexton, D. Sullivan, K. 
Robinson, J. Stapleton. 

Rm. 157 Mr. Hargreaves 
First Row (left to right): C. Walls, J. 
Taksery, K. Vanstry, E. White, M. 
Thibault. Second Row: J. Tibbetts, H. 
Walls, D. Zorio, D. Thornton, G. 
Wentworth, A. Sweeney, R. Tradd. 
Third Row: L. Riley, A. Wisialko, R. 
Watson. G. Willet, C. Ventola, D. 
Theriault, G. Testa, B. Vartabedian. 



Left to Right: Rich Bradley. K. Effgen. K Burke. Missing 
from photo: Karen Burke. 

Room 43 
Mr. Topalian 
First Row: D. Feeney. P. Hanley, 
G. Gonser. K. Glynn. G. Ham- 
blen. B. Ford. Second Row: D. 
Devlin. J. Gavin. M. Giovino. J. 
Frew, T. Glynn. C. Fryar, K. 
Gennis. Third Row D Gavin. M. 
Ganz, S. Frye, M. Eramo, M. 
Glynn. M. Goddard. L Ferrari. L. 
Gilroy. R. Fox. 

Room 34 

Ms. Tieri 
First Row: E. Buonato, J. 
Broadhurst. Second Row: S. 
Bernstein, A. Banker. K. Brooks. 
Third Row: T. Albers. S. 
Bardzilowski. A. Aymie. Fourth 
Row C. Balabanis. K. Borsare. L 
Brooks. V. Alex. P. Ballatine. A 
Antonellis. L. Badessa, J. Barry. 


Room 36 Mr. Gearon 
First Row: J. Donovan. M. Devlin. H. 
Donlon. M. Costonis. M. Cummings. C. 
DeAngelis. B. Dalton. Second Row: D. 
Elmes. S. Curwen, D. Dimascio. L. 
Eglitis. J. Dramis. M. Desimone, J. 
Dresens. J. Engeian. P. DiPietro. M. 
Danna. Third Row: K. Eads. M. Dargan. 
A. Davis, K. Effgen. S. Doull. 

Room 48A Mr. Burke 
First Row: L. Mackey. M. Luke, J. Leon. E. Lane, D. Losardo. J. 
Mahony. Second Row S. Lynch, R. Leveckis, P. Maher, P. Klint, T. 
Longmoore. Third Row: P. Lawless. G. Lapham. B. Lopez. T. 
Lynch, G. MacPherson. J. Lodge. 

CLASS OF 1982 

Room 112 Mrs. Rose 
First Row: C. Petrucci. C. Norton, S. Pease, E. Mullen. M. O'Hara. Second Row: L. Patter- 
son, K. Penza, A. Palermo. Third Row: R. Parker. L. O'Brien. Fourth Row: J. Nieh. S. 
Nastasi. C. O'Malia. D. Murphy, J. Murray. Fifth Row: B. O'Brian, S. Nazzaro. D. Morse. 
Sixth Row: B. Murphy, C. Oppedisano, G. Peterson. J. Ogden. 


Room 153 Mrs. Rae 
First Row: M. Winkelmes, E. Wisialko, 
D. Topjian, P. Valentine, G. Wells. 
Second Row: W. Ward, J. Trainor, G. 
Young. Third Row: C. Woicik, J. Win- 
slow, D. White, D. Zalkind, N. Warren. 
Fourth Row: M. West, N. Yalla, B. Thie, 
K. Williams. 

Room 129A Mr. Tulloch 
First Row: M. Power, J. Petrucci, J. 
Renzi, P. Runci, J. Rizza, S. Randall, R. 
Prevett. Second Row: N. Rorrie, A. 
Russell, J. Pinciaro, D. Pond, G. Savary, 
K. Saccone, G. Santarpio. 

Room 111 Mrs. Arnold 
First Row: F. Marston, S. Maxwell, J. 
Macropolous, C. Maynard. Second 
Row: R. Manning, R. Morrison, R. 
McKenna, C. Mitchell, N. McDevitt. 
Third Row: J. Manton, D. McCambly, 
C. Marvel, K. McCoy, K. McCafferty, J. 
Mitchell, E. McKenna. 


Room 45 Mr. Thwing 
First Row: E. Henderson, K. Kendrick, D. 
Holbrook. J. Gavin, J. Kane, T. Kerrigan. 
Second Row: D. Kelliher, A. Harakas, K 
Hutnyan, S. Heyd, K. Hanlon, R. 
Jeghelian, K Jones. C. Kane, K. Hansen, 
E. Jones. 

Room 144C Mrs. Crowell 
First Row: W. Singer, T. Simpson, R. 
Taber, D. Theriault. J. Sterling, D. Shann- 
ing, J. Steeger, M. Systrom. Second Row: 
D. Stockford. J. Smith, G. Snyder, W. 
Sweeney, S. Smith, W. Seward, E. 
Spirounis, K. Smith, K. Scott. 

Room 35 Mr. Ducheneau 
First Row: C. Chisholm, E. Cakridas, M. 
Ciardi, N. Cappello, D. Collyer. Second 
Row: D. Caliaghan. A. Coakley, R. 
Ciampa. P. Casey. C. Calvagne. Third 
Row: W. Conway, C. Cavanaugh, K. 
Burke, K. Cecca, K Burke, P. Casey, P. 
Cashin, K Cariani. 


Practicing long, sweaty hours af- 
ter school. Working with the team 
or on our own. Striving for coor- 
dinated perfection. Ascending the 
ladder of improvement each day, 
each week, each time we failed 
and didn't give up. Competing, not 
for the sake of winning the game 
or meet, but for winning a sense of 
inner satisfaction . . . the true vic- 

1 ^H Mr ^^K. T'"'" JB 


*•— « -JBftL- 

Boys' Cross Country Team 
First Row: M. Turley, P. Murphy, J. Kelliher, W. 
Palmer, T. Devlin, A. Heyd, M. Ferry, M. Devlin, 
R. Scollins. Second Row: Coach H. Fischler, D. 
Crawford (Capt.). G. Loughlin. J. Ryan, M. 
Beder, P Condrin (Capt.), G. Love. G. Mason, 
G. Connolly, Asst. Coach R. Cummings. 


The boys' and girls' cross country team, under the leadership of co- 
captains Mark Vogel and Paul Condrin, had another highly successful 
season finishing with an impressive 6-1 record. Furthermore, in the 
league meet both the boys' and girls' varsity teams captured first place 

The top runner for the boys was senior Doug Crawford. In addition 
to placing fourth in the league meet, he turned in one of the best per- 
formances ever by a Westwood runner. Also leading the team on to 
victory were Mark Vogel, Paul Condrin, Gerry Loughlin, Mike Ferry, 
Phil Murphy, George Mason, and Steve Ausevich. In addition, the sup- 
port of Mark Turley, Bill Palmer, and Jim Ryan also helped the cause. 

Leading the girls on to victory were seniors Kathy Keefe and Laura 
Fry. In addition were Chrisy Kelly, Diana Petrakos, Valerie Allen, Sue 
Montambo, and Peggy Mason. 


The Golf Team finished the season placing second in the Tri-Valley 
League with an impressive 9-3 record. Mike Glynn and John Scales 
also made impressive showing in the State Qualifying matches held at 
the Oakley Country Club. 

The team was described as fairly successful and consistent and 
looks forward to an even better season next year. Many thanks to 
Coach Raymond Kodzis for his many contributions to the team. 

GT League 


Girls' Cross Country Team 
First Row: C. Kelly. K. Keefe (Capt), L. Fry (Capt), S. Montambo. Second 
Row: Asst. Coach R. Cummings. D. Petrakos, P. Mason, Coach H. Fischler. 

Front, left to right: R. McNamara. D. Megley, J Scales, Coach R. Kodzis. 
Rear: T. Schweitzer, K. Criss, J. Gibbons, T. Boyd, D. Scales. 

Play with Style 

Front Row: E. MacDonald. S. Heinrich. S. Foster, co-capt.; T. Smith, co-capt.; M. Sullivan. Second 
Row: Coach Blaisdale. S. Wisialko. K. McCoy. J. Desisto. K. McCafferty. T. Monack. mgr. 

High, powered... 

The antics of F. & M. ... beating on the freshmen 
. . . playing cheeky-cheeky . . . unwilling warmups . . . 
jumping against the wall . . . storytime at the Magic 

The girls volleyball team led by co-captains Tina 
Smith and Sharon Foster experienced a fairly suc- 
cessful season. With losses only to Holliston and 
Ashland (the team's toughest competition), the girls 
showed strength, sportsmanship and unity in their 
wins. Co-captain Tina Smith was voted Most 
Valuable Player and Eileen MacDonald was named 
Unsung Hero. Also to be recognized are Sharon 
Foster for her "vicious" spike and Jane Desisto for 
being a number one setter. Susan Heinhch added a 
few German touches to the game and played a fine 
season as well. The girls thank Coach Kathy 
Blaisdale and look for a better season next year. 

Junior Varsity 
Front Row: J. Steeger. J. Marshall. C. Smith. L. MacKey. S. Padell. Second 
Row: Coach Burke. C O'Malia. S. Roach. E. Theriault. S. Nordstrom, J. King. 




Boys' Varsity Soccer 
The 1978 WHS Varsity Soccer Team was led by the 
fine play of tri-captains Bill Gavin, Charlie Pappis, and 
Dennis Megley. The biggest victory of the season was a 
stunning upset over a tough Medfield club 2-1. Goalie 
Scott Hayes was spectacular with acrobatic saves and in- 
telligent goal tending. Billy Gavin talllied for the Green 
Machine while the gamewinner was scored by Dennis 
Megley. The season was a total team effort. 

Sitting (Left to right): T. McKenna, C. DeSisto, N. Sullivan, P. Skelly, S. 
Hayes. R. Watson, M. Murray, J. Skelly, S. Dowd, B. McDonald, R. 
Wiley. Standing: B. Gavin, J. Ogden, J. Stone, R. Johnson, D. Megley, C. 
Pappis. K. Downes. B. Brady. J. Derwin, D. Howitt, and Coach Kevin 

Girls' Soccer Team 
Mr. Niles ... Mr. (McCutie) 
McHugh . . . "Ladies, listen up!" 
P. T. E. ... "See that tennis 
court?" . . . "Introduce yourself 
... oh yeah" . . . "Toga!" . . . 
Game Prayer . . . "Your jaws 
are loose enough!" . . . Tri- 
captains Lynne (F. A. G.), 
Sarah (Farah), Mary (Mare- 
bear) "Good Gravy!" . . . Mean, 
Rotten , Nasty!!" ... Walls - 
Chrissy type ... "I need a 
volunteer . . . you'll do" . . . 
Juniors, on the line" . . . 
"Hummm, EXCUSE me!" . . . 
Do your legs ... 18, 19, 20 . . . 

First Row (Left to right): M. White (tri-capt.), L. Walsh (tri-capt.), S. Chapin (tri-capt.). Second Row: Coach M. Niles, J. Lanzillo, 
E. Roach. N. Rogers, K. Reissfelder, S. Barry, A. Giovino, C. McCoy, K. Berkland, D. Losardo, L. White, B. Keller. Third Row: 
L. Bryant, C. Dalton, C. Atchue, J. Dresens, D. Fleming, H. Walls, C. Aaron, M. Goddard, W. Miller, C. Walls. 

Giving It All You Have 


The "Moon Gang" . . . Mo's hysterical 
laughter . . . Olympic Games . . . "Slow 
Children Slow" sign . . . one-eyed bus drivers 
. . . Tricia's daily dilemna: "Barb, what am I 
gonna do??" . . . war paint . . . recruiting for 
tryouts . . . Ellen's Dedham cheers . . . bus 
rides . . . "A. C." Carver . . . "Think we'll make 
it to the tourney?!" . . . waiting for passing soc- 
cer and football players . . . "Do you see 
Jimmy or Jeff?" . . . "Judi, pay attention!" . . . 
team warm-ups ... A Season of Injuries and 
Stitches . . . 

Girls' JV Field Hockey 
First Row: K. Effgen, J. Renzi, A. Lynch, M. Cloherty, M. 
Dare, L. O'Brien. Second Row: M. DeSimone, D. Shann- 
ing, K. Chikusi, J. Yakel, L. Russo, Coach Quintiliano. 

Girls' Varsity Field Hockey 
First Row: L. Gilberti, J. Bashian, M. Donlan (capt.), L. Towle (capt), P. Henderson, A. 
Pelusi, Coach Elizabeth Rice. Second Row: T. Bonner, C. Kuppens, B. Scott, B. Clement, 
M. McGinnis, K. Murphy, L. Leonard, J. Cullen, D. Shanning. 

Under the leadership of Coach Rice, the varsity (behind 
co-captains Maureen Donlon and Liz Towle) suffered a dis- 
appointing season with a record of 1-6-2, despite the talent 
on the team. However, it was enjoyed by all and the future of 
WHS field hockey looks promising as a large number of un- 
derclassmen played on Varsity and Junior Varsity. 

Congratulations to the girls who were selected to the 
Daily Transcript All-Star Team: Maureen Donlon, Liz Towle, 
Janice Ihnatko, and Barbara Clement, who was also named 
as Most Sportsmanlike player. Maureen and Liz were also 
selected as Tri-Valley League All-Stars. 

Seniors Mo, Liz, Judi, LeeAnn, Barb, Mary, Paula, Joan, 
Anita, and Linda thank Miss Rice for her time and patience 
and wish next year's team luck. 

Also, a special wish for AFS student Kauru Chikushi who 
played on J. V 

You never lose until you've given up 
The biggest fault is giving up without trying 
If you fight, if you try, if you push yourself . . . 
Even if you lose, you have won. 


Football - 1978 

The football team had the most successful season in 
the history of WHS. With only one heartbreaking loss to 
Dover early in the season, the team just barely missed 
making it to the schoolboy Division 4 Superbowl game. 
They won more games than any other football team from 
Westwood High School and clearly proved their strength 
and versatility. 

The season started with victories over Foxboro and 
Hopkington. In these two games, it was the defense led 
by Jim McCoy, Jack Kerivan, Paul McGovern and Kevin 
Powers that kept the opposition away from the goal line. 
After a victory under the lights at Ashland. Westwood 
went on to visit the Mohawks from Millis. Previous to this 
game, Millis had outsloped their opposition by an incredi- 
ble margin of 103 to 3. Westwood was still in the game in 
the fourth quarter but was trailing 10-7. With two minutes 
left in the game, QB Pat O'Reilly hit Mark MacNamara 
over the middle with a pass. Mark caught the pass and 
was immediately hit by a Millis defender. Despite break- 
ing three bones in his leg, he still managed to hang onto 
the ball and give Westwood one of its most exciting foot- 
ball victories ever. 

This game seemed to give Westwood the momentum 
for the rest of the season. They coasted to five more vic- 
tories, winning each game by two or three touchdowns. 
Another highlight of the season was a 32-3 Thanksgiving 
Day victory over Holliston. Jeff Scibilia was the star in this 
game as he caught 3 touchdown passes. 

Many seniors contributed greatly to this team. Mike 
Fabiano proved to many that he is the best back that 
Westwood ever had. He accounted for almost 50% of the 
total offense and was a tremendous leader. Jack Kerivan 
and Kevin Powers anchored one side of a defense that 
could not be pushed back. These two, along with Paul 
McGovern and Jim McCoy led a defense that allowed 
only 35 points the entire season. On offense, senior QB 
Pat O'Reilly threw 1 1 touchdown passes. Jim McCoy led 
the team in receptions. Once he caught the ball, Jim was 
extremely difficult to bring down. Jeff Scibilia was second 
in Division 4 in touchdown receptions with 5. Jeff was the 
deep threat on the team. Paul McGovern was second in 
scoring on the team. He scored 3 touchdowns and 
kicked an incredible 17 extra points. The offensive line 
was anchored by Ed Huber and John McDermott. Ed 
and John consistently did their jobs week after week. 
Their steady play was main reason for the success of the 
offense. Joe D'Amelio also contributed to the offense 
with some excellent running. Senior defensive backs Jack 
Fannon. Tom Mulroy, and Kirt Doursonian were reasons 
why so few points were scored against the defense. Todd 
Francis was tough in his noseguard position on defense 
by stopping all ball carriers that came his way. Mark 
Wallace was a key defensive player who led the team in 
interceptions and fumble recoveries. 

Nobody will forget the unity that this team had. . . . Mic 
coming late for practice . . . Gabe, Crunch, Mai, Barf, 
Wally, and Mike . . . Wiffle Wisdom . . . camp mono ... up 
downs . . . "Hell Bent For Election" . . . "I'll tell you what" 
. . . SUCCESS! 

With all the juniors coming back, led by co-captains Bill 
Crabtree and Chuck Brawley, the team should shine in 
'79. The togetherness, pride, and winning attitude of the 
team of '78 will be long remembered. 

' >. 

Junior Varsity Squad 







^s*" J> ' 

Front Row (Left to right): D. Fafara, M. Devlin, E. Doursou- 
nian, P. Fillipone, D. Devlin, B. Seward, B. Sweeney, B. 
Carter, E. McKenna, M. Devlin, G. Colburn. Second Row: 
D. Friedl (Mgr.), S. Cirillo, T. Devlin, S. Ausevich, E. Huber, 
J. Powers, J. Kerivan, R. Doherty, K. Martin, G. Mason, R. 
Ogilvie, R. Scarlata, G. Love, D. Howitt. Third Row: Asst. 

Boys' Winter Track 
Well, it was another duplicate season for the boys' 
winter track team. With an unbelievable loss to 
Ashland, the boys team ended the TVL season with a 
record of 7-1. However, they were not to be stopped 
as they went on to the states, where as the smallest 
team in the Class C competition (Westwood was 
moved up from Class D), the boys totally wiped out 
their competitors and ran away with the Class C 
crown. Outstanding performances were turned in this 
season by Co-Captain Dan Watson and Tom Linden- 
mayer who both cleared 6'8" in the high jump, Buzzy 
Scarlata in the 300 and the 600, Co-Captain Doug 
Crawford in the 2-mile and the 1000, Mike Ferry in 
the mile, Ken Martin in the hurdles and David 
MacElhiney in the shot. The team continues to make 
amazing comebacks each year after consistently losing 
valuable seniors. Next year they hope for a season like 
this one and thank Coach Sanfason, Coach Tucelli, 
and Coach Cummings for their hours of coaching 
throughout the winter. 

Coach P. Tucelli, S. Barrett, T. Foster, T. McGee, S. Darl- 
ing, D. MacElhiney, G. Loughlin, T. Linenmayer, D. Craw- 
ford (Capt.), D. Watson (Capt.), P. Condrin (Capt.), J. Fan- 
non, M. Ferry, B. Brady, K. Carson, P. Murphy, C. Salalle, 
G. Yesallion, Asst. Coach R. Cummings, Coach D. San- 





L. Bigelow (Manager). D. White, J. Mitchell. M. DeSimone. 
J. King. P. Ballantine. Rear: Asst. Coach P. Tucelli, L. 
Singer, L. Legge, J. Dresens, P. Runci, L. Eads, K. Keefe 

Chrissy's loud laugh . . . Secret Santa's . . . morning practice 
. . . getting lost going to Harvard . . . Hey la dee la dee la dee 
. . . falling off the corners at BU . . . winning the Class C relays. 

This year's girls were not just "members" of the 
boys winter track team: they formed a team of their 
own. Led by senior captain Kathy Keefe. the girls went 
on to dominate the entire Tri-Valley League. Out- 
standing performances were made by Chrissy Kelly 
who ran an unbelievable 5:09 mile at Harvard, Linda 
O'Brien with great 300 runs all through the season. 
Dori White who made the Patriot Ledger with her 
grueling 3/4 mile leg at the Class C relays, Valerie 
Allen who won the TVL meet in the 600, Maureen 
Donlon who dominated the TVL in the hurdles, and 
Jennifer Dresens who now holds the school record in 
the 1000. Others who should be recognized are Jane 
Mitchell in the 600, Diana Petrakos in the 2 mile, and 
Julie Bishop and Paula Ballatine in the 300. The girls 
hope to increase the team next year and wish to thank 
Coach Sanfason, Coach Tucelli, and Coach Cumm- 
ings for their great coaching throughout the season. 

(Captain). D. Petrakos. L. O'Brien. A. Schiavo. D. Fleming. 
J. Sterling, C. Kelly. Asst. Coach R. Cummings. Coach 
Dave Sanfason. 

Captain S. Seward, Coach R. Bonn, 
Captain M. Warren 


Ashland . . . Work boots ... The Wolf Pack 
. . . "Bondo" . . . "Jeff, no dunking in warm- 
ups!" . . . Sam's promptness . . . "Bingo" . . . 
police escorts . . . "Chewy" . . . "Iceman" . . . 
"Pitts" . . . "C. D." . . . timeout for Mr. Geary 
. . . "D-up!" . . . "Tacos" ... A diminishing 
team . . . problems?? . . . "Seward, been 
known to dribble through a crowd!" . . . 

Under the leadership of captains Mark 
Warren and Sam Seward and the coaching 
of first-year Varsity Coach Bob Bonn, the 
Boys' Varsity Basketball Team completed 
another successful season with a league 
record of 13-3 putting them in third place 
and an over-all record of 14-6. The boys 
qualified for the tournament once again, 
however, they were eliminated in the first 

Boys' Varsity 
Front Row Left to right: J. Smith, M. Warren (captain), S. Seward (captain), C. Colpitts. Back 
Row: Coach R. Bonn, J. Ward, J. MacLellan, C. Bell. C. DeSisto, B. Warren. 

game against a tough Sharon team 68-58. 

Highlights of the year were the usual 
rivalry games against Medfield. In the home- 
court game, the most memorable moment 
was when Medfield Coach Dave Gibbs and 
one of his boys tried to harass Westwood 
player Jim McCoy. Jim's defiance and cool 
thinking kept Westwood alive as they beat 
Medfield by a score of 57-51. Another 
memorable night was Gail Thwing Night on 
January 19th (with Dover- Sherbon as the 
visiting team). In honor of Coach Thwing, a 
fine man and an excellent coach, the game 
was attended by a large crowd, including for- 
mer players of Coach Thwing. 

Outstanding performances of the season 
were recognized with the selection of Tri- 
Valley League All-Star Sam Seward; and 
Daily Transcript All-Stars John MacLellan, 
Jeff Smith, and Captain Sam Seward. 

With only three (three Westwood greats) 
seniors leaving: Sam Seward. Mark Warren, 

and Craig Colpitts, the team of 1980 is sure 
to be strong with six varsity players returning. 




rfSTWOo, I }&} VO m °4>\ 

]?m i ,2 j u 24 (j22ijri )i?i Jit 






Kneeling: A. Deacon (Capt), L. Walsh 
(Capt). Standing: Coach K. Delaney- 
Smith, D. Shanning, N. Nee, S. MacMullen, 
S. Foster, C. McCoy, C. Aaron, J. DeSisto, 
E. Nee, K. Carey. 


This was the year of the champions and 
the girls' basketball set out to prove this was 
so. With determination and 94 straight wins 
backing them up, the girls faced Abington in 
the first game of the season. The team was 
defeated on the scoreboard but not in their 
hearts as they went on to dominate the TVL 
with a record of 18-0. During this time, co- 
captain Anne Deacon broke 1000 points 
making her one of the few WHS basketball 
stars to accomplish such a feat. Also, the 
team strengthened as a whole. The younger 
players grew in experience and the older 
ones in skill. In general the team became 
more unified and went on to defeat 
Wareham, Walpole, Rockland, Abington 
("revenge"), Algonquin, and then fianally, in 
one of the best played and most exciting 
games of WHS basketball, the team 

defeated Ipswich at Holy Cross to win the 
state championship. Co-captain Lynn 
Walsh, Nancy Nee, Sue MacMullan, Claire 
McCoy, Elaine Nee, and Cheryl Aaron 
should be recognized along with Anne 
Deacon for their outstanding performances. 
The team would like to express their ap- 
preciation to Coach Kathy Delaney-Smith 
for her support and hours of coaching which 
brought the team to the championship, and 
to the many fans who cheered them on to 

Slideshow . . . September . . . Boston . . . E. 
W. & F. ... the things that wouldn't leave . . . 
20 second sprints . . . THE jackets . . . over- 
time toilet paper ... # 1 ... it's better to live 
one day as a lion than a hundred years as a 

Junior Varsity 
First Row: C. Kuppens, C. Mclnnis, K. Berkland, M. Dare. Second Row: D. 
Lasardo, D. Grady, S. Nordstrom, K. Murphy, L. McDonald, Coach Quin- 





He begins . . . 

With desire and determination, with diligence and dedication. 

He continues . . . 

With belief in his teammates, as well as respect for his opponents, 
With dignity when he succeeds, as well as when he falters. 

Through his desire and determination, he develops a fine character. 
Through his diligence and dedication, he becomes an outstanding athlete. 
His belief, his respect, and his dignity make him an honorable sportsman. 

He achieves . . . 

because of his character, his ability, and his honor. 

What no other can quite attain 

What makes him a shade above the rest 

What distinghishes him from every other 

He achieves ... He becomes ... a Champion ... A True Champion . . . 

Super Quality 


Only The Best Are Champions 


First Row (left to right): K. Huskins, M. Donlon, Captain; D. Zalkind, S. Montambo, P. Casey, J. Thompson, G. 
MacPherson, P. Davenport. Second Row: Coach Raymond Burr, Liz Towle, N. Rogers, H. Donlon, S. Montambo, 
P. Tschurch, R. Thompson, Captain; B. McElvry, K. Harris, S. Maxwell, K. Criss. Third Row: J. Ryan, J. Montella, K. 
Roche, S. Lane, R. Morrisson, D. Feeney, R. Johnson, J. Giberti, J. Ward, J. Stone, D. Stacey. 


Due to the mild weather, the ski team experienced a 
slightly "off' season which consisted of only three meets. 
However, they consistently finished second in each meet 
with strong performances turned in by Nancy Rogers who 
was first in the league and scored the most points for the 
team and Jordan Stone who also scored many of the team's 
points. Led by co-captains Maureen Donlon and Rick 
Thompson, the team showed consistency in every meet. As 
a young team, it looks forward to an even better season of 
skiing next year (with more snow hopefully) and wishes to 
thank Coach Burr for a fun winter. 


Ad ' : 




4^r m3»M 

l K 




The girls' gymnastics 
team experienced a tough 
season since its two co- 
captains Anita Murphy and 
Ellen Hanley were injured in 
mid-season. The team, 
however, continued com- 
peting successfuly in various 
meets with Lauren Hill as 
perhaps the most valuable 
player on the team. The girls 
would like to thank their 
coach for a great season and 
look forward to more 
"balancing" and "vaulting" 
next winter. 


Junior Varsity Squad 
Front (left to right): M. Ciardi. J. Ruggerio. P. Sullivan. A. Aymie. B. Murphy. E 
Bounato. G. Snyder. P. Valentine. Rear: C. Poli. N. McDevitt. C. Malloy. C. Mundt. D 
Clay. B. Mclnnis. G. Testa. L. Bero, W. Reissfelder. E. Henderson. Coach P. 

Varsity Squad 
Front (left to right): B. Murphy. J. Mazzarella. J. Gavin. W. O'Connor. W. Gavin. J. 
Malloy. E. Gavin. T. Boyd. B. McElroy. D. VanZile. Mgr. Rear: Coach K. Crowe, W. 
McGillis. Mgr.: C. Poli. C. Flahive. P. Engian. K. Burke. R. Johnson, T. Jacobs. D. Megley. 
J. Ogden. S. Fallon. D. Quinlan. R. Pease. Trainer, Coach P. McCracken. 

Led by Tri-Captains Jerry Malloy. Tom Jacobs, and Bill Gavin, the 
Wolverine pucksters clinched the Tri-Valley League title after exciting games 
with rival Holliston. Faced with early 6:00 a.m. practices and the bitter cold of 
the Taber Rink, the squad worked hard to earn a position in the State Tourna- 
ment only to be eliminated by Lynnfield in the first round. 

Much credit is due the seniors who left the team this year after three years 
of competition. Also, many thanks to the loyal fans who braved the snowy 
Saturday nights and the cold rink to cheer the boys to victory. 




'■ mixKW£'l 1 

The swim team this year, under the leadership of senior co-captains Denis 
Roche and Scott Shaughnessey, finished their season with a 5-4 record. 

Despite a slow start at the beginning of the season with unexpected losses 
to New Bedford and Middleboro, the team finished strong with their victory 
over Milford. 

Furthermore, it was at this meet where a new 400 free style relay record 
time of 3:48.6 was set beating last year's record by six seconds. This relay 
team consisted of this season's four highest scorers, B. Brawley, K Cloney, 
S. Shaughnessy. and D. Roche. 

In addition to those four, the swimming squad consisted of B. Gavin, S. 
Beaton, J. Curwen, and D. Glover. This year's diving squad consisted of Dan 
Dion with a high of 150 points, John Mason, and Matt Gellotte. 

With the majority of the team being underclassmen, This year's diving 
squad consisted of Dan Dion with a high of 150 points, John Mason, and 
Matt Gellotte. 

With the majority of the team being underclassmen, the team can look 
forward to an ejen stronger season next year. 

^ tP ^ ^ 

Boys' Swim Team 
First Row (left to right): S. Bernstein, J. Lodge, R. 
Previtt, R. Leveckis. Second Row: M. Gellotte, M. 
Berlin, J. Curwen, B. Gavin, R. Brawley, K. Cloney, 
T. Beaton, M. Faulkson, S. McCurdy, F. Hunt. 
Third Row: D. Dion, J. Mason, B. MacQuame, R. 
Halligan, F. Callaghan, F. Connell, J. Wells, P. 
Skelly. Fourth Row: S. Shaunessey, Co-Capt.; 
Coach J. Gearon, D. Roche, Co-Capt.; C. Peter- 



. . . Patty Lawless' beauty makeover . . . 
munching out on B-day cukes . . . 200 
IM warmup . . . "My bathing suit's see- 
through!" . . . "What do you mean I'm 
swimming the 500!?! . . . fogged up 
goggles . . . eau de chlorine . . . 

Led by Senior Co-Captains Susanne 
Tosi and Fuzzy Flynn, the team did a 
great job considering the great number 
of freshmen and sophomore members. 
This year was definitely one of 
rebuilding and the squad looks towards 
an undefeated season in 1980! Out- 
standing performers included Maura 
Fitzpatrick in the 500. Leslie Ferraro in 
diving. Karen Cloney in the 200 IM, and 
Fuzzy Flynn in the 50 and 100 freestyle. 

Rebuilding Year 

First Row (left to right): J. Sten. Mgr.; C. 
Forsberg. Mgr.; R. DeWolfe. K. Cloney. P. 
Lawless. K. Cariani. K. Huskins. J. Manton. L. 
Mullen. Second Row: L. McDonald. P. Casey. 
C. Meagher. K. Williams, M. Fitzpatrick, L. 
Ferraro. L. Riley, J. McCracke. S. Black. S. 
Hoban, Coach Pam Farrell. Third Row: N. Tib 
betts. K. Montgomery. A. Murphy. S. Flynn. 
Co-Captain: S. Tosi. Co-Captain: B. Casey. K. 
Keely. M. Winslow. Raye DeWolfe. 


Spring Track Team 

In Westwood, the Boys' Spring Track has always been blessed with 
dedicated, enthusiastic, and talented athletes; this year the team, 
coached by Richard Hargreaves and Roger Cummings, took their 
renowned qualities beyond the Tri-Valley League and established 
themselves statewide. 

As usual with track, it was a season filled with individual and team 
accomplishments. The team had a 6-1 league record. The team also 
won the Tri-Valley league relays, and for the first time in Westwood 
Spring Track history, the team captured the Class C State Relays. It 
was during these relays that Doug Crawford, Ken Martin, John Fan- 
non, and Brian Fitzhenry broke the record in the shuttle hurdle relay. 
In all, it was "a team" to remember. 

The list of personal achievements and records is endless for every 
member of the team had his own specialty to offer. There were several 
tracksters whose accomplishments were outstanding: Senior and co- 
captain John Fannon set a new record in the 330 low hurdles; senior 
John McDermott three the javelin a distance of 177 feet to establish a 
new record; Kurt Doursounian, another senior, participated in the 
state meet and placed fifth in a sprinting event and fifth in the long 
jump. The team of '79 was also lucky enough to have within its ranks 
the most awesome highjump combo in New England; Captain Dan 
Watson and Tom Lindemeyer were the two seniors who formed this 
incredible duo. They share the school record of 6'8". After placing in 
the state meet (Dan placed third and Tom fourth), they went on to 
compete in the New Englands where Tom placed first and Dan fourth. 


Spring Track Team 

5" M 


Beating Dover Sherbom . . . holding the Class C relays ... leg lifts . . . cooking 
hamburgers and hotdogs . . . Hey la dee la dee la dee . . . great cookout at 

Strong and experienced from winter track workouts, the girls went on with 
confidence to their outdoor season. Led by quad-captains Liz Towle. Julie 
Bishop. Maureen Donlon and Kathy Keefe. the girls won every meet except for 
Holliston and went on to tie for the TVL crown with Dover-Sherborn and 
Holliston. The field events improved immensely over the season with excep- 
tional performances made by Liz Towle in the discus. Anna Schiavo in the 
javelin and Jean King in the shot. The running events improved as well. The 
combination of Chrissy Kelly and Don White struck fear into all their com- 
petitors' hearts. Jennifer Dresens ran superbly in the 880. Valerie Allen and 
Jane Mitchell in the 440 made another combination which was extremely hard 
to get by. Sophomore Susie Montambo showed a great deal of potential and 
strength in the 2 mile as did Lisa Eads. Maureen Donlon revealed her skill in the 
hurdles and the long jump and Linda O'Brien turned in great performances 
time after time in the 220. All in all. the girls enjoyed a great season and owe this 
to the fine coaching of Coach Sanfason and Coach Tucelli. 


The girls' tennis team played a fine season this spring with 
a record of 16-2, placing second in the TVL. Losing only to 
Dover Sherborn (their toughest competition), the team 
worked its way up to the quarterfinals of the states. Led by 
co-captains Kay Montgomery and Betsy Ratto, the team was 
composed mainly of underclassmen who will be returning 
next year to play more great tennis. Outstanding perfor- 
mances were turned in by Nancy Procaccino who had a 15- 
1 record and was the number one player on the team, and 
the doubles teams of Jane Ratto and Claire McCoy and 
Jane Desisto and Kelly Carey who were first and second 
respectively. The team wishes to thank Coach Procaccino 
for her fine coaching and looks forward to more tennis next 

Front Row (left to right): S. DeAngelis, J. Ratto, J. Yakel, B. Ratto, Co-captain; K. Montgomery, 
Co-captain; C. Murphy, R. Jeghelian. Second Row: A. Lynch, Mgr.; E. Nee, C. McCoy, K. Carey, 
M. Keating, J. Desisto, P. Casey, N. Procaccino, M. DeAngelis, Coach Procaccino. 



Front (Left to right): R. McKelvy, P. McDermott, 1 
Padell, Capt.; J. Bain, Capt.; D. Clancy, K. Harris 
Rear: Coach Peden, S. Goodrich, T. Buchmueller, 
Fallon, G. Gonser, J. Rudser, S. Beaton, E. Hanley, fi 
White, D. Theriault, M. Gelotte. 

The boys' tennis team did very well this 
season with a record of 17-3. With a team com- 
posed of mainly sophomores, their success this 
season may hint at future WHS tennis years. 
Outstanding performances were turned in by 
co-captain Jon Bain with a 10-3 record in 
singles, Al White and Ed Hanley with 15-3 and 
16-2 singles records respectively, co-captain 
Tom Padell and Steve Fowler in doubles with a 

record of 19-1 and Matt Gelotte and Scott 
Goodrich with a doubles record of 14-1. The 
team had six players on the league all star team, 
made it to the quarter finals in the state com- 
petition, and in general played fine tennis in 
each game. The team wishes to thank Coach 
Peden for his hard work and looks forward to 
more tennis next year. 


Junior Varsity 
First Row: K. Kuppens. L. May. Second Row: T. Simpson, C. Cavanaugh, C. 
Smith, A. Palemo, J. Steeger. Third Row: S. Roche. J. Manton. J. Engeian, S. 
Padell, S. Umsheid, M. Rudser, Mgr.; Coach Smelstor. 

First Row: L. Walsh. (Captain): Coach K. Blaisdell; S. FilliponefCapt.). Second 
Row: L. White, D. LoSardo, C. Aaron, H. Walls, E. Roche. Third Row: K. 
Powers. T, Bonner, C. Walls, L. Brooks. Fourth Row: M. West (Mgr), S. Lynch 
(Mgr.), D. McCanbly (Mgr.). 


Tryouts, (or the mornings afterward) ... the 'Dish' on the mound . . . 
Kathy's impeccable hair . . . Lynne to Cheryl to Lori for a DP . . . Steve 
and his towels (big enough for two) . . . Donna's golden glove (she's 
great) . . . Lynne's beaning . . . Kevin the Umpire ... Liz in Left . . . the 
Medfield protest . . . Foz . . . will Janice ever know the signals? 

Respectability was brought back to Westwood girls' softball as this 
year's varsity sported a record of 7-9, a marked improvement from the 
previous year. First year coach Nancy Blaisdell molded a young team 
consisting of three starting freshmen and only one senior into a solid 
unit as the season progressed and the team gained experience. The 
highlight of the season occurred when the girls won a iormal protest 
over a disputed call in a game versus Medfield; thereby setting a prece- 
dent for the benefit of all girls' sports. Earning Tri Valley League All 
Star honors were co-captains Sue Filippone and Lynne Walsh at third 
base and shortstop respectively, who along with Helene Walls as 
catcher, were also named Daily Transcript All Stars. The team wishes 
to thank Coach Blaisdell and looks forward to more softball next 



Varsity Squad 
Front (left to right): G. Guindon, R. 
Scarlatta, M. Fabiano, Captain; J. 
Kerivan, Captain; B. Cappuccino, Cap- 
tain; P. Gaughan, R. Brooks. Rear: C. 
McLean, Mgr.; M. Murray, J. Mulgrew, P. 
O'Reilly, D. Massey, M. Walsh, D 
O'Rourke. B. Warren, G. Malloy, J 
Ruggeirio, Coach R. Bonn. 

' ( 

Junior Varsity Squad 
Front (left to right): B. Mingels, A. 
Guarino. R. Bradley. C. DeSisto, S. 
Harrington. E. Gavin, T Antonellis. J. 
Collins. Rear: Coach Kirby. J. Dullea, B. 
McDonough. P. LaCamara, D. 
Manchester. B. Bartow. R. Gerulskis, W. 
Reisfelder. B. Murphy. 



* V;:r sU Si- 



This year was perhaps the greatest season 
for Wolverine baseball yet! The squad 
finished their season with an 18-3 record 
which won them their second straight TVL 
championship. This was a team dominated 
by seniors who made consistent and out- 
standing plays throughout the season. Paul 
Gaughan and Mike Walsh were consistently 
impressive pitchers who stopped the best hit- 
ters the league had to offer. Pat O'Reilly, 
Dan O'Rourke, and Mike Fabiano played 
first, second, and third base respectively and 

prevented opposing teams from scoring 
through determined and closely knit efforts. 
Their batting records also prove their value 
as hitters. The outfield which consisted of 
John Kerivan, Russ Scarlatta, and Paul 
McGovern caught anything which passed 
the basemen. They, too, were all great hit- 
ters. Brian Cappuccino had another fine 
season and Russ Scarlatta was probably the 
most valuable hitter on the team. 

Junior Jerry Malloy pitched one of his 
greatest seasons and along with another 

junior, Gary Guindon, made great contribu- 
tions to the squad with their pitching and 
strong hitting. The united efforts of this team 
sent them as far as a chance at the Division II 
crown where the Wolverines were defeated 
by Boston Latin. Named to the TVL All Stars 
were: Dan O'Rourke, Pat O'Reilly, Brian 
Cappuccino, Mike Walsh, Paul Gaughan, 
and John Kerivan. Thanks to Coach Bonn 
for a great season! 


We take pride in our achieve- 
ments, both academic and 
extracurricular. We have 
tried to assume responsibility 
for our total education, and 
have discovered two sides of 
life that we can experience 
through Westwood High 
School. During the day, we 
have grown intellectually. 
When the final bell rings, we 
are free to pursue some of the 
many activities available to 
us, as we have scattered to 
become parts of teams, 
clubs, casts, and committees. 


Front: A. Thie, T. Petrakos. D. Doyle. Exchange Student K. Chikushi. C. Mitchell. Second Row: M. Thibeault. L. 
Bigelow. J. Sten. J Delaplace. A. Giovino. Third Row: S Christensen. J Luke, J. Meridan, C. Peterson. J. Gun- 
dal. Fourth Row: B. Spakevicius. B. Sesnovich, S. Wisialko. K. Montgomery, P. Kontrimas, L. Fry, S. Chapin, S 

The American Field Service program has 
for many years played a prominent role in 
the lives of many students. In order to 
finance summer exchanges, the club has 
held money-raising events including the very 
successful International Dinner and the Barn 
Sale. The group sponsored for the first time 
a short-term exchange with New Jersey. 

The 1979 exchange student was Kaoru 
Chikushi from Japan. Throughout her year 
at Westwood. her warm personality has 
brought happiness to her family and 
classmates. She has offered different views 
of the American lifestyle and has instilled in 
all a deeper appreciation of their culture. In 
her graduation speech, Ka expressed her 
thoughts: "AFS has brought me un- 
derstanding of the value of the American 
culture which has brought a great benefit in- 
side myself. I hope I have taught my family 
and friends something important and 
positve about the Japanese culture." 


The Student-Faculty Forum, a group 
composed of teachers, administrators, and 
students, worked together to create an at- 
mosphere of continuity within the school. 
Due to popular demand, the group brought 
back Ice Cream Day where several students 
served ice cream cones to hungry teachers, 
administrators, and students. 

First Row: C. Kuppens. K. Powers. J. Rizza. 
Second Row S. Kusmin, Mrs. Eberly (Advisor), S. 
Tosi. Third Row: D Kelliher. S Montambo. S. 
Montambo, Ms. Curran (Advisor), E Huber 
Fourth Row: J. Frew, B. Clement. Missing from 
picture: B. Gillis. 


The Student Council, under the 
leadership of President Ed Huber. Vice- 
president Barb Clement. Secretary Betsy 
Gillis. and Treasurer Carmen Crocker, had 
its most successful year ever. The group es- 
tablished itself as a respected and influential 
club by sponsoring many activities such as 
the Christmas Raffle. Singing Telegrams, the 

Easter Raffle, the Bloodmobile. exchanges 
with Norwood and Ashland high schools — 
and its greatest achievement, the highly suc- 
cessful and memorable Homecoming Week 
and Halloween Dance. 

The Student Council has set a precedent 
that future members will follow, so it will con- 
tinue to be as productive and successful as it 


Frist Row (left to right): J. Rizzo, C. 
Crocker. B. Gillis. E. Huber. E. Huber. 
B. Clement. Second Row: J. Frew. L. 
Towle. D. MacPherson. S. Montambo. 
N. Neville. Third Row: S. Harrington. J. 
DeSisto. C. Kelly. S. Kusmin. Fourth 
Row: D. Thorton. D. Theriault. B. 
Brawley. C Kuppens. K. Powers. B. 
Sesnovich. S. Christensen. 

grew to be this year. 

The group would especially like to thank 
Miss Judith Bolles for her continued sup- 
port, advice, encouragement, but most of all 
her never-ending trust. With our sincerest 
thanks to you. Miss Bolles. we will never 
forget this year and all you did for us. 

Advisory Board 

Advisor Miss Judith Bolles with V. P. Barbara Clement and President Ed Huber. 


Treasurer C. Crocker. Secretary B. Gillis. 

Vice-President B. Clement. President E. Huber 





Front Row (left to right): R. Westhaver, L 
Gerulskis, L. Randall, K. McKeon, H. 
Moulton, Editor J. Mullins, D. Fleming. 
Rear: C. Mitchell, A. Smith, J. Gundal, M. 
O'Hara. E. Lane, A. Giovino, W. 


Front (left to right): A. Giovino, L. Bigelow, Editor M. White, S. Wisialko. Second: D. 
Petrakos, D. Fleming, C. Corlito, G. Malloy, J. Ihnatko, P. Murphy. Third: B. Clement, 
J. Luke, J. Meridan, S. Monoghan, A. White. Fourth: S. Shaughnessy, M. Whitley, E. 
Hanley, G. Mason, P. DiMattia. 




The National Honor Society is an organization whose members are 
selected based on academic achievement as well as school and com- 
munity involvement. This year the NHS, under the guidance of advisor, 
Miss H. Joan Dillon, helped guide confused parents on the evening of 
Open House at the high school. In November, the group hosted an ex- 
change visit with members of the National Honor Society of Wellesley 
High. The students attended class at Westwood and finished up with a 
joint meeting to exchange thoughts and ideas. To raise money for the 
organization, students sold refreshments at various dances sponsored by 
other school organizations. On Valentine's Day the NHS sold per- 
sonalized carnations which were available to both students and faculty. 
The members are particularly proud of the tutoring program conducted 
with several gifted elementary students from Martha Jones School, which 
allowed them to teach in a number of academic areas. The NHS enjoyed 
a progressive dinner and finished up the year with a candlelight induction 
ceremony for the new senior candidates and members of the National 
Honor Society of 1979-1980. The departing seniors wish the new mem- 
bers luck and extend their hope that the NHS experience will be as 
profitable as it was for them. 

Senior Members 
First Row: J. Gundal, B. Gillis, V. Beder, President D. Sul- 
livan, Vice-president E. Towle, Treasurer D. Fleming, D. 
O'Rourke. Second Row: A. Kelly, B. Clement, P. Henderson, 
C. Keegan, C. Mitchell, E. Harnett. Third Row: L. Giberti, J. 
Mullins, J. Delaplace, J. Powers, A. Deacon. Fourth Row: B. 
MacDonald. S. Filippone, L. Vivona, S. Shaughnessey, T. 
Petrakos, R. Westhaver. Fifth Row: P. Condrin, K. Keefe, A. 
Smith, S. Tosi, A. Ihnatko, M. Schmitt, L. Wefald. Sixth Row: 
K. Dowries, G. Pisano, S. Galins, P. O'Reilly, L. Randall, J. 
Bain, C. Pappis, D. Roche. 

Junior Members 
First Row: D. Scales, P. Murphy, J. Toffoloni (President), M. 
White (Vice-President), J. Desisto (Secretary), E. Hanley 
(Treasurer). Second Row: K. Welling, C. Atchue, A Giovino, 
S. Wisialko, M. DeAngelis, B. Carver. Third Row: G. 
Loughlin, D. Fleming, J. Luke, N. MacDonald, K. Hansen, A 
Thie. Fourth Row: G. Mason, P. Clark, B. Spakevicius, B. 
Sesnovich, J. Wells, S. Christensen, S. Chapin. Fifth Row: R. 
Brooks, A. White, J. Derwin, C. Croker, J. Skelly, M. Murray, 
L. Bigelow. 



First Row (left to right): L. Birch, P. Gavin, S. 
Monoghan, J. Howley. Second Row: J. Dramas, M. 
Luke, B. Clement, President C. Rich. Third Row: A. 
Palermo, R. Tradd, K. Dodge, R. DeWolfe, E. Nee, M. 
DeAngelis. Fourth Row: M. Gonser, S. Taber, W. Miller. 



First Row (Left to right): K. Connelly, L. Legge, R. Lam- 
bert. Second Row: P. Hanlon, R. Nichols, P. Brown, S. 
Croke, P. Macropoulos, N. O'Brien. Third Row: R. 
Pallis, S. Montambo, S. Breese. 



L J. Howtey. K. DoulL P. Gavin. J. Rinaldi. Second Row: E. Maus. Captain: D. Fleming. C McCarthy. S DoulL S. 
Annian. Co-Captain. Third Row: C. Buonato. J. Delaplace. D. Sullivan. D. Doyle. 



First Row (left to right): D. Doyle. M. Provenzano. E MacDonald J. Delaplace. Second Row: B. Maus. C Corlito. M Pelanz. Mrs. E. Cle 
ment (Advisor). Third Row: T. Smith. B. Spakevicius. D. Murphy. L B-.gelow. K. Morse. 


The 1979 WHS musical, entitled Anything Goes, was a huge success. 
Boasting a large cast of both new faces and established talent, the musical 
delighted capacity audiences with three performances receiving much praise. 
The pit orchestra, directed by Mr. Sebastian Bonaiuto, added a perfect touch 
to the musical. The production could not have sailed so smoothly without the 
rigorous hours put in by actors and actresses as well as the large behind-the- 
scenes crew of makeup artists, prop managers, costume designers, and 
lighting experts all coordinated under the close watch of drama coach Miss 
Stephanie Shute. 







From behind the usual hustle and bustle surrounding all perfor- 
mances, emerged the polished and hilarious Senior Cass Play. 
Dim Work in High Places. The comedy, under the direction 
and advice of Miss Shuts =nd starring Jimmy McCafferty. Elise 
Goyette. Phyllis Gavin. Don O'Rourke. Lisa Rossetti. Ann 
N akaros, Kenn;. Martin Betsy Ratto. Mark Carver, and Gary 
Pisano. among others, required extensive rehearsals and prop 
and costume work, but the efforts resulted in a piece of drama 
deserving of a standing ovation, a play the Class of 197 c 
proud to call its own. 



Front (left to right): J. McCafferty, M. Carver, G. Pisano 
Rear: N. MacDonald, P. Gavin, B. Clement, P. Cariani 
R Daley. 



Front (left to right): M. Carver, N. Mac- 
Donald, R. Daley, Y. McRae. Second Row: 
L. Garaffo, M. Bernard, M. Vartebedian, J. 
Barrington, P. Gavin, M. Dargan, M. 
Giovino. Third Row: R. Tarrullo, J. Miller, 
A. DiMartino, K. Gennis, D. O'Rourke, T. 
Schweitzer. Fourth Row: C. Moriaty, J. 
Cosgrove, J. McCafferty, K. Hansen, B. 
Clement, G. Pisano, J. Robinson, P. 


Seated (left to right): C. Mitchell, W. Moulton, C. 
Corlito, R. Westhaver, R. Tarrullo, M. Provenzano, 
C. Sallale. Standing (front): F. Callahan, E. 
Theriault, S. Wisialko, M. DeAngelis, M. Winkelmes. 
(back): J, Gundal, M. Winslow, B. Scott, S. 
Shaughnessy, E. MacDonald. 



B. Clement 

Standing L-R: 

A. Kelly, J. McCafferty, M. Carver. 



Front (left to right): C. Decatur, A. Beder, K. Brooks, J. Dew. Rear: Captain L. 
Brooks, J. Barrington, L. Vivona, J. Nicol, J. O'Neil. 

The 1978-1979 Color Guard, under the leadership of co- 
captains Lori Brooks and Melissa Webber, led the WHS 
Marching Band to a championship season. By combining basic 
drills with precisely executed maneuvers, this year's Color Guard 
produced the most exciting and colorful routines ever. 

Junior Ann Becker will take command for the 1979-1980 
season and plans to uphold the winning tradition established this 


Front (left to right): J. McConnell, K. Lunch, C. Collins. Rear: Co-Captain J. 
Luke. Captain Amy Hanlon. 



C. Mitchell 
S. Kusmin 

R .Vesi.-.s-.e: 
T Monac 




The Wolverine Marching Band had 
an exciting and successful year as they 
arrived home each weekend with 
another shining trophy. Among their 
numerous awards were the unforget- 
table Best Drum Line Award and First 
Place in Class B, both of which were 
won in the Norwood Competition. In 
addition to the many parades and com- 

petitions, the band also won the pride of 
the town with their outstanding weekly 
half-time performances at the football 
games. The music consisted of two 
selections from the movie "Saturday 
Night Fever," as well as a medley of 
softer tunes and a very well played drum 
solo. The year was filled with success 
and pride for the marching band, which 

was supported by the newly formed 
Marching Band Parents group. 
However, no one will forget the long, 
hard practices, the screaming, the 
laughing, the freezing, and the sweating. 
Without a doubt, it all proved 




S Dowries, D. Crawford, L. Rossetti, K. 
Dowries, A. Hanlon, M. Carver, E. 
Goyette, T. Schweitzer. 

Amy's craziness, Mark's wit and love of Measure 
the Vallies, Elise's high notes and leadership, 
Ken's "How many of YOU sing in the elementary 
school chorus?", Lisa's beautiful It's Christmas 
Time, Ted's low notes (especially at nursing 
homes), Sue's friendship and sweetness (smile, 


Sue!), Doug's perfect pitch and fantastic voice,! 
Karen's absence in Lebanon and misplaced! 
music at Pops — and immense talent, and Mr.l 
Markarian's instruction and patience (Thank youl 
so much!) 

... we made beautiful music together! 

Front (left to right): J. Toffoloni, D. O'Rourke, D. 
Scales, A. White. Rear: Mr. J. Pender, Advisor: D. 
Roche. M. Beder. 



3 >< J ri l °'H P: 



The 1979 Green Years Staff hopes 
they have represented through their 
photography and essays what it is to 
have been a part of the Westwood High 
School community during 1978-1979. 
Westwood High students are unique, 
becoming involved in all aspects of their 
high school, both academic and ex- 

tracurricular. We are proud to be able to 
capture a part of that lifestyle in the 
1979 Green Years yearbook. 

As editors, we would like to thank 
those diligent staff members who gave 
so much of their time to creating the 
best yearbook possible. Our most sin- 
cere thanks go to our advisor, Mr. 

Charles Flahive, who guided us all 
through the entire process with his 
tireless optimism, encouragement, ad- 
vise and plain hard work. 

Only through the dedication of all 
those involved in the production of this 
yearbook have we been able to bring 
back some of the memories of our very 
special Green Years. 

Write-up Staff 
First Row: K. Chikushi, S. Monaghan, C. Keegan, W. Palmer 
Second Row: J. Delaplace, S. Doyle, M. Schmitt, E. Harnett 
Third Row: H Moulton, S. Filippone. Fourth Row: L. Rossetti. 
E. Towle, E. Huber. 

Kathy Keefe. Advisor Mr. Charles Flahive, Dianne Fleming 

Artwork and Photography 
T. Petrakos, G. Pisano, T. Monac, R. Westhaver, T 

- - i 4 


Business Managers 

Betsy Gillis, Joe Gundal, 

Barb Clement 

Biography Staff 
First Row: E Maus. J. Delaplace. S. 
Monaghan. P. Gavin. A. Kelly. B. Clement. 
Second Row: J. Hildebrandt. D. Doyle. V. 
Quinn. A Bennett. J. Bishop. Third Row: 
W. Moulton. R. Daley. D. Christensen. C. 
Sheehee. S. Galins. A Smith. N. Maloof. 

Lisa Maxwell 

Lorraine McCarthy 

Sales Staff 
First Row: S. Foster. P. O'Reilly. B. Clement. D. 
Watson. Second Row: E. Huber. J. Bernard. M. 
Whitley. E. Towte. B. Gillis. Third Row: A 
Mitchell. C. Nagle. S. Filippone. L. Hess. J. 
Gundal. Fourth Row: C. Ventola. J. Gattozi. V. 
Beder. A Bennett. 

Associate Editor 
Betsy Gillis 



Fading pictures latch on to vivid emotions 

of years better behind us 
Of turmoil within, and painful growth throughout 
Yet the remembrance of a friend or kiss 
Seemingly long-forgotten 
Bring back waves of feeling as strong 

as they once had been 
And the ache in your heart is like a real wound 
Healing only as the memories fade. 


*» ^L 1 

\M * 

Baby Picture Code 


1. Eileen McDonald 

2. Jon Benner 

3. Vicki Quinn 

4. Jean Turner 

5. Paul Engeian 

6. Doug Crawford 

7. Lisa Wefald 

8. Elise Goyette 

9. Lauren Gerulskis 

10. Joseph Gattozzi 

11. Diane Doyle 

12. Maureen Whitley 

13. Sue Monaghan 

14. Billy and Holly Moulton 

15. Dianne Felming 

16. June Howley 

17. Betty McCambly 

18. Vica Beder 

19. Margaret Schmitt 

20. Beth Maus 

21. Lori Brooks 

22. Bryan McElroy 

23. Charlene Rich 

24. Denise Roche 

25. Barbara Clement 

26. Mark Carver 

27. Julie Delaplace 

28. Karen Doull 

29. Phyllis Gavin 

30. Scott Shaughnessy 

31. Jennie Banington 

32. Kaoru Chikuski 

33. Sue Filippone 

34. Maureen Donlon 

35. Robert Daley 

36. Katie Hazen 

37. Kathy Keefe 

38. Arthur Costonis 

39. Ted Petrakos 

40. Linda Randall 

41. Jean Higginbottom 

42. Kay Montgomery 

43. Patty Kontrimas 

44. Paul Condrin 

45. Anne-Marie Kelly 

46. Gary Pisano 

47. Ann Ihnatko 

48. Suzanne Tosi 

49. Laura Hess 

50. Bill Ambrose 

51. Ed Huber 

52. Deirdre Sullivan 

53. Sandra Galins 

54. Craig Colpitis 

55. Jami Cloney 

56. Melissa Webber 

57. Sarah Gelotte 

58. Mark Vogel 



April 11, 1979 

Mr. Milan and his artists painted, cut and built. The Dance Band prac- 
ticed, with the addition of Ken's "Free Bird". Mr. B. and all his classes 
decorated and arranged. The Green Years staff counted ballots and 
prepared superlative gifts. Jimmy impersonated, and the caterers cooked 

All this in preparation for the singular Senior Class Banquet of 1979. 
A beautiful affair, worthy of the time and anticipation . . . something we 
will never, never forget. 

Free Bird . . . roast beef dinner . . . Jimmy's impersonations . . . awarding 
the superlatives . . . Chris's dance, keeping up the Lund tradition . . . go- 
ing to Lantana's and ending up at the Ground Round ... a great night to 
remember with a special thanks to the Senior Advisors. 



May 18, 1979 

The Queen and her court 
Maria DeAngelis. Kathy Welling. Maura 
Fitzpatrick. Kaoru Chikushi. Laura Fry. 
Tina Smith. Debbie Runci. Kathy 
Powers. Maura Winslow. 

Blue Hills Country Club . . . 6:00 
p.m. champagne parties . . . Marsels 
. . "What was the prom theme?" . . . 
Queen Laura and her court . . . 
"Always and Forever" . . . being 
rained out the day after . . . 

The 1979 Westwood High 
School Prom, sponsored by the 
Junior Class of 1980. was a whirl- 
wind success as the largest number 
of couples ever buttoned, laced, and 

polished themselves into 
fashionable elegance to enjoy an 
evening of dining and dancing at the 
Blue Hills Country Club. 

The annual event combined 
tradition with newfangledness: prom 
goers even witnessed their first 
"Worm" performed in tuxs. 

The band, the Marsels. vocalized 
and boogied a convincing E. W. & F. 
imitation, and although the mem- 
bers pleaded temporary amnesia 

when it came to a theme song, 
juniors expressed a desire that they 
return next year. 

Celebrations spilled over into the 
wee hours at a number of small 
post-prom festivities. Many per- 
sonally witnessed the dawning of the 
next day which, fortunately for 
some, proved dreary — a good 
chance to rest up after a fantastic oc- 

Keep Out flffih 





May 30, 31 

Our class followed its tradition of doing things twice as we had 
two Senior Class Trips. We set out optimistically on May 30, but 
when lightning threatened to sizzle Mr. B.'s few remaining hairs, 
we decided to head for home. The next day, May 31, we cut our 
graduation practice short and zoomed off on a second attempt. 
The weather was great, the faculty stayed dry, and everyone 
learned how to eat lobster. We returned to Westwood a little sun- 
burned, very full, and more unified as a class. 

Frisbee, football . . . pigging out . . . watery chowder . . . thunder 
and lightning . . . tans, lifeguard intervention, attempts at submerg- 
ing Mr. Milan . . . sand sculptures and 8-foot holes ... 4 bus trips 
with singing trios. 




280 very proud seniors filed into the 
filled and cheering auditorium to the 
patriotic strains of Westwood High 
School's song on Friday morning. June 
1. 1979. 

After a welcoming address by Class V. 
P. Ann Marie Kelly and several brief 
speeches by Mr. Kocina. Mr. Flaherty, 
and Dr. McNeil, the presentation of 
awards in areas both academic and 
athletic got underway. Class President 
Douglas MacPherson presented a check 
from the Senior Class to Mr. Kocina to 
be used in the best manner. 

Following this. Japanese AFS ex- 
change student Kaoru Chikushi 
thanked Westwood High for allowing 
her to experience the American culture 
during her year in the United States and 
urged the continuation of the AFS 
program in the town. 

The Senior Class History was recited, 
and Green Years editors Kathy Keefe 
and Dianne Fleming announced the 
dedication of the 1979 Green Years 
yearbook to Mr. Peter Case, who ac- 
cepted the honor amidst a standing ova- 

The Class of 1979 then left the 
auditorium to meet on the football field 
in practice for "the real thing" to take 
place Sunday. June 3, 1979 . . . 


A smile. A hug. A proud heart. Arms 
outstretched. A free spirit. The Class 
of 1979 assembled for one last time. 
Singled out, a boom of resounding 
applause . . . This is the moment. 
Your whole being swells with 
radiant, elastic pride. Your head 
pounds as you reach out to grasp a 
representative of a lifetime . . . 




"The reward of a thing well done 
is to have done it." 


Behind you are achievements and 

a lot of things well done. 

Before you is a new world to explore 

"To look with pride on even; year. 

To dream and plan anew. 

To treasure friendships you hold dear. 

To think and hope and do. 

To Jove the beauty life imparts. 

To know the joy of giving. 

To hold a song within your heart — 

This is the art of living." 

George Webster Douglas 


"G r aduation Day ... 
a fond farewell to yesterday, 
a warm welcome to tomorrow. 


1979 Green Years 

Our thanks to those of you who supported the 

1979 yearbook staff with your donations of time 

and money. We hope we have made you proud 

to have been involved in the creation of the 

1979 Green Years. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rostislav Beder 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bernard and family 

The Curtis Bigelow family 

Miss Judith Bolles 

Dr. and Mrs. Harrison A. Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. James Cariani 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Case 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cassano 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Clement 

Kaoru Chikushi 

Alison G. Cooper 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Daley 

Miss H. Joan Dillon 

New England Firestone 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Fleming 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Gundal 

Marie B. Gundal 

Mr. and Mrs. George Hancox 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Hazen 

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Huber 

Cheryl Keegan 

Anne Marie Kelly 

Frank and Maureen Kelly 

Deborah A. Landers 

Mr. and Mrs. F. McCarthy 

Christopher Mitchell 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Mitchell 

Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Montgomery 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Nolan 

Patricia Norton 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Palmer 

Virginia and James Pender 

Mrs. David Perry 

Mrs. Irene L. Ranney 

Mr. and Mrs. John Regan 

Mrs. Gertrude Reisner 

Mr. and Mrs. Hazen J. Saltmarsh 

The Scales Family 

John R. Sloan 

Kathy Delaney Smith 

Richard J. Stack 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Sullivan 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Tibbetts 

Miss Tieri 

Lawrence R. Vallancourt 

Celia S. Viall 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Wheeler, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. White 

Roger Cummings 

Barbara H. Gray 

Elizabeth Rice 

Dan and Ruth Tarullo 


WHS...WHS...WHS...WHS...WHS...WHS...WHS WHS.. .WHS.. .WHS.. .WHS.. .WHS.. .WHS.. .WHS.